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A complete solution for a career transition to Tech. If you want a top-tier salary, fulfilling work, and soaring demand, look no further than Systems Engineering

Program time
6 months
with an average of 6-8 hours per week
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June 2nd
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Basic Computer Science
no prior Tech experience required


Systems Engineers are highly sought after specialists responsible for the upkeep & configuration of the entire company’s infrastructure. From implementing software solutions to analyzing data to improve existing ones, a Systems Engineer boosts productivity in the workplace.

Why choose SE?

High salaries

Entry level salaries start at ~$80k, and senior SE salaries reach an upwards of $250k

Growing demand

Soaring cloud infrastructure means demand is greater than the current supply

Get trained quickly

Much cheaper and faster than a conventional degree

No Tech background

Just basic computer science & motivation to learn

Our Guarantee

Our track record means that we now guarantee that you will find a job within the Systems Engineering field within 1 year of starting this course. If not, you’d receive 100% of your payments back!


This program


LIVE Webinars

Attend our LIVE sessions 2X a week & get connected with world-class instructors. Get the pro-tips you need to get hired!


Unlimited Support

Stuck completing an exercise? Your personal support manager will assist you with any questions you’ve got!


Internship Simulator

Developed to simulate a real-world working environment, students will solve complex technical problems and set up systems in a Virtual Machine.


Career Coaching

We’ll optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile. We’d help you customize cover letters and practice mock job interviews


Job Application Service

Get a complimentary month of JAS – our automatic job application system that finds new openings and applies on your behalf


1:1 Technical Mentorship

Meet 1:1 with your technical mentor. Every week, we’ll practice advanced content and help sharpen your skills so you get hired!

Careerists who
made it as SE

Dan Camacho
Dan Camacho

I took the Systems Engineering course last year. It was super engaging. The course is good even if you are a beginner in tech. Now I am working as a systems engineer for a delivery service app—one that you may have heard of!—and this is exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Careerist team!

Miriam Graham
Miriam Graham

I am relatively new to tech, and I really enjoyed how the instructors did a very good job of covering all the details so that a beginner can easily understand the steps and flow of logic throughout the project, starting with the basics at the very beginning of the course. I totally recommend Careerist for anyone who wants to have an awesome IT career. Instructors are knowledgeable and online classes are enjoyable. I'm glad to say I'm finally working in tech!

Kristin Wickham
Kristin Wickham

I have a background in customer support. Before the course, I knew very little about the world of IT, but I had basic computer skills. Careerist gave me helpful key points on getting my first tech job, and their Job Application Service is just a miracle! Thank you very much!

Francis Chavez
Francis Chavez

I’ll be advising people to join this kind of program at Careerist in the future. This is a perfect situation for someone wanting to jump into a new career in something that is probably going to continue, even if they don’t have experience with or prior knowledge about computers. Careerist is the best place to start. Put in the time, participate in class, and complete their assignments without looking for shortcuts. I stuck to that routine and secured a job within four months of the program ending.

Aadhya Barathya
Aadhya Barathya

My experience with Careerist has been great. They have helped me through the entire process, starting from taking the training to landing a job as a systems engineer. I think for me, the best part was how honest and open they were about their program, which was evident from their free webinar that I attended. You can ask any questions you may have and they will clear up your doubts.

Randy Goff
Randy Goff

I chose to take a Systems Engineering course at Careerist to end my career in accounting and move on to a new career in a field that I have always been interested in—i.e., the IT world—but never knew where to start. I chose Careerist for the fact that they had live webinars and coaching and helped with resumes and job searching. I received great support both inside and outside of the classroom. The program was great; it has given me new career opportunities I would not have had otherwise. It has greatly impacted my life because I no longer have a dead-end career and have acquired skills that will open many doors for my new career.

Launch Your Systems Engineering Career

1:1 FEEDBACK at every step



Hours of professional mentor sessions


Technical SE mentors


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Thanks for reminding
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Our team

Study from senior Silicon Valley professionals with an average work experience of 8+ years

Andrey Shalobalo

Andrey Shalobalo

Site Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience at Box, EPAM, New York Times

Chad Perkins

Chad Perkins

Linux System Administrator at Garmin with 10+ years of Sr. Systems Engineering experience

John Mascio

John Mascio

DevOps/Service Engineer with 30+ years of hands-on experience at companies of different sizes

Jay Smith

Jay Smith

Jay has over 30 years of experience in IT and has worked for major corporations like IBM, Deloitte, and CBS.

Paulo Paracatu

Paulo Paracatu

SysOps Engineer at Kinsta with 10+ years of experience working with Linux solutions.

Gabriel Alves

Gabriel Alves

Cloud Security Engineer at CTW and training instructor at SENAI São Paulo with 10+ years of experience in IT

Lesson 1
Intro to Linux System Administration

Why Linux? System Administrator responsibilities. Historical context. Major system components (kernel, services, UI, applications) Processes and Files. Large installations - virtualization and configuration management. Linux CLI

Lesson 2
Linux Basics

Linux CLI, Linux prompt, Linux commands, Common Linux commands. Command Line walkthrough, files and process basics.

Lesson 3
GCP Introduction, CloudShell, SSH

Cloud Shell. Setting up Linux on GCP. SSH Overview. SSH setup and login. Command Line walkthrough.

Lesson 4
Files, Users, and Security

File System Hierarchy Standard. File types. Users and permissions. Security (SSH, Sudo, PAM, SELinux/AppArmor)

Lesson 5
User and Software Management, Ansible

Package management systems. Installing packages. User and group account management. Introduction to Ansible.

Lesson 6

Processes. Standard I/O. Process list. Kernel and Userspace. Fork. Process ID. Process Statuses. Background and foreground processes. Process groups.

Lesson 7
Service Management

GRUB. SystemD overview. SystemD tools and configuration. Cron. SystemD vs. SysV Init.

Lesson 8
Storage and Networking

Storage (LVM, RAID, filesystems) Networking and services (network tools, DHCP, DNS). Network security (firewalls/packet filters).

Lesson 9
Shell Programming

Advanced Command Line. Bash scripting. Zsh overview. Customization. Tips & Tricks.

Lesson 10

Incident and problem Management, Change control, Change management, Postmortem process. Information Security management. Application debug tools.

Lesson 11

Hands-on monitoring and alerting. Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager.

Lesson 12
Preparing for the job market

Interview process, pre-Internship, common Interview questions.

We’re so proud

Our students work at top innovative
companies such as:



Program Features

  • LIVE webinars
  • Hands-on assignments
  • Capstone project

Training Services

  • Personal support manager
  • 1:1 technical mentor
  • Students community

Career Services

  • Real world internship
  • Mock job interviews
  • Career strategy
  • Resume / LinkedIn optimization
  • Job Application Service

Flexible tuition
makes it easy

split payment $58988,499
  • First payment $3000 + $2898 after 2 weeks
  • Payment within 2 weeks
  • Includes Job Application Service (JAS)
Upfront discount $54997999
  • You pay the full cost of training once and get full access
  • Admission fee included
  • Includes Job Application Service (JAS)