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Tech Jobs With the Happiest Workers

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Aug 22, 2022
Tech Jobs With the Happiest Workers

Imagine a perfect morning working at a big tech company like Google or Apple. You enter the building and see happy employees walking in with their keycards, grabbing a coffee (or three), giving each other high fives, and arriving at their fantastic workplace. What's the secret to having so much positive energy when you arrive at the office? Why do people who work in tech seem happier than those in other industries?

In this article, we'll break down what makes working in the tech industry so desirable.

What Sets the Tech Industry Apart in Terms of Employee Satisfaction?

1. A Healthy Work-Life Balance

It's no secret that major tech companies have implemented programs to help their employees achieve a better work-life balance. For example, Google offers perks like free massages and yoga classes, in addition to its famous onsite cafeteria food. Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple provide "baby bonding" benefits and extended parental leave policies.

These moves are part of a larger trend toward letting employees take time off from work for their mental or physical health and to spend more time with their families. Unsurprisingly, tech workers are more likely to have a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

2. Greater Autonomy and Trust 

Employees enjoy greater autonomy and trust at tech companies than in other industries. And it's not just about the money. Tech workers have more say over their schedules, preferred tools, workspace layout, and other key facets of how they do their jobs. 

In this way, tech workers often feel they can more directly impact their company's products or services.

3. Great Teams and Great Projects

Technology is an exciting, ever-changing industry that attracts people who like working on complex problems. Tech workers are part of something bigger than themselves; they are part of a team in a land full of opportunities, new ideas, and meaningful projects. If you're a person who wants to make a positive difference in the world, working in technology might be the perfect choice for you.

4. Good Salaries

Tech workers do get paid well. For example, according to Glassdoor's salary report, software engineers make an average of $119,000 per year. That's almost double the average annual income for all US workers. And with plenty of high-paying opportunities available, tech workers have the leverage to negotiate for optimal salaries.

5. Job Security

The tech industry offers greater job security than other sectors. Why? With the demand for specialists in this field only expected to rise, it's not hard to find work if you have relevant experience and education.

Top 5 Tech Jobs With the Happiest Workers

1. Manual QA 

As a software tester, you're responsible for identifying application bugs or defects and communicating these errors to developers. With soaring demand, remote work options, no coding skills required, and $69,000 to $105,000 in annual salary, this is the best first step into the tech industry.

2. Tech Sales

The average salary for a tech sales representative is $100,000, with some professionals earning more than $250,000. And the best part? The job market is on fire! Tech sales jobs are so hot right now that you can even get a job without experience. A career in tech sales is perfect if you don't want to get into the wilds of tech products and programming.

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists collect large amounts of data from various sources and use analytics tools to make sense of it. Glassdoor ranked jobs in data science as the third best in the US. With a median base salary of $110,000, great benefits, a structured workflow, and many job openings, it's no wonder that data scientists tend to enjoy their jobs more than other workers.

4. UX Designer

UX designers ensure that every screen of an app or website is intuitive and easy to use. The Glassdoor report found that UX designers had an average job satisfaction score of 4 out of 5, compared to an average score of 3.4 for all US workers. 

But what makes UX designers so happy? They enjoy seeing their designs implemented, which keeps things interesting as they progress through their careers. Once you add in flex schedules, the ability to work from anywhere, and $100,000 in annual pay, it's obvious why UX design is such a satisfying field. 

5. DevOps Engineer 

DevOps engineers have the fourth best job in America according to Glassdoor. The high satisfaction reported by DevOps engineers makes sense as they play one of the most critical roles in a company. They help ensure that apps run smoothly across multiple platforms and devices. DevOps jobs offer flexibility, autonomy, freedom from office politics, and an average salary of $120,000 annually.

As more companies look to streamline their operations through automation, DevOps engineers will be in higher demand.


As you can see, the tech industry offers satisfying positions and excellent workplaces. But be aware that the best tech jobs are only open to those who can prove their skills. Once you make it into the club, there's no denying the benefits. Happy hunting!

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