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Tech Is A New American Dream

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Jul 14, 2022
Tech Is A New American Dream

A few decades ago, everyone was dreaming of landing a job in finance, investment, or healthcare. Times have changed, though, and today, most of the best places to work are totally outside of those industries and in the tech sector instead. But what makes this industry so attractive for professionals of all kinds?

The answer is simple:  Tech has it all. Whether money is what motivates you, you want to make a difference, or you’re seeking quick professional advancement, the technology sector will provide you with all of these advantages and many more. Are you intrigued? In this article, we will reveal the most convincing reasons to start a career in technology. Stay tuned!

So, why should you consider joining the tech sector?

1. Tech is hiring

Whilst many industries such as travel, hospitality, and retail are not having the greatest time, tech is booming. Experts are predicting even more growth in the next few years. Tech business leaders are already making record numbers of investments as venture capitalists, making this sector a perfect choice for applicants who value job stability.

And that means that tech companies are hiring actively. If you go online, you’ll see that job vacancies are skyrocketing. With so many job openings, starting a career in tech—even if you’re an absolute newbie—won’t be too difficult.

2. Tech is innovative

Let’s be honest: Digital technology is at the core of our ever-changing world, and its potential for innovation is limitless. That’s why it’s hard to find a better industry to work in if you want to make a difference. 

Tech professionals always have the freedom to create or pitch something brand new, and to follow their instincts and take risks. So for anyone ambitious, motivated, seeking adventure, and having the willingness to learn, this industry might be a perfect match, offering the chance to create a meaningful work life.


3. A variety of jobs to choose from

Since technology is now so deeply ingrained in our lives, working in the tech sector may provide a diverse range of opportunities. The good news is that tech jobs are very diverse. Tech companies are hiring professionals from various backgrounds with different skills, experience levels, personalities, and mindsets. That means anyone can find a job to their liking. 

Even if you’re not equipped with enough digital skills, kickstarting a career in tech would not be that difficult. 

4. High salaries

Salaries do vary depending on the job, experience level, and region of work. But they are still higher compared to the average rate that specialists get in most other industries. So even if you land a junior position, you’ll be surprised at how good your pay rates are. Plus, if you prove yourself as a successful and dedicated worker, you will probably be offered a pay raise quite soon. 

5. A lot of perks

Everyone has heard of the perks that tech companies such as Google, Apple, or Microsoft give to their employees. Free food, on-site yoga classes, meditation rooms, and massages are just a few examples. 

But perhaps what is more valuable is an overall culture of prioritizing employee satisfaction and well-being. And it goes way deeper than freebies. Most tech companies cherish diversity and inclusion, supportive attitudes, healthy work-life balance, career advancement possibilities, work flexibility, and both personal and professional growth. 

6. Work flexibility

Unlike in other sectors, tech workers are usually not forced to work a regular 9-5 schedule. On the contrary, you are often allowed to work according to your schedule, at a comfortable pace, and even more than that—you don’t necessarily need to commit to an office and can literally work from anywhere whether it’s your home, a coworking space, or a beach! The only requirement is that you meet deadlines. This way, tech companies encourage productivity as opposed to strict schedules.

7. Freelance opportunities 

Many tech businesses prefer to work with freelancers who are paid hourly or per project. There are also heaps of online services that offer work for freelancers so that you can take on as many projects as you’re comfortable with. And if you're okay with a little volatility and willing to take on the responsibility of being your own boss, this can be a perfect option for you.

8. Age-Inclusiveness

In most industries, age and expertise are big things. Luckily, the tech sector is an exception. Age and work experience do not play a crucial role here. Preference is given to candidates who are passionate, willing to learn, and open to innovation. And if you consider yourself too old to start a career in tech, read this article

9. Job security 

During COVID, most industries plunged and as a result were not able to keep full employment staff. However, this didn’t happen in tech. And since most of us switched to remote work, the tech job market took off even more and obviously is not going down anytime soon. Today, the tech industry needs more workers than ever before. And even if you worry that soon, some jobs might not exist because they will be replaced by computers, there’s a little chance that would be the case for tech workers. 

10. You don’t need a degree

It is a common misconception that to start a career in tech, you need a higher technical degree. In reality, a decent job training program that gives the opportunity to get hands-on experience will be just enough. Careerist programs, for instance, offer all this and much more. And the good news is, you don’t need to spend years training; the length of the programs are usually not more than a few months.

Wrapping up

A job in technology opens many doors and gives you diverse opportunities. You can work on a wide variety of projects worldwide and make a real impact. And on top of that, you will get the security of a stable workplace with paychecks that are much higher than average. So why not take action to get a job in one of the most exciting fields now?

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