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What Makes Sales Engineering a Great Career Choice?

Jul 25, 2023
What Makes Sales Engineering a Great Career Choice?

In today's ever-changing business world, Sales Engineers have emerged as an essential link between technology and sales. A Sales Engineer combines the power of technical expertise with the art of persuasion, creating a truly captivating career path. In this article, we will explore how the field of Sales Engineering excels above and beyond the norm, making it an excellent career choice for ambitious people who want to make a difference in the world through their work. Get ready to learn about one of the best tech jobs!

Work-Life Balance

Compared to traditional sales roles, Sales Engineers enjoy more control over their schedules. Sure, targets and deadlines are still important, but Sales Engineers have the freedom to manage their time and allocate their working hours according to their personal preferences. The result? Reduced stress and an improved sense of overall well-being. Say hello to a healthier and happier you!

"I can take breaks during my workday and walk away from my computer to go upstairs and see my kids. Sometimes they sit on my lap, and I show them what mommy is doing." 

-Quiana, Careerist graduate

Remote Work

The days of Sales Engineers being confined to an office or restricted by location are over. Thanks to recent technological developments, Sales Engineers no longer need to physically meet with their colleagues and clients. They have the flexibility to work from anywhere, be it in the comfort of their homes, in co-working spaces, or even while traveling. 

"My company sent me a laptop, a keyboard, a mouse, and two monitors. I'm here every day with my children. I have two little ones at home, a five-year-old and a two-year-old, and two more at school, a ten-year-old and a twelve-year-old. It's just awesome to still be in the comfort of home while working for my company."

-Quiana, Careerist graduate

Endless Learning Possibilities

Prepare to go on a journey of constant growth and innovation because that is what Sales Engineering is all about. Sales Engineers have the advantage of being exposed to a wide range of software applications, often tailored to specific industries or solutions. By immersing themselves in these technologies, Sales Engineers become subject matter experts, understanding the intricacies and capabilities of the software they sell.

But wait, there is more! These professionals have the opportunity to develop and refine their interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills, which can become valuable assets in their professional journey across a wide range of fields and industries, as well as in their personal lives. So, be ready to unleash your full potential!

"One more important skill I gained was the ability to research software products, which was very important for me to learn. This involves looking at a product or piece of software and seeing what it does. Another discovery was the importance of lifelong learning. That was another thing that they taught us: to always have an open mind because technology changes every single day".

-Andrea, Careerist graduate

Competitive Salary

Sales Engineering is a profession known for its lucrative compensation packages, reflecting the value placed on the expertise and contributions of these professionals. Here are some numbers.

Senior Sales Engineers and Sales Engineering Managers with a strong track record and expertise in specific industries or technologies can earn annual salaries ranging from $120,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the industry, company size, and location. The average yearly salary for an entry-level Sales Engineer is between $50,000 and $70,000. 

"I went on the website and looked at the different options: QA, Sales, and System Engineering, and I think there was a Tech Sales program as well. Sales Engineering just jumped out at me because the base pay was pretty good."

-Robert, Careerist graduate

Professional Advancement

As you gain more experience and improve your skills, you can easily move to more senior roles or influential leadership positions. One alternative is to become a sought-after specialist by developing in-depth knowledge of a particular field and applying that knowledge to the industry's specific problems and needs. 

Experienced Sales Engineers who are naturally enterprising and have a thirst for innovation may want to try the startup scene or even take the plunge and start their own business. Imagine how exciting it would be to use your unique mix of technical skills and unwavering focus on the customer to make customized solutions that change markets!

No Coding Skills Required

One of the appealing aspects of Sales Engineering is that it does not require coding skills. While technical knowledge is essential to understanding and effectively communicating complex solutions, Sales Engineers do not typically write or develop code. Because this tech role does not require technical skills, it is very appealing for professionals transferring from other industries.

"Don't be skeptical. People can shift from Uber drivers to tech jobs. In fact, people from different backgrounds do get into tech. No matter whether you're a truck driver, an Uber driver, a teacher, or an HR professional—I feel like anybody can do it."

-Robert, Careerist graduate

No Cold Calls 

Say goodbye to the days of reaching out to potential customers who know nothing about the company or its offerings. Sales Engineers often work with qualified leads and existing customer relationships. They collaborate closely with Account Managers, customer success teams, and marketing departments to identify prospects who have already shown interest in the company's solutions. 

Providing value and solving problems for customers is a constant priority, which fosters trust and often results in successful sales without the need for cold calling. By focusing on warm leads, Sales Engineers engage with customers who are more receptive to their message, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

"In my experience, the focus of traditional sales is on closing the sale. You are taught strategies and methods that help you close deals. But in tech sales, the focus is on sharing information. Our job is to convince you to buy something, show the value that we have, and let you determine if the program or software is a good fit for you."

-Quiana, Careerist graduate

No Need for a College Degree

And now, the best part! Typically, Sales Engineers do not need a university or college degree. There are now many training programs available to help you get ahead. These specialized programs offer a structured curriculum, practical training, and hands-on experiences tailored to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required in this dynamic field. 

However, make sure you pick the right program. For example, Careerist offers 30+ LIVE, expert-led, interactive training sessions. Every program includes weekly Zoom meetings with instructors and graduates for hands-on practice and calls to help prepare for job interviews. In just six weeks, you will have all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to land the job of your dreams! 

"The best thing about Careerist was that all the instructors were awesome. Ryan, Barnard, and Charles—they were just great and very informative. And then, in my cohort, everybody follows each other on LinkedIn. And we all had a sort of relationship network together. We're always checking on each other and asking how things are going."

- Robert, Careerist graduate

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A Few Words to Help You Get Started

Sales Engineering is an exceptional career choice with a multitude of benefits and opportunities. With an ideal work-life balance and the possibility of remote work, a promising financial landscape, and an easy entry into the profession compared to other jobs, Sales Engineering offers a flexible and fulfilling professional life.

So, if you want a job that combines technical knowledge, sales skills, and a desire to build relationships, Sales Engineering is the right choice. Embrace the exciting growth opportunities and embark on a fulfilling journey in Sales Engineering.

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