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Top 10 QA Companies in the US

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Nov 02, 2020

Quality Assurance Testing (QA) is an essential part of software development. Without QA testing most products, like apps and websites, would end up being rather glitch-ridden and full of errors! (Nobody wants that). To avoid such catastrophes companies around the world invest heavily in testing. Some companies have in-house QA teams, and others choose to outsource their Manual and Automated testing.

We’re pretty sure that you’re keen to know more about the best QA testing companies out there, so here’s our list of Top 10 testing companies for you to enjoy reading through!  

The list of 10 software testing companies below are based in the US, and are considered to be the leading providers of high-quality QA services. 

  1. QA Mentor  

QA Mentor was founded back in 2010, and its HQ (headquarters) is located in New York. 

Around 300 QA professionals work in the company's branches, which are located in eight different countries around the globe. 

QA Mentor provides more than testing services to their clients, they also test applications in various fields like banking, e-commerce, gaming, and healthcare. 

  1. A1QA  

A1QA’s HQ is in Lakewood, Colorado. They also have branches in the UK, the Netherlands, and Belarus. 

More than 800 QA professionals work here, and they provide impeccable testing services to companies that come from twenty different countries!

Adidas, SAP, Yandex, Forex Club are on their client list. 

  1. Impact QA 

Impact QA is a leading software testing company and its HQ is in New York. 

It also has branches in Dallas, Munchen, New Delhi, and London. 

Impact QA provides a wide range of testing services to its clients, these services include automation testing, performance testing, mobile app testing, cloud testing, IOT testing, security testing, DevOps testing, and AI testing. 

  1. Mindful QA 

The HQ of Mindful QA is located in Los Angeles, but the company has testers spread around America. 

Mindful QA provides flexible testing solutions for companies of any size. 

Among their clients are Google, Microsoft, and Intel. 

  1. ScienceSoft 

Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is one of the most well-known software testing companies in the United States. 

ScienceSoft’s HQ is in McKinney, Texas, and they also have offices in Finland, Belarus, and a newly opened branch in the United Arab Emirates. 

ScienceSoft provides high-quality QA services to different industries, including insurance, banking, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing. 

  1. QualityLogic 

QualityLogic is based in Boise, Idaho. 

The company has provided testing to companies around the globe for more than 30 years. 

Their QA engineers have got experience in testing loads of different types of tech, this includes software, mobile applications, websites, augmented reality, and IOT. 

Among their clients are Canon, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and Adobe. 

  1. ThinkSys 

ThinkSys is relatively new to the testing industry, but it is one of the fastest-growing software testing companies in the US today. 

Their HQ is situated in Sunnyvale, California, and they also have branches in India and Israel. 

Besides testing, they also work on other services like Big Data Analytics, software development, and artificial intelligence. 

  1. QASource 

QASource’s HQ is located in Pleasanton, California, and they have branches in India and Mexico. 

QA Source provides flexible, and cost-effective automated testing for businesses that specialize in retail, finance, cybersecurity, and healthcare. 

  1. BugRaptors  

BugRaptors is based in California, and their HQ is located in Emeryville. They have another branch in Punjab, India. 

BugRaptors provides a wide range of testing services, including QA process consulting for industries like e-commerce, real estate, finance, insurance, telecommunication, and education. 

  1. Sauce Labs 

Sauce Labs is based in San Francisco, and they have offices in Austin, Berlin, Vancouver, and Warsaw. 

They provide a cloud-based testing platform to their clients. This system is able to perform various tests to ensure that an application looks and functions exactly as it should. 

Some of their clients include Adobe, Visa, BP, Zendesk, PayPal, and many others. 


We hope that you have found this ‘Top 10 QA companies in the US’ list very useful! 

As you can see there are many companies who specialize in QA, and a lot of these companies test software for an eclectic mix of industries.

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