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Manual QA

100% FREE
75+ hours of training
Project duration
3-4 weeks

Scope of work

  • Desktop testing of your app or website
  • Mobile testing of your app or website
  • Creating test documentation
  • Regression testing​

UX/UI Design

100% FREE
100+ hours of trainings
Project duration
5+ weeks

Scope of work

  • Creating UX/UI for new functions
  • Improving existing UX/UI
  • Working on desktop UX/UI
  • Designing mobile or app UX/UI​

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Feedback from
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Alex Radnaev

Task: Reviewing quality specifications and technical documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback

Review: I am blown away by the quality of the QA and the professionalism of the students and QA leads. We received very thorough testing coverage and bug reporting in Jira. Particularly what pleasantly surprised me is that some QAs, in addition to finding bugs, were also helping to fix them with Pull Requests on GitHub. I highly recommend Careerist for both inspiring QA engineers and companies who need good, cost-efficient QA while helping people to pivot into the career.

Monir Mamoun

Task: Reviewing quality specifications and technical documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback

Review: The Careerist team has been helping us implement and execute a comprehensive test suite for our software products. They are dedicated and disciplined and have provided invaluable feedback. They have dramatically accelerated our efforts to build, document, and execute our test programs. In addition to basic bug reporting in Jira and other tools, their insights into app usability and creative app-functionality suggestions have resulted in tangible improvements to our user interface and feature set.

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How much does it cost to hire an intern?

It depends on what kind of specialists you require. You can check the offers in the cards above. Some of them cost nothing. Others are approximately $20–30/hour.

How long can an intern work for your company?

If it's on a paid basis, an internship usually lasts between two and three months, with an opportunity to hire after that. If it's on a costless basis, it can be no longer than one month.

Who manages the interns? Does Careerist participate in the internship process?

This particular offer of a partnership does not include Careerist's involvement in managing interns. However, we do offer this type of partnership for QA specifically. If you want to try outsourcing QA for your product, contact [email protected].

Do the interns have prior relevant experience?

At Careerist our students all have different backgrounds. Some of the graduates already have a background in the field and they are just improving their qualifications with Careerist. Others have no relevant background.

Will interns get a work permit?

If you hire interns, the standard employment rules in the US apply.If you are using unpaid interns, then you can sign an agreement with them, which doesn’t fall under any regular employment regulations. There’s also an option to work with interns using a business license that allows companies to sign a consulting agreement.

With whom exactly will our company sign the contract, Careerist or the intern?

Companies sign agreements with the graduates themselves. This facilitates communication and collaboration.

Can I hire the employees I like?

Of course! You can hire interns as full-time employees after the internship is over.