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Tech Job Trends in 2022: A List of the Most Popular Tech Jobs

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Apr 17, 2022
Tech Job Trends in 2022: A List of the Most Popular Tech Jobs

Over the last couple of years, the job market has drastically changed due to labor shortages during the pandemic. Also constantly changing are the demands for tech specialists and job trends in tech. 

Knowledge of these trends is essential for those looking for opportunities in the computer and information sphere and also for employers and hiring managers. Over the last few years, having a bachelor’s degree has become optional, nice to have but not obligatory, because more importance is now placed on skills and experience outside of the industry. We summed up job trends in tech, market demands, and trends in 2022. 

Trends in the 2022 Job Market

Remote Work

In late 2020, when many businesses faced lockdowns, remote positions suddenly came to the forefront. Remote work is fast becoming a new normal. The results of a massive study on remote work were pleasantly surprising. Productivity levels increased as remote workers were less stressed and more productive. 

Specialists in computer-related occupations were positioned well for the shift to remote work, making the industry an excellent choice for those who need more flexibility. Talent pools across the country became accessible to employers without the need for relocation. Overall, remote work is good for companies and looks to be more than a passing trend. 

Wage Growth is the Fastest in 20 Years

The gig economy has also gained popularity. Today, there are more project and contract jobs, and employees receive commissions. Contracts vary depending on the offered services, and working on a couple of projects may sometimes bring an employee more income than working a conventional job for one business. In some cases, self-employment might be the better solution for both the business and the employer.

Candidates Are Aware of Their Value

When the demand for remote work took off, there were more vacancies than employees to fill them. As a result, employees could dictate the rules for the salary game. Experts believe the demand for remote workers will continue to grow as the economy plays catch up. 

Understanding the usual salary rates for your desired positions is essential when starting a job search. It is important not to accept less than you are worth. Employees are aware that they deserve fair compensation for the value they bring to a company and that they are worth the investment. It does not matter if you are a web developer or a tester. The rule works for everyone.

Range of Benefits

A high salary is not the only thing that companies may offer today. 

This year, companies are up to offer extensive compensations, including medical insurance, parental leaves, and flexible working hours that usually comprise opportunities to work remotely. Improved benefits combined with a decent salary increase the likelihood that companies who want to hire will find suitable employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Social justice and awareness about social issues have been actively discussed throughout the last few years. When companies began offering remote jobs, employee diversity and inclusion improved. In this context, diversity includes cultural or religious backgrounds and the proportion of male and female workers in teams. People with health issues, mothers with infants, and many others, who could not come to an office regularly got an opportunity to work. 

Diversity is desirable for the image of a business and is actively sought by many companies. In the US, there are also rules against many forms of discrimination. Because of these rules, your gender should not matter when applying for a job. 

The Switch to a Four-Day Workweek

Recent studies and trials of a four-day workweek were successful enough for some companies to adopt the practice. The four-day format results in higher productivity and improved wellness of teams, making it beneficial to both companies and employees.

Microsoft Japan was the first company to test the shorter week. The data was surprising as the team productivity increased to 40%. Tests in other countries were also successful, and many believe that this will soon create a new normal.

Popular Jobs

Reviewing your finances may make you consider a new career. These days, the tech industry often suggests blended or remote working options. Businesses often offer remote projects that let you work part-time somewhere else. So what are job trends in tech? We have picked the most popular. 

Manual Quality Assurance 

Manual QA testers are responsible for the manual testing of software. Testing happens at various stages of a software development lifecycle, depending on the workflow of an existing team. QA manual specialists test the software in search of issues users might face. As a rule, it is a fresh look at the developer’s progress tested on the network cloud. 

The position does not require knowledge of programming languages. Having previous experience to look at is desirable but not a must. The QA Manual jobs offer decent salaries, low stress, and work-life balance. 

Careerist offers one of the most effective trainings on the QA manual that has already helped hundreds find new jobs. Careerist provides complete guidance throughout the training, including live classes, internships, and Career Coaching programs after graduation.

QA Automation

QA automation is the so-called next level of a QA manual. The automation of processes aims to make testing faster and reduce manual testing. That is why this path boosts your career and your salary as well. This job usually demands strong analytical skills and knowledge of code. Not everyone can succeed in this, so market trends still offer both manual and automation QA jobs for various purposes.

One may also study automation at Careerist with highly qualified specialists who have years of professional experience. Automated QA testing works a bit differently and may take place more frequently. Overall, automation provides a quality final product while reducing the working time of developers. Reporting on results, developing testing, and creating test algorithms are the most important responsibilities for these positions. 

Systems Engineering

This role is also known as tech manager or tech project manager. These specialists aim to spot the necessary software, tools, and technologies for a business. They plan and monitor the implementation and maintenance of computer hardware and software. Tech managers are expected to make budget charts and usually stay at the top of company information security.

These specialists often have a bachelor’s degree in computer-related science, and work experience will only be a plus. One has to be good at communication and be familiar with databases. Careerist offers a systems engineering traininf to help you start on this path.

Tech Sales

A career in tech sales is a good option for people who seek something new. It is an entirely different type of job that lets you deep-dive into technological market trends. It is one of the recent trainings added on Careerist but has already recommended itself with top-notch trainers and highly qualified graduates. 

The tech sales specialist will analyze the customer needs and perks of the products and information systems they sell. This person helps customers find digital solutions for their businesses. A lot of negotiation occurs, and our tutors have pointed out that some introverts are very good at these jobs. 

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Among the top trends are information technology, information security, computer systems, and computer science—all directions that will digitalize our future. Other popular choices are engineering, national security, foreign affairs, and other studies that help build the future of our society. The Bureau of Labor Statistics published an Occupational Outlook Handbook, where you can find a bit more about these jobs.

The market demands for new employees, and job trends in tech, change every year and the help desk is not the only remote position available. Some professions disappear, and new jobs take shape. We saw that options for remote and blended jobs are of great benefit. The tech industry can be your kickstart to a lifetime chance to grow, follow trends, and love your job due to its variety.

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