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Careerists who
made it in qa

Yuli M.

Thank you so much for your course! You guys are awesome and down-to-earth. I came with no IT background, but now I feel oriented and ready to talk about tech and to get a job at a tech company.

Omari A.

I am very happy that I made the decision to learn QA with Careerist. The instructors were extremely supportive and really helped me to find a job in tech. I feel I am set to grow in my career as a tester. Although there were long hours of tests every day, it was a really fun challenge. It took over 4 months, but I finally landed a job!! Careerist has been with me every step of the way. Thanks, Careerist team!

Amanda G.

Careerist provided fantastic service. I’m currently working full time and am further progressing in my tech career. Highly recommend the course and the company. The customer service and team always worked very closely with me. Thank you!

Lona P.

A wonderful course for learning not only theoretical information, but also important practical skills This course gives a broad understanding of Testing...but you have an internship, too. And they also teach you how to sell yourself, job hunt & get a job! Really impressed! I can’t believe I finally got a job in tech.

Liu H.

I joined Careerist QA training with my wife, and it was great! We both come from non-IT backgrounds and the way the course was taught in a practical way made things easier for us to understand. I feel getting hands-on experience from day one really immersed us. I'd recommend Manual QA training to everyone who wants to get into the tech industry. Within 5 months, we both landed jobs! Anyone who wants to learn QA should join Careerist!

Sara M.

My experience with Careerist has been great. They have helped me through the entire process starting from taking the training to landing a job as a QA Engineer. I think for me the best part was how honest and open they were about their program, which I was able to get from their free webinar. You can ask any questions you may have and they will clean up your doubts.


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Unlimited hours of 1:1 mentor sessions


Qualified mentors


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Meet your

Learn from industry insiders with decades of big tech experience ready to help you get hired

Max Glubochansky
Max Glubochansky

QA professional with 7+ years of experience at Apple, Intel, Silicon Valley companies

Marc Hausle
Marc Hausle

6+ years in Quality Assurance and Product Design leading teams at Google and Apple.

Patrick Siebenthal
Patrick Siebenthal

QA Engineer, 6+ years of experience in IT (Facebook, Intel on mobile and VR apps)

Iurii Sokolov
Iurii Sokolov

7+ years in software development at Google and Silicon Valley companies

Alex Khvastovich
Alex Khvastovich

QA Manager with 8+ years of experience in Multi Platform/Web Software QA

Vitaly Erokhin
Vitaly Erokhin

Vitaly is a QA Automation Engineer with over 7 years of experience

Vitaly Erokhin
Ignacio Britos

QA/Engineer Manager, has over 14 years of experience at Intel, Globant, Eventbrite and others

Vitaly Erokhin
Nick Kharadze

Senior QA Engineer with over 6 years of experience working for various Silicon Valley companies

Hezron Padlan
Hezron Padlan

QA Lead with 12 years of experience working on various projects for companies like Google, AT&T and Bank of America

Lana Levinsohn
Lana Levinsohn

Sr. Software Developer in Test, 8+ years of QA, teacher and mentor

Olga Chabanova
Olga Chabanova

Experienced QA Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in diverse startups as well as tech giants. Olga is also passionate about volunteering and sharing her knowledge with others.

6 weeks of

Lesson 1
Software QA Foundations Part I

General career and job market overview.

Quality assurance (QA) and manual testing basics.

Lesson 2–3
Software QA Foundations Part II

Discover and start using industry specific tools for manual testing. Learn the fundamentals of manual QA testing: types of testing and bugs, Chrome DevTools (Inspector), software development life cycle, bug life cycle, Jira bug tracking system, user interface testing, client-server architecture, and BrowserStack.

Lesson 4–5
Web Application Testing

Study the Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum approaches. Start learning to report bugs in JIRA (Bug Tracking System). Learn about test cases. Write test cases – based on a product requirements document (PRD). Practice using TestRail. Students will test web applications, write test cases, and do bug reports.

Lesson 6–8
Mobile Application Testing

Time to look at QA for mobiles, in particular at iOS and Android. Gain experience with Xcode and Android Studio for manual testing. Learn about app install and uninstall procedures, log files, exceptions/crashes/errors, screenshots and video recordings for bug reporting. Students will test mobile applications, write test cases, and report bugs in JIRA.

Lesson 9–10
Advanced Skills

Utilize Unix and ADB commands. Study Charles Proxy, continuous integration, Jenkins, databases, and SQL. Write simple SQL queries.

Bonus: Introduction to API testing, REST API, learn about the different ways of transporting data, JSON, HTTP Verbs, how to process request and write responses, using headers, and status codes.

Lesson 11–19
Preparing for the Job Market, Recap and Practice

Explore the job market in your area. Prepare your resume and personal story. Create a solid LinkedIn profile. Efficiently and effectively search and apply for positions online by using job websites and LinkedIn. Learn practical job market skills and hacks. Practice interview questions and answers. Review of previous lessons and practice testing.

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