Maria Nikolaeva

Maria is an HR expert with a focus on recruiting and developing companies’ brands. She has more than fourteen years in the profession, including working in recruitment agencies and recruiting within the company. She has extensive experience in interviewing subject matter experts in various fields and selecting young specialists for development programs. Maria is an expert in resume writing. She is an experienced interviewer, with over 1,000 job interviews under her belt. Maria also prepares articles for internal and external media sources. Maria is interested in the psychology of people and teams and company brand development.
Maria Nikolaeva
January 24, 2023
Job Market

For most of us, looking for a new job is hardly our favorite thing to do. It is usually time consuming and stressful. And the longer the search takes, the more anxious and less motivated people get

November 04, 2022
For business

The mass transfer of staff to remote work has made the issue of adapting remote teams one of the most pressing topics. The tech industry has always been a leader in terms of remote staffing.

October 09, 2022

Job seekers should not wait until the first day of work to evaluate an employer but instead pay attention from the first point of contact.

March 18, 2022

The fear of public speaking and the fear of failure are among the most common human fears. Since a job interview often brings up both of these fears, we can say with confidence that interviewing for a job is a very stressful thing indeed! Moreover, at any interview there are often not one but several specialists from the company present. And in some cases, candidates must make a presentation about themselves or a completed project.

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