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Graduates success stories

Success Story
Jan 12, 2020

At Careerist, we tried to create a dream school that we ourselves once wanted to get into, but could not find such important and necessary knowledge. Based on our mistakes, we created a solution that will help to avoid wasting time and focus on what is really needed: going through an interview, getting a job and the work itself.

We are doing it pretty well! Since May 2019 when we had our first graduation, a lot of students recommended Careerist teachers’ professionalism and the real help we provide to get a job fast.

Below you can see some videos of the meetings with the graduates and articles of success stories.

Stef, an art teacher

From the first week, my resume on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Ziprecruiter had got a lot of feedbacks. On average, I got a call from a recruiter once a day. I had about two speakings a week directly with the companies. A month after finishing school I already had a job offer. It happened very fast.

Dila, an accountant

Before choosing Careerist school, I had checked a lot of schools, took up three trial lessons and compared them. I didn’t like the others, I got bored immediately, they were talking about the same thing for 2 hours! However, I got the point of what I would be learning from the first lesson exactly at school.

Max Glubochansky, Careerist school founder

By the end of the first year at QA I earned 90K (full time), meanwhile my work was just to check if the buttons at the media player (like YouTube) worked correctly. It included paid vacations, benefits, medical insurance, pension, meals three times a day and an open bar! Moreover, there were rooms for meditation, sleeping and games.

David, a waiter

I come at any time before 9:45 (we have a meeting and discuss plans for the day), then I have breakfast and start work. I have my own computer with two monitors. My colleague and I can go away for a couple of minutes at any moment. For example, today she had to pick up her children from the airport of Los Angeles, and nobody said anything to her. When I worked as a waiter, I could not do that kind of thing.

Ilona, an English teacher

I am a teacher myself, I can distinguish a bad teacher from a good one. The course was convenient, in the evenings, so I could go on with my work. I decided that if I couldn’t find a new job in 3 months, I would get back to my usual work.

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