Meet The Team: Nigel Chimwaza
Nigel is a tech sales professional, who’s worked in the industry for over nine years, and has been teaching at Careerist since spring 2021. Throughout the years he’s worked in many different industries and he has since become a tech sales pro. In this interview, we’ll get to know Nigel a little better and he will tell us how to master working in the field. 
Success story: Alesia
October 16, 2021
Success story: Alesia
What really matters is your focus. If you decide to go for your goal, it usually takes less than four months to get a job in a completely new sphere. Stay confident and don’t give up. This story shows that motivation matters.
Meet The Team: Nika Kharadze
Nika is a testing specialist who’s worked in the tech industry for over seven years. He currently teaches at Careerist and he has changed the lives of so many students! Read his story below.
Top Ten Women in the Tech Industry
The history of the invisibility of women’s labor in many areas of life is as old as the world. Hidden Figures, the movie released in 2016, tells the story of female mathematicians of African American origin who played a vital role in the development of one of the first NASA space programs.
How To Become a Systems Engineer: Skills, Qualifications and Education
‍According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be around 667,600 new computer and information technology based jobs by 2030
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search
For most of us, looking for a new job is hardly our favorite thing to do. It is usually time consuming and stressful. And the longer the search takes, the more anxious and less motivated people get
The How and Why of Moving Data to the Cloud
The modern world is at an important stage of digital transformation. This requires flexibility on the part of businesses and a readiness to adopt new technology.
Artificial Intelligence’s Achievements In 2021
Smart machines have learned to bluff, can outplay professionals in chess, can translate text into different languages and they can even recognize the human voice.
System Engineer Job Description: What Does a Systems Engineer Do?
To deliver high-quality products and services, every organization must put in place systems and processes that work together.
Meet Careerist’s CEO Ivan Tsybaev
One of Careerist’s three CEOs shares his journey with us today. Ivan will tell us what it really takes to make a business like Careerist work!! 
How to become a good mentee
September 27, 2021
How to become a good mentee
We always need somebody by our side: a person who supports, helps, and pushes us. In everyday life we call this person a friend—but what do we call them at work or school? 
To Pomodoro or Not To Pomodoro. That Is The Question!
The pandemic changed the way the world worked. People who’d only ever worked in an office were told to work from home. And for many the biggest issues with working remotely were managing their own working hours, and remaining productive when there were so many distractions at home.
Voice Assistants
September 22, 2021
Voice Assistants
Do you remember the movie called Her released in 2013? In the film the main character Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) bought an AI operating system that was voiced by Scarlett Johansson (Samantha in the film).
Success Story: Furbita
September 19, 2021
Success Story: Furbita
Furbita lives in Orlando, Florida, and she has broken the Careerist record for getting the most job offers in the shortest period of time. This spring she received five job offers in just one month. Today she’ll share her story with us all.
Success Story: Martin
September 16, 2021
Success Story: Martin
Are you concerned that your age might hold you back from getting a job in QA? Read Martin’s encouraging success story and you’ll soon see that age will not stop you from succeeding in the tech industry.
10 Best Time Management Apps to Try in 2021
Time is a limited resource. There are a set number of hours in a day and we cannot create more time. So, the only thing we can do is make sure that we use our time wisely.
Meet The Team: Ignacio Britos
Ignacio is a Software Testing Specialist who has been working in the tech sector for over fourteen years. He teaches Manual QA at Careerist, and he provides students with plenty of industry knowledge, he advises them on the best practices in tech today, and he inspires people to start their own journey into the field.
Facebook and AI
September 8, 2021
Facebook and AI
To join Facebook you need to be above the age of 13, and these strict rules apply to both Facebook and Instagram users. This age limit can be even higher in some countries. So, why is this rule in place?
10 Tips To Secure A Good Work-Life Balance
Maintaining a harmonious work-life balance is crucial for a happy, fulfilling life. But this task has never been easy. Many people struggle to balance out working hard at work, with taking care of themselves, and finding time for friends, family and hobbies.
An Interview with Max Glubochansky,  the co-founder of Careerist
Over the past two months around a hundred Careerist graduates have found jobs in tech! Careerist keeps growing stronger every single day, more potential mentors want to join this evolving team each week, and Careerist gets better results than other courses.
The DISC Assessment
September 1, 2021
The DISC Assessment
An article published in 2019 by the Independent noted that more than 75% of all the Fortune-500 companies use psychometric testing during their hiring processes. Various types of assessments are used, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, the Ned Herrmann's method of psychological dominants, and the Gallup StrengthsFinder.
Impostor Syndrome: What Is It and How to Overcome It
Have you ever doubted yourself and your abilities? Has your anxiety flared up when you’ve started a new project? Have you ever decided not to apply for a job vacancy because you thought you weren’t good enough, even if you were qualified for it? And have you ever thought that "you don’t belong here" when starting a new role?
2021 Average Quality Assurance (QA) Salary
How to grow in QA? What salary can you expect? How to earn more money?
Success Story: Mary
August 27, 2021
Success Story: Mary
Can you start a career in tech and be a full-time Mom? Absolutely! Mary’s story will inspire you and will show you that with a few sacrifices here and there, anything is possible!
Akamai: The crash that caused catastrophe for several large websites and its reasons
Recently the content distribution network Akamai crashed. And this crash hit several large websites at once!
10 Tips To Stay Motivated at Work
Self-motivation is among the most sought-after soft skills in 2021. The ability to keep going, even in the face of setbacks, and to look beyond the bare minimum of what is required, and to show commitment to completing tasks is always highly valued by employers.
Uber is set to buy Transplace: Transaction value $2.25 billion
On Thursday, July 22, 2021, Uber announced its intention to acquire Transplace, the logistics management company, owned by TPG Capital (TPG bought Transplace back in 2017), Bloomberg informs
Time Management Skills
August 18, 2021
Time Management Skills
Have you noticed that some people always manage to finish all the tasks they need to do for the day during the day, and other people rush from one task to another unable to complete anything throughout the day.
Creative Thinking: What Is It and How to Improve It
According to a recent study by McKinsey, the top soft skills that HR professionals want to see on candidates’ resumes are problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills. While a lot of you will understand the importance of the first two skills, not everyone will understand why creativity is on this list of sought after skills.
Success Story: Lina
August 13, 2021
Success Story: Lina
Lina is an experienced manual QA tester, who sadly lost her job because of COVID-19. Due to staff reductions in her team, she lost her occupation and all the benefits that went along with it. But luckily she has since found other employment.
Burnout In Tech: What To Do About It?
A lot of people around the world will have seen professional and emotional burnout in one form or another; either personally or they may have witnessed a colleague suffering with this. The pace and rhythm of modern life is accelerating from year to year, and in order to keep up with all the vast changes, you literally have to work constantly. This type of lifestyle becomes incredibly draining for some individuals, to the point that they can no longer work effectively.
What is Big Data Testing and How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted It?
Big data is a huge, and sometimes unlimited, set of data that cannot be processed via typical methods. Quite a lot of businesses, especially large ones, work with big data, and since the correctness and efficiency of commercial decisions are based largely on this data it must be accurate and reliable.
Remote Work/Hybrid Schedule: How To Stay Productive And To Keep Connected With Colleagues
In 2020, the phrase ‘remote work’ rocketed in popularity! Almost every office around the world started using terms like it and other variations such as ‘working from home’, ‘hybrid schedules’ and ‘virtual work’.
Analytical Skills
August 2, 2021
Analytical Skills
‘Analytical skills’ are listed under the ‘job requirement’ section of almost every job advertisement, regardless of the industry. Companies need employees who can deal with complex problems, find the most effective solutions and make informed decisions. Therefore, analytical skills are something that every professional should work on to achieve his or her career goals.
QA in 2021: Looking back at the job searching process
The first half of 2021 is over, but for Careerist these past few months have been incredibly successful. So many graduates have found amazing jobs in huge companies, and they’ve all been so great in tracking their job searching processes, so that we can share their experiences with you! The number of QA jobs out there right now is constantly growing, and it seems that the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic. So, we thought now would be a great time to share some tips and tricks about the job searching process with you all. Keep on reading to learn about the pressing concerns our graduates have had, what mistakes you need to avoid and what questions our students like to ask.
Challenges of finding a job in QA
To have a successful job search you must be prepared to put a lot of effort in, to be patient and to carry on when things don’t go as planned. However, it’s not that easy, and so many individuals give up on looking for a job in just a few short months because they find it extremely challenging.
Teamwork skills
July 20, 2021
Teamwork skills
Teamwork skills are in high demand with employers across all industries today. Companies need employees who can get along with others and can work effectively in a group.
Success Story: Kristina
Kristina is one of our graduates who didn’t get a job offer immediately. She had a few months of hard work before she succeeded in getting her dream job. Today she wants to share her story with you, and to support graduates and students who are still looking for work.
Student Debts: Is getting an ISA a better option?
What’s the situation with student debts in the United States like right now?
Joining a tech team
It doesn't matter if you’re an experienced specialist with many years of technical experience on your resume, or a newbie who’s just finished education, joining a new team is a challenge for anyone.
Critical Thinking
July 2, 2021
Critical Thinking
We are bombarded with tons of facts, news reports and research results on the internet, in printed newspapers, on social media networks and via the television everyday. There is so much to take in and it’s up to us to determine what’s true and what’s not, and what we need to know and what can be ignored, now more than ever.
Success Story: Tatiana
Is it possible to get a job offer after attending just three interview rounds? Yes. Our graduate, Tatiana, did it! She passed all three interview rounds in the very first company that invited her to an interview. So what’s her secret? Read on to find out.
Communication Skills and How To Improve Them
We hear all the time about how important communication skills are, both in the business world and in our private lives. Communication helps us to find a common language when we collaborate with people, it makes us a better team player, and good communication can help us to move up the career ladder much faster.
Top 10 Soft Skills to Improve in 2021
When looking at getting a new job in tech many professionals focus only on their technical competencies. In doing so, they try to learn every tool and software program that they might need in their future work. Yet, they neglect their soft skills completely - it’s as if these skills play no part in their workplace.
Stress At Work and How To Deal With It
Stress is a natural reaction, and it happens when your body lets you know that something is too much, and it’s high time to stop and focus on your well being. The biggest challenge is to spot the signs of stress early on, so it doesn’t cause too much harm in the long run.
What is a Solution Engineer and how to work in this field?
If you don't work for a top tech company you might not know what a Solution Engineer is. But, this is a rather promising field that is in high demand today. In this article we will take a look at what a Solution Engineer is in more detail, the role and duties of this specialist, how you could get to work in such a position, what skills are required for this job and what the approximate salary of this role is in the United States.
Success Story: Alex
June 12, 2021
Success Story: Alex
Many people ace their job searching process, and they start a new job within a few weeks of graduating. However, there are times when graduates completely give up on looking for work after a very short period of time. Something similar happened to Alex, she gave up on searching for a job initially, but she returned to the task a few months later and got an amazing job offer… She has decided to share her journey with you, so that you can learn from what she did or didn’t do. She also wants to support her fellow students at Careerist, and to motivate graduates who are considering giving up on looking for work in tech. I’m confident her story will inspire you to rethink your own job searching process.
Rock your first day as a QA tester: Tips and Tricks for Junior Testers
Congratulations! You’ve taken your first big step towards a new life. You’ve finished your QA manual testing course at Careerist, you’ve completed your interview phase and you’ve landed yourself a great job. All you need to tackle now is your first day at work!
Video Interview Tips
Today we will share some tips with you to help you prepare and pass video interviews, regardless of your level of experience.
Success Story: Olesya
Still not sure if joining the IT industry is for you? Read this inspiring story from a mother of three beautiful children, who completed our course and got an amazing job offer. She’s confident that nothing can hold her back from achieving her goals, and she believes that nothing can stop you either!
Implementing Agile and DevOps into an organization’s working system
In our previous article we told you about Agile and DevOps, and we looked at the main pros and cons of these two approaches. Here we will go into detail and explain to you how you can implement these approaches into your organization.
Meet our team: Anna Chorna
Mentoring is becoming more popular, and is frequently used in various training bootcamps around the world. We recently chatted with Anna Chorna, the lead mentor at Careerist, to find out more about the mentoring system here.
Success Story: Victor
The moment Victor joined the IT industry he contacted us because he wanted to share his story with you all - he will even tell you about some mistakes he made along the way too! Today he will share with you a summary of his job searching journey, so that you can be inspired and learn from him.
Agile and DevOps: advantages and challenges
Many businesses have transitioned into the virtual world over the past few years. And as the pandemic goes worldwide, this shift has accelerated. It’s now very important for developers to master, and use, the most effective methodologies in their working processes to succeed in this changing world.
A Beginner's Guide to Risk Based Testing
The world of software development is highly competitive, and to succeed in this field companies need to create the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. An effective QA process is essential for every business, because it means that a company releases a high quality product onto the market.
A few words about mobile app testing
According to data from StatCounter (2020), the total share of internet traffic through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) was approximately 55% in the year 2020, and this trend continues to grow slowly year by year.
Meet instructors: Lana Levinsohn.
Svetlana (Lana) Levinsohn is a professional trainer with more than eight years of experience in Quality Assurance. She teaches manual and automated testing at Careerist, and is an author of a course here too. Read her fascinating story below!
Can You Start A New Career In Tech When You’re In Your 40s?
Many people aren’t sure if starting a new career in tech when they’re in their 40s is for them. Why? The tech industry is perceived as being very young person centred, and unconsciously, many people believe that there is no place for more seasoned workers in tech, especially if they have no previous experience in the field. 
Microsoft Mesh: Is this the new way of collaborating?
For more than a year we’ve been living in a new reality. We’ve all been subjected to periods of lockdown and/or self-isolation. Remote work has also changed the way we work, and it has not only impacted freelancers, but small companies and numerous large corporations around the globe too.
5 Tips To Write The Perfect IT Resume When You Have No Tech Job Experience
In 2018, Ladders launched a study to find out how recruiters examine resumes before they go on to interview a candidate. During the study they used advanced eye-tracking software to determine how much time recruiters spent reading each resume, and where recruiters looked.
6 Entry-level Jobs in Tech to Get Your IT Career Started
The importance of technology in business, and in our everyday lives, has grown more than ever during the pandemic. So much so, that it will come as no surprise to hear that the IT industry is booming, and this upward trend will continue.
Success Story: Dan
April 21, 2021
Success Story: Dan
Dan is one of our most dedicated students who worked exceptionally hard during his job search! Dan actually managed to find a $90 thousand job just one month after graduating in Chicago, IL, and he started working there a week ago. But, to our biggest surprise, he has decided to leave this job already!! Let’s talk to him to find out why he has made the decision to leave his role.
Meet our instructor Alex Khvastovich
Our instructor Alex is currently a QA Manager in Arizona. He has more than eight years worth of experience in multi platform/web software QA. Today, he wants to speak about his passion for QA. But he’ll also tell us about his fondness for team management, the Agile approach, his love for teaching and he’ll discuss why he likes to help other people become successful QA Engineers.
Clubhouse — What’s It All About?
Clubhouse was launched in the spring of 2020, and it has since become one of the most talked about apps ever. What is it? Clubhouse is a social network where people come together to chat and listen to conversations.
5 Steps to Making a Successful Career Change
People decide to change careers for different reasons. Some people seek higher salaries, others look for a better work-life balance, some feel burnt out in their current positions, and other individuals simply realize that their job does not interest them anymore.
Teamwork: Doing It Right
We live in an era where unique personal qualities are valuable. An individual's creative skills, their charisma, and drive are important, for example. However, a lot of us don’t work alone, so these unique qualities have to be crafted to suit a team.
Success Story: Katie
This week Katie from Florida shared her unusual story with us. Her story will show you just how fast you can actually find your dream job in QA, so you can stop worrying about paying your bills at the end of the month and start living your life to the full.
IT Teams: Responsibilities, Types and Roles
Now, more than ever, we see digitalization in all industries, for example in finance, healthcare and transportation. Of course, it’s sometimes difficult to integrate technology into a business without qualified IT professionals, which is why many organizations choose to have in-house IT teams.
Productivity: What Lowers It and How to Improve It
We’ve all wished for an extra hour every single day, so that we can get more things done. But, as sad as it is, time is a limited resource and we cannot have more of it per day. Which means that we need to use our precious time wisely, especially when the modern world we work in expects maximum productivity from everybody.
COVID-19: Are Things Looking Good For The IT Sector?
We’re all a bit tired of hearing experts around the world trying to guess what the world is going to be like after the COVID-19 crisis. And the real answer is, nobody knows for sure how the crisis will impact humanity.
10 Mistakes Every New QA Tester Will Make and How to Avoid Them
When you start your very first job as a QA tester you’ll be very excited about the new changes and challenges that face you. But, at the same time you’ll probably be scared about doing something wrong in your new role.
Corporate Tribes – Jitske Kramer
Today, corporate culture is very important – it affects job satisfaction, and therefore the productivity of employees. The phenomenon of corporate culture is viewed from different angles – for example, from the side of anthropology. Why do we need “campfire conversations” to become an integral part of the company, why the company is a new “tribe” and what does it have to do with QA – in our article.
Ageism In The Tech Industry and How To Prevent It
It’s not a secret that the IT industry can be quite unbalanced when it comes to things like age, gender, and ethnicity. Diversity and inclusion are some of the biggest challenges that IT companies are dealing with today.
Top three reasons why you should consider a career as a Sales Engineer, the MVP of SaaS
Have you recently thought about starting a new career in IT? If you love innovative technologies, problem-solving, and communicating with other people, then a Sales Engineer position might be perfect for you.
Success Story: Alice, Sophia and Anna
Today we caught up with three of our graduates, and they all want to share their stories with you. Each story is unique in its own way, but one thing remains consistent, all of the stories have a great ending. Read on to learn more about them.
Success Story: Alina
February 24, 2021
Success Story: Alina
Alina is one of our former students, and she currently works in Silicon Valley. Like many people, Alina was hesitant early on in her job search, but she soon worked through her worries and landed herself an epic job! Read on to learn more about her journey...
5 Myths Surrounding Careers in Technology: Stop Believing Them
From time to time you come across an outdated, or an altogether false, article on the internet about what it’s like working in a particular field. These articles only serve to scare people away from taking up a job in a specific industry, and they’re usually nonsense. IT is sadly no exception to this rule.
Rebranding: Rethinking Your Company’s Identity
The modern market is changing at an incredible pace. So much so, that businesses have to adapt to these market changes quickly, and this means that they might have to alter their products too. New inventions, technologies, and design solutions appear nearly every hour. More and more progressive-minded companies are launching, and every one of them is looking boldly towards the future. Which means, to be successful in the long-term term, it’s not enough to simply make good products. You need to explore new avenues.
The role of developers and testers in ensuring the quality of computer games
If you’re a gamer then you’ve definitely heard about Cyberpunk 2077. And if you don’t play games, you might’ve seen something on the news about this game. In short, CD Projekt RED, the creators of Cyberpunk 2077, wanted to create a game that would become the best game in history, and this game was supposed to be a real game changer.
Natalia Atif
February 10, 2021
Natalia Atif
Natalia Atif is a QA Lead who has over 10 years worth of experience in Quality Assurance. She has worked at Apple, Intel, and ItsOn, and she is now one of our instructors. Natalia started her QA career back in 2010, and from that moment on she’s gone from strength to strength in her various roles. We caught up with Natalia to hear about how she started out in the big wide world of tech, to learn more about her love of QA, and to find out about her job at Apple.
Artificial Intelligence – How Soon Will We Be Replaced By Robots?
Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is used in many different companies and industries around the globe today. We often hear about cars without drivers, supermarkets without cashiers, mail being delivered by drones, and robotic waiters. AI can already write stories, create music, and paint pictures, which is astonishing. And as the years go by we will become even more AI driven.
Do IT Professionals Need Strong Communication Skills?
If someone asked you, “What skills does an IT professional need?”, you’d probably list a number of hard skills. Examples of these include, computer skills, coding skills, and project management skills. And of course, you’d say that IT professionals need an in-depth knowledge of the technologies they use at work.
Careerist will replace JobEasy on February 1st, 2021.
Why have we decided to rebrand? Because we’ve realized that we are more than just a school for QA testers, and we want to expand and share our knowledge with you all!
Success Story: Mariia
January 25, 2021
Success Story: Mariia
We recently got in touch with one of our 2019 graduates Mariia, and today we’ll share her success story with you. Interestingly, Mariia found her QA job during the pandemic, so perhaps she can inspire you to see that there are good jobs available during these uncertain times.
Referral Program: What is it and how does it work?
Can you remember the last time you told someone about a product or a service you really enjoyed using? How amazing would it be if you were rewarded for telling them, and if they also used the product or service? I mean, wouldn’t it be great to get some kind of reward; money, sandwiches, or even vouchers to use - just because you told a friend about the company you used!
COVID-19: The Challenges and Changes the Labor Market Has Faced
The pandemic, and the various lockdowns around the world, have had a dramatic impact on the labor market. In fact, the pandemic has caused radical restructuring and division when it comes to people in work worldwide.
Success Story: Galina
January 14, 2021
Success Story: Galina
The days when our graduates ring us up and tell us their job success stories are simply the best! We recently got a call from Galina, and she wanted to tell us about her remarkable QA role in Manhattan. Read on to learn more about her success story.
How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the IT industry in 2020…
Every business and industry has been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. There are some businesses, like tourism that aren’t sure what the future holds for them, and there are other businesses that have managed to successfully adapt to the new reality. In this article we will take a look at the impact the pandemic had on the IT field.
Mentoring: What Is It and How It Can Help You
No matter how independent and confident we are, a time will come when we need someone by our side to guide and direct us onto the right path. While support from our friends and family is undeniably important, it isn’t always the support we are looking for. Perhaps we need professional support, or business guidance, and in this case, assistance from a trusted mentor is essential and it’s what we’re looking for.
7 Ways to Prevent Professional Burnout When Working In IT
When we start our IT careers we are full of hopes and dreams. We dream of working in huge companies around the world, and we’re willing to learn anything and everything to prove how valuable we are to an IT giant! We take risks, and we make plans, we’re brave and fearless, and no obstacle can stop us. No mountain is too high to conquer, no river is too wide for us to swim across.
Changing jobs when working in the IT field
It’s possible to build a successful career in tech without any in-depth knowledge of programming languages, but you will find many more job opportunities if you have learnt at least one programming language. 
Why You Should Learn Python in 2021...
It’s possible to build a successful career in tech without any in-depth knowledge of programming languages, but you will find many more job opportunities if you have learnt at least one programming language. 
Iurii Sokolov’s Story
December 21, 2020
Iurii Sokolov’s Story
We recently caught up with Iurii Sokolov, he is one of Careerist’s teachers, to chat about his IT career. Iurii has been working in the IT industry since 2012, and he really wants to share his love of Quality Assurance (QA) and his career journey with you. Read on to be inspired!
20 Soft Skills Every QA Professional Should Have
When you’re starting your career as a QA professional you’ll be so focused on learning the necessary technical skills that you’ll forget all the other little things you need to know and learn about. Yes, I’m talking about Soft Skills.
7 Myths about Testing
December 14, 2020
7 Myths about Testing
Very few people outside of the IT industry, and even some individuals within it, know exactly what the responsibilities and daily duties of a tester are. Yet, many individuals have heard about the many misconceptions and myths surrounding testing. So much so, that some of these myths discourage some individuals from taking up a career in testing. Today we will put to rest a few of these myths, so that you can all see that testing is actually a very promising career.
Income Share Agreement: What It Is and How It Works
Getting any kind of education usually means that you’ll need to invest a lot of time, effort, and of course, money in it. If the only thing holding you back from starting your education is money then you should look closer into the funding method called Income Share Agreement or ISA, for short. Lately, more and more schools and colleges are offering this to their students, so it’s important that you know about it and what it means.
Success Story: Ivan
December 9, 2020
Success Story: Ivan
Over the past few months we’ve been catching up with some of our graduates. While we’ve been talking to them all, we’ve noticed a pattern forming... It took all the graduates that we spoke to less than four months to find a job in QA.
QA Engineering – A Simple Way To Get Into The IT World
IT is an ever-developing industry that keeps attracting more and more people to it. But, what makes it so appealing? The answer: the IT world provides individuals with numerous opportunities for self-development, career growth, and most roles offer a decent salary too.
7 Roles in QA To Consider
One of the greatest things about becoming a QA tester is that there are so many roles you can choose from if you wanted to change your job in the future! Depending on your interests and personality, you can focus on improving different skills and getting more in-depth knowledge in a particular area of software development, so that you can get a new role. It’s really that simple.
Success Story: Dina
December 2, 2020
Success Story: Dina
Dina is one of our successful graduates and she has kindly shared her story with us. Dina had many ups and downs on the way to finding her dream job, but she now has an epic IT career… Read her story and be inspired now.