How we Build Careerist
Max Glubochansky

When we first started, I never imagined that our graduates would be working in forty different states! It's amazing to see how so many graduates have received well-paying jobs in just the last three months, changing not only their own lives but the lives of their families for the better! I’m very proud of everyone involved!

Max Glubochansky
How we Build Careerist
Max Gusakov

It doesn’t matter where you start or where you are now; with Careerist, everyone gets an opportunity to grow in their career, because our mission is to help people to find a way to achieve their goals.

Max Gusakov
How we Build Careerist
Ivan Tsybaev

Need a better job? Get into the tech industry with our online training and career services. We help you from scratch to job placement and beyond.

Ivan Tsybaev

Our values



We are here to improve your future. Our focus on high-paying jobs in high-demand industries means that we change lives for the better



We distill our programs to the essentials with dynamic practice. We build your resume, apply for jobs, and teach you how to negotiate a better salary


Tech career
for all

We believe that anyone seeking a tech job should be able to land one. Hundreds of our grads now earn top salaries – without a CS degree!

Our path
to success

This map represents locations where our clients have found employment after taking Careerist´s trainings




​​Avg per year in

Manual QA​​


​Avg per year in
Automation QA​​


​Avg per year in

​Sales Engineering​​​


Avg per year in
Systems Engineering

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We have best experts in field as our instructors. Most of them have more than 7 years experience in Tech and they have worked at Apple, Intel, Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies. Also we invite guest instructors from Facebook, Google and other top IT companies.

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