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6 Reasons Why a Tech Job Is a Good Idea, Even If You Are Over 35

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Jun 15, 2022
6 Reasons Why a Tech Job Is a Good Idea, Even If You Are Over 35

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative career fields. It has also been listed as a top career choice for job seekers over the age of 35. However, the majority of articles on this topic tend to focus on millennials and Generation Xers, who are often portrayed as being left behind in the technology boom because they’re not equipped with enough digital skills to compete. 

However, for those who are over 35 and looking at new job opportunities, getting into tech might seem like an uphill battle as well. So if you are thinking “I’m too old to get into tech. No way I would ever get a job there” or “30 might as well be 50 in the tech industry,” chill out — and don’t even think of scratching this idea from your wishlist! Today, we are going to prove you wrong. So make yourself comfortable because we’re getting started! 

Reason 1. You have expertise and experience

Even if you are entering a completely new industry, the skills and expertise you have gained from your previous jobs can still be used to your advantage. If you were successfully managing a big team or have a few major projects that have taken off, make sure to include them in your resume and definitely bring them to the table when you meet with your potential future employer face-to-face. This type of experience will be of great benefit and will not go unnoticed. 

Yet, you still might be wondering “How do I get around the issue of insufficient or no experience in the desired field?” 

We’ve got you. First of all, make sure to invest in a decent educational program that is not limited to theoretical knowledge but focuses on practical skills, too. If it includes some kind of internship where you can get hands-on experience, even better. Careerist, for example, offers all this and even more! 

Reason 2. You are highly motivated 

Let’s be honest, with your enthusiasm and career clock ticking, it’s unlikely that you’ll be wasting time at work sitting around until your retirement. 

Quite the opposite, probably — you’re very committed to your new job and highly motivated to grow and pursue your career, which makes you a valuable asset to any business. 

Reason 3. You have settled down 

You are very aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and probably not interested in wasting time on parties or office romance. But perhaps most importantly — the chances that you will go looking for a more exciting or promising opportunity like many younger workers are low.

However, make sure you’re still flexible and ready to take on urgent projects or work overtime if necessary. Otherwise, your established work mode can put off your potential employer. 

Reason 4. You know how to work under stress

In your previous jobs, even if non-tech, you may have encountered stressful situations such as stressful deadlines, dissatisfied clients, project changes, or a dismissal of a key employee. The list can go on and on. 

And as an experienced professional, you were able to somehow find a way out and overcome these challenges. Did you manage to meet a difficult deadline, exceed customer expectations, or keep a project on track despite changes? Don’t hesitate to talk about these situations and how you masterfully dealt with them. It will surely become a huge advantage over your younger counterparts.

Reason 5. You understand the importance of networking and communication

Good communication is essential for developing and maintaining relationships in the business world. This is especially true when it comes to negotiating, managing conflict, affecting change, or getting things moving. And whilst your younger counterparts usually tend to be more focused on online social networking, you definitely realize the importance of face-to-face communication and have probably proved yourself to be a good communicator. 

Plus, since you’ve been in the workforce for longer, you’ve had more time to cultivate and maintain important relationships and contacts. And this can be to your great advantage too! 

Reason 6. You are reliable 

We’re not saying that all younger employees are unreliable and uncommitted. But fortunately for you, stereotypes work both ways. So in your employer’s head, you are still a more responsible worker — focused on getting a job done, able to manage change and work under pressure to meet deadlines and business targets. So why not use it to your advantage? 

Top 6 in-demand jobs for tech newbies

Alright, now that we’ve convinced you that you are not too old to start working in tech, it's time to provide you with a list of the most in-demand tech jobs with little to no experience required. That way, you can spend less time researching and more time choosing a job that brings excitement, piques your interest, and helps you make the most of your existing skills. 

1. Digital/Web Project Manager

This is an excellent option for those who already have experience in project management and want to get into the tech industry. Project managers are top organizers whose main responsibility is to keep projects on track. This usually requires the ability to plan, run meetings, and present ideas to clients and the team. 

So if you are a pro at coordinating between teams and your communication skills are a natural gift that you’ve mastered to perfection, the chances that you will wind up in a tech company are high. 

2. Web Developer

Web developers create the code for websites and web apps. As a web developer, you’ll become familiar with building the back-end of a website — in other words, the foundation of any web product. 

To become a web developer you should be familiar with the most common programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and Python. Having no or minimal experience, you would probably land a job as a junior web developer. But even starting as a junior, you’ll be surprised to be earning more than you thought you would.

3. Сustomer Support

Customer support is a great introduction to the world of tech, especially if you’re looking for a job with no experience required. Companies usually prefer to train employees on their products and processes because they are usually quite specific. That’s why starting with a clean slate can work to  your advantage. 

Your role will mainly require talking with customers via phone, chat, email, or a special support system to solve their issues as they arise. So if communication and problem-solving are your strong suits, go ahead!

4. Data Analyst

Data analysts play a vital role in understanding data and information to glean insights on various topics. They compile, interpret, and present data in more people-friendly ways.  Additionally, analysts are responsible for identifying potential improvements based on data trends so that teams can work on improving a product.

Do you have experience working with data? Then this job might be a good choice for you. 

5. Manual Tester 

This is a perfect entry position to the tech field as it doesn’t require an overly high level of qualification, but will perfectly immerse you in the tech environment.

As a software tester, you will be responsible for identifying bugs and defects in applications and communicating this information to developers. If you have strong analytical and communication skills, look towards this position as a starting point for your career.

6. Web Designer

If being creative is what you want your future job to be, then web design might be a great choice for you. Start at a junior-level position to learn the ropes and get some experience under your belt from more experienced professionals. 

To get this job, you don’t necessarily need an extensive art education. However, a good understanding of design basics and the basic principles of HTML and CSS is a must. 

Bottom line

Always remember that working in tech has a big advantage — everything is very fast-paced. So if you demonstrate your passion and commitment, promotions will come naturally. 

Still not convinced? Then, yeah, you must be really old, like in your 30s. 😂 Why haven’t you retired yet? We’re kidding, of course — as sarcastic as it may sound, it’s also a bulletproof reason to start the career of your dreams. So scroll up and choose a job that fits your previous experience so you can get started in the world of tech!!

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