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How an accountant from Brooklyn got an offer for 50$/h as a QA engineer after the testing course in Careerist school

Success Story
Jan 10, 2020

Dila is a 40-year-old mother of two daughters and she is an accountant in Brooklyn. This year she decided to change her job, so she took up a course to become a tester. Here is Dila’s first person narrative about the pros of approach, internship and salary of a QA Engineer.

I came from Tajikistan, Dushanbe 6 years ago. I’m 40, I have a husband, two daughters: one is adult and the other one is a schoolgirl. I live in Brooklyn, worked as an accountant, but I got tired of that job, I wanted to change something in my life. I have a close friend QA Engineer. I like to find mistakes and correct them. And she says it’s an interesting job, you don’t get tired of it. 

Before choosing Careerist school, I had checked a lot of schools, took up three trial lessons and compared them. I didn’t like the others, I got bored immediately, they were talking about the same thing for 2 hours! However, I got the point of what I would be learning from the first lesson exactly at school. 

I liked the way Max Glubochansky, the co-founder of the school, told about everything in details based on his own experience. I can even call him at any time and he’ll answer me!

The material at the course is very deep and was explained not one time. 

I passed the internship, which I was very satisfied with - I wrote test cases and tested an app for accountants like Quickbooks.

Having finished the internship, I started to send my resume and I got calls immediately. Recruiters ask question, I answer and get surprised: how do I know it? I answer everything automatically. It seems like someone out the answers into my head. 

I have got a call from a recruiter recently, the next day I was invited to the interview to the company. To all appearances, I passed it successfully, as I got a job offer for 50$/h. But it’s in Upstate New York, it’s quite far from Brooklyn, so I’m thinking it over.

In the future I would like to study automation, programming and to develop in this sphere.


At Careerist, we tried to create a dream school that we ourselves once wanted to get into, but could not find such important and necessary knowledge. Based on our mistakes, we created a solution that will help to avoid wasting time and focus on what is really needed: going through an interview, getting a job and the work itself.

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