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Computer Science basics
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IT Systems Engineers are responsible for implementing and maintaining business computer systems, including hardware, software, and networking. Their role ensures smooth operations, making their skills highly sought after in today's job market




High salaries

Entry-level salaries start at ~$80K+, and Senior Systems Engineers earn an upwards of $250K a year

Growing demand

The need to build and maintain cloud infrastructures means higher than ever demand

Flexible work

Get a key role at a tech company and enjoy remote work and vibrant culture

Growth potential

Grow to Security Engineering, DevOps, Network Engineering, Cloud Engineering and more!



Linux Administration

Configure and automate system administration tasks: manage processes, users, file systems, security, networking, and backups


Virtualized Environment

Deploy and manage virtual environments to improved resource utilization, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness


Server Configuration

Set up and manage servers for various purposes: hosting websites, running applications, managing databases, providing network services, and more


Scripting Essentials

Master Bash shell commands and learn how to write scripts that automate repetitive tasks, making file and directory manipulation easier



Design and implement network infrastructures, configure network devices, troubleshoot network issues, and ensure network security


Landing a Job

Create an attractive resume and LinkedIn profile. Learn effective job search strategies and prepare in depth for every stage of job interviews

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Immersive training

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Meet your classmates and instructors as you start your journey towards a high-paying career as a Systems Engineer


Attend classes

Join live or watch the recordings of classes from Systems Engineering experts. Ask questions, do homework, get feedback and build the skills you need to succeed


Internship Simulator

Gain work experience you can show in your resume and talk about in your job interviews. Complete an end-to-end Systems Engineering project guided by an expert

Landing a job

Job interview prep

Practice mock job interviews 1:1 with your mentor. Increase your confidence and prepare for any type of Systems Engineering job interview question


Job Application Service (JAS)

Our all-in-one JAS suite collects job openings from around the web and helps you track your progress, so you land a job faster


You’re hired!

Our graduates achieve an average starting salary of $60-100K per year within months of finishing their training

Our grads are
systems engineers


Resume & Linkedln review

Improve your resume and Linkedln profile. Present your skills and experience to land the job you want

Proven job search guidance

Use our proven job search tactics and navigate the employment market effectively with your mentor

Live & interactive practice

Your mentor will guide you until you find a job. Practice mock job interviews and be ready for any question that may come up!

Self-service video practice

Get pre-recorded job interview questions, record your responses, and get feedback from your mentor

The Careerist Guarantee

Because Careerist is fully committed to your success, we now offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t land a job in tech within 1 year of graduation. Read the complete terms and conditions ​here.

Refund eligibility requirements include but not limited to:

  • Complete all training modules on time
  • Submit all projects and assignments by the deadline
  • Follow our Job Search guidelines and instructions

Our instructors

Study from senior Silicon Valley professionals with an average work experience of 10+ years

Andrey Shalobalo

Site Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience at Box, EPAM, New York Times

Alex Bochannek

Engineering Director with three decades of experience at leading companies such as Cisco and Google

Chad Perkins

Linux System Administrator at Garmin with 10+ years of Sr. Systems Engineering experience

Keith Barth

Lead Technical Analyst with 25+ years of experience in the field and 30+ years in teaching

John Mascio

IT Systems Engineer with 30+ years of experience at companies such as Bank of America

Justin Phillips

Senior Linux Systems Engineer with over 8 years of IT experience, including work at SpaceX

Program syllabus

L1 Intro to Linux System Administration
Intro to Linux System Administration
  • Understand who is a Systems Engineer
  • Understand the career path of a Systems Engineer
  • Identify advantages of Linux operating systems
  • Define components of Linux
  • Manage processes and files
  • Define benefits of virtualization
  • Define Linux CLI
L2 Linux Basics
Linux Basics
  • CLI intro and command line access
  • Define the different shell types
  • Perform basic commands
  • Utilize help system and man pages
  • Use CLI help system and man pages
  • Work with hidden files
L3 Cloud Shell Fundamentals: Linux Setup and SSH Overview
Cloud Shell Fundamentals: Linux Setup and SSH Overview
  • Create and manage GSP projects, enable billing and APIs
  • Generate and add SSH to GSP
  • Create virtual machine instances
  • Connect remote hosts
  • Create and list files
  • Manage processes
  • Access secured instances
L4 Linux File Management and Security
Linux File Management and Security
  • Navigate the filesystem and manage permissions in Linux
  • Create users and groups
  • Create directories and files
  • Examine and manage file permissions
  • Test file access and removal
L5 User and Software Management Essentials
User and Software Management Essentials
  • Create Debian and CentOS instances
  • Key differences of Linux distributions
  • Install, update and remove packages using Linux Package Management systems
  • Manage Linux users and groups
  • Automating routine tasks with Ansible
L6 Process Management
Process Management
  • Basic Process concepts and attributes
  • Managing processes using CLI commands
  • Managing Background processes using CLI
  • System calls
  • Monitoring System resource utilization using CLI
  • Changing process priority
L7 Service Management
Service Management
  • Set up and manage a basic web server using Python
  • Work with cron jobs in Ubuntu
  • Set up a complex cron job
  • Connect, mage and delete instance in GCP
  • Modify GRUB config
L8 Storage and Networking
Storage and Networking
  • Manage networking on cloud instances
  • Install network tools
  • Open and detach virtual screen
  • Create and attach disks to a VM instance
  • Use LVM
  • Data loss protection
  • Create, modify, and delete volumes and logical partitions
L9 Shell Programming
Shell Programming
  • Apply concept of building a simple text-based database application as a shell script
  • Manipulate and extract data from text files
  • Handle errors
  • Handle and process data applying shell scripting
L10 Monitoring Techniques and Alerting Systems
Monitoring Techniques and Alerting Systems
  • Build a simple text-based application
  • Analyze and comment on an existing shell script
  • Automate and monitor cloud-based infrastructure
  • Deploy and monitor web applications on the cloud
L11 Operations Management and Incident Response
Operations Management and Incident Response
  • Detecting, analyzing, and resolving incidents
  • Analyzing and documenting the root cause of incidents
  • Conduct change management minimizing service disruption risk
  • Manage information security risks
  • Ensure the reliability and security of IT infrastructure and service
L12 Preparing for the job market
Preparing for the job market
  • Create a selling resume
  • Job application process
  • Go through phone and technical screening processes
  • Prepare for a job interview
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  • Internal internship project
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Includes access to Job Application Service
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