Careerist Job Application Service

Maximize your job-hunt potential with JAS. Our software automates your job applications, and our team of Career Coaches trains you to become more hireable. With JAS, you will land your target job faster.

What’s included in JAS?

1:1 Interview Practice

Your mentor will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and coach you on how to answer interview questions with confidence so that you get the job

LinkedIn + Resume Optimization

Upgrade your online presence with an optimized LinkedIn profile and custom resumes to cater to what each prospective employer wants to see

Automated Job Applications

You’ll apply for 4X more job openings with our automated system, and we’ll take care of communications and scheduling for you

Personalized for You

Get daily job-opening reports based on your experience, target income, location, and preferences, so we can quickly apply for the best jobs for you

The JAS Advantage

Job Hunting with JAS
Traditional Job Hunting
Average number of job applications
40 per day
>15 per day
Job-application frequency
Job search time
Quick – a few weeks to a few months
Slow – 4 months or more
Common mindset
Low stress, high confidence
High stress, anxiety
Time spent on job search
1 hour / week
20+ hours / week
Careerists make it work

Our JAS members get thousands of job interviews, leading to new careers at the most lucrative companies in America.

Program Fees
$ 599 Monthly Fee
  • Full access to JAS
  • No Income Share Agreement
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$ 299 + 7% ISA Income Share Agreement
  • Full access to JAS
  • When you land a high-paying job in tech, pay 7% of first 12 months of salary
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How many job applications will be submitted before I get hired?

JAS will apply to up to forty job openings per day on your behalf. Without JAS, we estimate on average it would take three-to-four months to find a job and require you to apply to at least twenty openings per day. Submitting this many applications can take up to two-to-three hours per day of your time. JAS is faster and will save you valuable time.

Why do I need JAS for my job search?

After selecting your employment preferences and utilizing JAS, you will get multiple job offers faster and become more skilled at negotiating a higher salary with your future employer.

Can I see which job openings my application has been submitted to?

Yes, we can send you a JAS report via Google Docs. This report will show you a list of all the positions  your application has been submitted to.

What job boards does JAS utilize for job searches?

We work with platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster. JAS tracks the newest positions daily and applies to those fully matching your employment requirements.

What information do you need to start applying to jobs for me?

To start submitting applications for you, we use a questionnaire to collect some basic information about you, such as your name, contact details, location, resume, and answers to standard questions from recruiters. This information allows us to search for job openings that are suitable for your experience and skills.

I want to relocate; can you find me a job in another state?

Our main focus is to find you a job where you live. If you are willing to relocate, we will apply in various cities and states, considering your interests.

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