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Сan I Hire Someone to Find Me a Job?

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Dec 23, 2021

Before beginning to look for a new position, people rarely realize how time-consuming the job search process is. You need to invest at least a couple of hours a day in writing resumes and cover letters, building a social media presence, browsing job boards for suitable vacancies, applying for open positions, preparing yourself for interviews, and waiting for a hiring decision.

Luckily, you can delegate some of these tasks to job search professionals: resume writers, career coaches, recruiters, headhunters, or employment agencies. Using their services not only saves a tremendous amount of time but often also helps to find a better position and negotiate a higher salary. 

In today's article, we will talk about why you should consider hiring someone to find you a job and how professionals can help you in your job search. 

Paying Someone to Find You a Job

While the idea of paying someone to assist you in finding a job when you are unemployed and are supposed to be saving instead of spending might sound counterintuitive, there are many advantages to using professional help. The most important are:

  • The time you save 
  • Better chances to find a good position. 

For example, if you pay a professional writer to create a compelling resume, you do not have to spend hours researching how to highlight your talents and experience in the best way possible. Recruiters, in their turn, know the job market better than anyone. They know which industry has a talent shortage and which companies are hiring, so they can find you the best available vacancy.  

Professional assistance can be especially valuable in these scenarios:

You have been out of work for an extended period. 

Experts with a good understanding of how the job market has changed during the past years can help you get your bearings faster. They will give you insights into what professions are in demand in your field and what skills are the most sought-after. They will also advise you on how to create a resume that gets through modern applicant tracking systems (the software companies use to automate their hiring process). 

You are changing careers.

In this case, a career coach can advise you on how to present your experience and transferable skills better. They will also discuss how to shift the focus of hiring managers to those of your qualities that will be useful in a new role. 

You are moving to a new state or country. 

Recruiters who know the local job market well and understand how salaries vary in your profession can help you find the best available position and share the insights you need to feel more confident when negotiating terms and pay with a potential employer.

Types of Professionals Who Can Find You a Job

Depending on what kind of job search help you need, you may want to reach out to the following professionals:

Career Coaches

A career coach is an expert who can guide you to make informed decisions about your career. He or she can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses, define short-term and long-term professional goals, select roles and industries you might excel in, and prepare for interviews. Their feedback is especially valuable because, unlike friends or family members, these professionals always stay unbiased and objective. Prices for their services usually range between $75 and $400 for a session.    

Resume Writers

A resume writer is an expert with a broad knowledge of requirements for different roles and skilled in creating documents that stand out and help to get noticed by hiring managers. Therefore, he or she can properly describe your previous experience, professional achievements and skills specifically for the position you are applying for. Prices for resume writing services range from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars.  

Recruiters and Headhunters 

Headhunters and agency recruiters work on behalf of different companies and assist them with filling short-term and permanent open positions. They are paid by businesses looking for new employees. So, using their services is free for candidates. However, it is important to keep in mind that they do not find jobs for people, but they find people for jobs. That is, if they need someone with your experience and skills for a certain position, headhunters may offer it to you. But you should not rely only on them in your job search efforts.   

Companies providing job application services 

Those looking for full assistance can reach out to agencies providing job application services. These firms take care of the entire job search process. For the agreed fee, they optimize your resume, look for vacancies based on your criteria, apply for suitable jobs, communicate with hiring managers on your behalf, and make sure you are prepared for interviews. An example of such a fully managed job search service is JAS by Careerist

Now that you know what types of professionals you can hire, let's take a closer look at how exactly you can benefit from working with them. 

Why Should You Hire Someone to Assist with Your Job Search?

The help of a professional copywriter, career coach or recruiter can significantly reduce the time from starting your search for a new job to getting the position you want. Three factors contribute to this:

They help you craft a winning resume.

Before applying to open positions, it is critical to ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile are up to date and showcase your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Otherwise, you might spend time responding to dozens of job postings every day but never get a single interview. It should be immediately clear from your documents why you are the right candidate for a particular position. And professionals can help you optimize your materials, point to things you can improve, and proofread them. 

They effectively market your talent.

Recruiters and career coaches can objectively evaluate your strengths and point you toward the roles you are likely to excel in. Headhunters also know the current job market better than anyone and may offer you openings before they appear on public job boards. Besides, these professionals can give you valuable insights into what employers look for in candidates, so you know what to highlight when discussing your previous work experience with hiring managers.  

They provide interview coaching.

Even if your skills and experience are perfect for the position you are applying for, taking the time to prepare for an interview is always a good idea. Career coaches or employment agency consultants can help you think through examples of using the skills listed on your resume. They might advise you on improving your answers to the questions that come up most often in job interviews and recommend what to ask about when discussing your role with a potential employer. 

You do not have to handle all of your job search tasks alone. You can use paid and free services of recruiters, career coaches, copywriters or employment agencies. Professional help will make the process faster and more efficient.

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