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What Makes a Software Tester One of The Greatest Jobs

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Jul 04, 2022
What Makes a Software Tester One of The Greatest Jobs

Software Tester is a perfect job for almost everyone who prioritizes life over work but also wants a stable, well-paid job in the tech sector. Sounds like a dream, right? The good news is that this dream is very real. 

What does a software tester do?

Long story short, a software tester is responsible for ensuring that software runs smoothly and end-users have no problems with it. Software testers test the product to identify bugs, defects, or security flaws. Programs can be tested manually or by utilizing automated tools.

Software testers also interact with clients to better understand software or product requirements. After identifying errors and collecting client data, software testers communicate these findings to developers and managers so that they can fix defects.

What makes a good candidate?

An analytical mindset is important for a good software tester since it helps to understand the software thoroughly. This job is not limited exclusively to testing. Software testers spend most of their time analyzing test results to identify the root of the problem.

Throughout their careers, software testers frequently use their communication skills, mostly by talking to customers and tactfully presenting software issues to the team. Software testing is about finding errors, and most people do not like being told they did something wrong. A good software tester should be adept at delivering negative information in a positive and constructive way.

The ability to ask the right questions also comes in handy. If software testers fail to do so, they might miss information crucial to identifying problems.

Due to the short timelines, proper planning and efficient time management are essential for software testers. A good software tester can break tasks into smaller subtasks and effectively utilize to-do lists, calendars, and other time management tools.

Finally, being familiar with the basic principles of coding, programming, automation programs, and test management systems is helpful. But the good news is that this job does not require an overly high level of expertise, making it perfect for entry-level specialists, including women with families.

Why is software testing an excellent career option?

High pay rates

The salary of a software tester is high for an entry-level position—though many people assume that software developers earn more. In reality, entry-level specialists in these fields receive very similar salaries. And if you prove yourself a successful and dedicated worker, you will probably receive a pay raise quite soon.

Perfect work-life balance

If we are honest, work-life balance is a core value for many of us. We are taking more and more care of our personal lives and development. Many tech companies are allowing for a more moderate pace of work than they used to expect, understanding that this makes jobs more attractive and helps prevent worker burnout. 

Compared to software developers, testers have much less stress and pressure. However, software testing is not always a 9 to 5 job — there might be urgent tasks and strict deadlines too.

Freelance options

Many of us do not want to dedicate ourselves to a 9 to 5 job, preferring to work from a comfortable place and have a flexible schedule. If these are your priorities, software testing might still be an ideal job.

Lucky for you, many businesses today choose to hire freelancers, paying them hourly or per number of test cases that they execute. Plus, several online platforms allow you to find testing projects easily. Freelancing can be a side hustle to see if software testing suits you or not. If you are comfortable with a bit of inconsistency and ready to take on the responsibility of being your own boss, you can even turn freelance software testing into your full-time work.

Relatively easy to get started

Even though Software Tester is considered an entry-level position, some companies still require academic qualifications. But more and more startups are welcoming candidates who have completed a relevant job training program.

Moreover, some firms hire professionals with non-scientific backgrounds in certain fields, such as banking and healthcare. So, an individual with no prior testing experience but a good understanding of the industry and a fresh look at the product may be an ideal candidate.

Who is this job perfect for?

Anyone who wants to start a career in tech

Software testing is an entry-level tech job with no to minimum technical training required. The perks included—a good salary, a balanced work schedule, and freedom to work from anywhere—definitely outweigh the few obstacles on the path to this job.

We are not exaggerating—almost anyone with an analytical mindset and good communication skills is more than capable of landing this job. The demand for such professionals is quite high at the moment.


Are you already used to freelancing and enjoy its flexibility and the freedom to choose projects? Have you perfected your planning and time management skills? Is an inconsistent workload no big deal for you? Freelance software testing is the perfect opportunity to start a career in tech.

If you establish yourself as a reliable professional and get a few big projects to demonstrate your expertise, securing a stable flow of projects should be a no-brainer.


It might seem impossible to start a career in tech if you have settled down and committed to family life, especially after having kids. In reality, it is not so difficult. Software testing, as we said, does not usually require a heavy workload or irregular working hours. While you might sometimes need to work extra hours, as with any job, you will still have the opportunity to plan and combine work demands with the strains of modern life, such as appointments or children’s school events.

For those who are starting to plan for a family and might need to take a professional break for marriage, kids, or any other reason, freshening up your knowledge and skills when you return to working will not be that hard.

Digital nomads

And finally, a career as a software tester is ideal for those who want to be location independent and travel around the world. With a stable income and the freedom to work from anywhere that has a decent internet connection, you can have it all.

Summing up

If you see yourself on the list and think this job is perfect for you, our best advice is not to sit around for too long before taking action. Even though the demand for Software Testers is high at the moment, a good job will not wait long. Since you already know where to go, do not hesitate and enroll now 😉

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