Job Application Service

The Job Application Service (JAS) is a unique job search system designed specifically for Careerist students. JAS takes into account all of your employment wishes - position, salary, state, and city - then automates the job application process, saving you time and increasing the amount of recruiters who contact you. JAS will help you find a job up to 2x faster and present you with more positions and offers than you might possibly get on your own, giving you more choice and flexibility in your job hunt.

What makes JAS special

Saves you time

Our job services will reduce your time to employment from four months, to two, or even one. Every day, you’ll gain a few extra hours that you would have spent searching job boards and sending resumes.

Get more job offers

Our automation service will proquire multiple connections and invitations from interested recruiters, so you’ll be able to choose the company, organization, and team that best fits your lifestyle and culture.

Tailored to you

After filling out the questionnaire, we can personalize your employment request. Choose your preferred employment specialization, state, city, and relocation preference.

Feel more confident in the job interview

JAS consultants will study your behavior during the interview and provide recommendations that highlight your strengths and present you in the most favorable light to the employer.

How does it work?

Step 1

Tell your mentor that you want us to track new jobs on job boards every day and be the first to apply for you.

Step 2

Make your profile by filling out a specialized questionnaire, and our system will start submitting applications on your behalf immediately.

Step 3
Job placement

We’ll only apply for jobs you’re qualified for. Our intensive job interview practice will prepare you for any questions and tests.

Step 4
Interview prep

Practice, listen, and learn how to improve from your interviews and recruiter calls with mentors and communication with potential employers.

Step 5
Get your dream job!

Answer the recruiters call and accept the position.

You have 2 options for finding a job:

Without JAS
With JAS
Average number of job applications
less than 15
Regularity of applications for vacancies
not every day
every day
Job search time
from 4 months
from 1 months
Time to prepare for the interview
+4 free hours every day
Time spent on responses
from 4 hours a day

JAS by the numbers

  • 1385 interviews in the past 4 months;
  • 486 interviews for April;
  • 78128 applies total;
  • 38 responses per call from recruiters are required;
  • up to 650 responses per student per month;
  • record JAS - 3 days of applies to get a job;
  • 28 application days - on average to get a job.


How many job applications do I have to submit until I find a job?

Careerist students find jobs within 3-4 months of graduation, as long as they submit up to 20 job applications per day. We know it seems like a lot, that’s why the automation helps reduce the time until you receive a job offer.

What is the call tracking system? How will it help me?

We will register the recuter’s calls and link them with the vacancies that we have sent a response to. After receiving this data we will be able to apply only to the relevant vacancies. Our mentors will give you feedback about your negotiations with recruiters to show your mistakes and put attention on the strengths so you can feel more confident.

Can I find a job by myself without using the service?

Of course you can. But JAS allows you to make it faster because you will spend less time on sending out offers and negotiating with the employer.

How safe is it to share access to job boards with you?

Access to your usernames and passwords is strictly restricted. The entire process of logging in to job boards is automatic. After receiving the offer, we delete the student profiles and inform that you need to change the passwords on the services that you shared.

How can I see which jobs that I’ve already applied for?

We can send you a JAS report via Google Docs. Within it, you will be able to see a list of all the companies and positions that you’ve applied to.