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  • Live classes with experts from Nike, Electronic Arts, Mastercard
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  • Real-world Internship with a Tech Company
  • Beginner Friendly
  • part-time
  • English Proficiency Required

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Career Karma
Career Karma

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Program duration

8 Months

Coursework and Mentorship, internship and career coaching


No Coding Required

Just basic math and computer skills, plus English proficiency


Data Analysts help businesses make informed decisions by collecting and analyzing information to provide valuable insights. Data analysts are in demand across various industries, including retail, banking, healthcare, tech companies, marketing, consulting and more.


Most in-demand skills in 2023 according 
 to LinkedIn


Data Analytics average salary range


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Become a Data Analyst!


Complete Beginners

Complete Beginners

Learn in-demand skills from scratch with a mentor’s support. Gain real-world experience during your internship to land your first job in tech
Professionals with a background in data or analysis

Professionals with a background in data or analysis

Are you good with numbers? Develop your skills, create a project portfolio and ultimately increase your income
Professionals with Tech Experience

Professionals with Tech Experience

Do you work in tech and love data but feel the need to adjust your path? Our bootcamp is perfect for relaunching your career and increasing your salary


Live classes
7 projects in Portfolio
Real-world Internship
1:1 Career coaching


immersive training

Attend Live Classes

Join expert-led live lessons and access recordings for later viewing. Practice new skills with hands-on assignments and tests


1:1 Tech Mentorship

Receive personalized feedback on your tasks and projects. Join 1:1 sessions and group calls with your tech mentor


Start Your Internship

Gain real work experience you can showcase on your resume and discuss in your job interviews. We integrate your internship into the program!


1:1 Career Coaching

Our 1:1 sessions prepare you for job interviews, improve your resume, and optimize your LinkedIn profile


Job Search

Explore openings and track all of your applications in one place to accelerate and simplify your job search


You’re hired!

Our graduates earn an average starting salary up to $121K per year within a few months of graduation

Our instructors

What you will learn

We’ll teach you the most in-demand skills of 2023, such as Python, Tableau, SQL, and Google Sheet—setting you on the fast track to landing your first job in data analytics

Module 1

DA Fundamentals: FREE first lesson

DA Fundamentals: FREE first lesson

  • How to identify business goals and align data analysis with them.
  • Google Sheets for data analysis: how to analyze a dataset using Google Sheets functions, charts, and pivot tables.
  • Key business metrics and understanding how they are used to measure success.
Module 2

Database and SQL

Database and SQL

  • The importance of databases and why Google Sheets is not enough.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) and advanced SQL functions.
  • Creating SQL diagrams to visualize database schema.
  • Normalization and denormalization techniques for data modeling.
Module 3

Data Processing with Python

Data Processing with Python

  • The Python programming language and its advantages for data processing.
  • The basic syntax and data types in Python.
  • How to retrieve data from various sources and analyze data granularity.
  • Techniques for data cleaning and preprocessing.
  • How to convert data using Python libraries.
Module 4

Visualizations with Tableau

Visualizations with Tableau

  • Principles of effective visualization.
  • Interactivity and different types of visualizations such as static, interactive, and geospatial.
  • Introduction to Tableau, a popular data visualization tool.
  • How to create charts and dashboards.
Module 5

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

  • The basics of exploratory data analysis (EDA).
  • How to understand and visualize data spread.
  • Key statistical concepts such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
  • How to perform A/B testing.
  • Python for inferential statistics and EDA.
Module 6

Tableau Dashboard Visualization and Presentation

Tableau Dashboard Visualization and Presentation

  • Advanced Tableau functionality and storytelling with data principles.
  • How to build a data story in Tableau and derive insights from visualizations.
  • Working on a final project that includes milestones of data analytics.

AI for Data Analysis

AI for Data Analysis

  • Debugging and code review using Python; implementing basic tasks with chatGPT in Python.
  • Statistical and exploratory data analysis using Python.
  • AI guide: working with textual materials, preparing reports, summaries, and storytelling for presentations.

Your learning

Participate in Live Classes

Learn new material, practice, and get instant answers to your questions in lessons with industry experts. All lessons are also available as recordings.

Use learning platform

All materials will be opened for you in our Learning management system, which we created by ourself specially for our students

Join 1:1 Sessions with Tech Mentors

Get homework help from experienced analysts who will help you understand the material and motivate you. Sessions are available to students in each training module.

Create a Project in Each Module

Train your skills through practice and add to your professional portfolio with Tableau, Google Sheets, SQL, and Python projects.

Get Personalized Feedback on Tasks

Receive detailed written feedback from your mentor for homework assignments in each learning module with recommendations for improvement.

Find Community

Get support from others on the same educational journey by communicating in the Slack group community. Quickly receive help from a support manager to solve technical and organizational issues.


Solve a Case Study from a Company

You'll get a business task for data analysis that you will solve during your remote, part-time internship that include conducting a demo. At the end of the internship, you will have a case study from a company to add to your portfolio

Get FEEDBACK from a team lead

You will be working under the mentorship of a team lead - an experienced analyst who will review your results and give FEEDBACK

Strengthen your CV with real experience

You will stand out amongst other candidates with work experience on your resume and will feel more confident thanks to your internship experience with a company

1:1 career coaching

Land your dream job with Careerist. Your coach will provide the support and motivation you need to shine in your job search

One Year of Unlimited* 1:1 Career Coaching

Your personal job success companion

Resume and LinkedIn Optimization

Elevate your first impression

Job Interview Preparation

 Ace your next interview

Job Search Guidance

Get support even after securing a job

Personalized Job Matching

Find jobs fast with tailored matches

Job Search Tracking

Track applications for a quicker search

*Review terms and conditions here.

your future resume

Data Analyst



  • Excel and SQL for efficient data analysis and manipulation
  • Python for data processing, cleaning, and visualization
  • Interactive visualizations and dashboards with Tableau
  • Inferential statistics using Python
  • Data-driven decision-making driven by analysis insights


  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Excel
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python


Career growth trajectory*

*Based on Glassdoor salary range statistics.

Students Reviews

Sequana Johnson

I have learned about how much we interact with data on a daily basis, at home and at work. I learned how to extract data to a google sheet, clean the data, and analyze the data using key performance indicators to produce a dashboard.

For this to be the first data analysis class, you all are doing great :) I look forward to learning more from everyone.

Hilda Herceg

Jaeho was wonderful! He gave me a sense of security that he would be there for me if I needed his help or advice. I greatly appreciate the support Careerist is providing for their students, and looking forward to what's to come!

Currently, enrolled in the data analytics course. The instructors are 100% involved with making sure everyone understands the information they are sharing. The support from our mentors are great and they are always available. So far no complaints.
Kayla Ford
Google Maps
The course is challenging and rigorous. It is important that you commit to practicing frequently. You get a mentor who is supportive and committed to your success. One needs to sacrifice time to be proficient. I wish the time to submit assignments could not be restricted, that one can submit when they have comfortably understood and can work independently.
Lilian Nagery
Google Maps
Careerist has been very helpful to me in my career path. I found a great job and utilized what I learned! Also, their response time is quick and efficient and I am very lucky to have come across these courses! Highly recommend!
Angela Gorbach
Google Maps

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Data Analytics
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26 weeks of learning

Practice new skills with hands-on assignments, homework and quizzes

1:1 Career Coaching

Practice mock job interviews with your personal Career Coach, improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

Internship project

Gain resume-worthy hands-on project experience.

Live lessons with experts from Nike and Mastercard

Join live or watch the recordings of classes with experts from Lumen and Dell

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Because Careerist is fully committed to your success, we now offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job in tech within one year of graduation. Read the complete terms and conditions here.

  • Complete all the modules within the deadlines
  • Complete all the projects and assigments
  • Follow each step and instruction given by Career Coach

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Bonus: SQL course


Is the Data Analytics course a good fit for me?

The Data Analytics course is designed to be beginner-friendly, ideal for those aspiring to start and grow a career as a Data Analyst in the rapidly expanding, high-demand Data Science field. No prior experience in Data Analysis or tech is required to succeed in this program.

If you already have some background in the topics taught in this course, our program will help you consolidate your knowledge, build a comprehensive understanding of this career path, help you prepare a portfolio of seven projects, and help accelerate your job search. ​

What previous experience or prerequisites must I have?

You don't need any prior experience in tech or Data Analytics to enroll in this course — it's tailored for beginners. To ensure a smooth learning experience, we recommend:

  1. Motivation: A keen interest in working with data, problem-solving, and a meticulous attention to detail
  2. Math basics: Familiarity with basic mathematical concepts, including fractions, degrees, squaring, and arithmetic
  3. Computer literacy: Previous experience working with spreadsheets and office programs
  4. Eagerness to learn programming languages

Why is this a 8 months program and not less

The current market imposes high expectations on junior-level Data Analysts. They must be adept at Python and SQL, proficient with visualization tools, and have a solid understanding of statistics. These diverse programs and skills require a significant investment of time to master. We have carefully curated the most essential elements in our program to provide a comfortable learning pace, estimating 8-15 hours of study per week. Our immersive 7½ months course duration also includes job search preparation, assisting you with resume, LinkedIn profiles, and interview techniques.

Why have you chosen these specific tools and programming languages?

We've conducted a comprehensive analysis of over 23,000 job openings and interviewed experts to determine the most valuable skills and tools for an aspiring Data Analyst. SQL, Python, Tableau, and Google Sheets are among the top 5 most in-demand skills and tools for Data Analysis.

How difficult is the Data Analytics program?

Though the program is designed to be beginner-friendly, it does require dedication. We start with basic concepts and gradually introduce more complex knowledge and tasks. This includes working with spreadsheets, analyzing numbers, learning programming languages (SQL, Python), and mastering visualization tools. But don't worry—you'll receive constant guidance and feedback from our team of instructors and Tech Mentors throughout your journey.

What kind of support can I expect?

Throughout your training, you'll receive support from various experts:

  • ​Industry Expert Instructors will teach you in the live lessons and answer your queries during the class
  • Your Support Manager will assist with any coordination or administrative issues you may encounter
  • Your Tech Mentor will guide you through the learning and internship sections, providing feedback on homework, answering questions via chat, and conducting personal mentoring sessions (1 per module)
  • Your 1:1 Career Coach will connect with you throughout your job search, help improve your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile, and (together with your Tech Mentor) prepare you for potential job interview questions. Your Career Coach will accompany you until you land a job, plus one month after you start your new position!