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Internship at Careerist: Questions and Answers

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Nov 25, 2022
Internship at Careerist: Questions and Answers

So, now you’re a graduate and can’t wait to try your hand in tech. This is the moment when you’re standing right in front of the door to your new career, but have more questions than answers about how to open it. Careerist gives you the key by offering real internships on real projects. So don’t hesitate to scroll down for more details.

Why is an internship useful?

Every Careerist graduate faces a “to be or not to be” question. On the one hand, you have a strong feeling you understand everything; on the other hand, you feel unsure because of a lack of confidence. That’s where an internship comes in.

How will you benefit from an internship?​

  • Get support from your career coaches and team leads during the process
  • Expand your knowledge from a practical perspective
  • Explore your new role and learn more about responsibilities and expectations
  • Immediately spot your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Gain new teamwork experience
  • Add an internship to your portfolio
  • Learn more about company cultures in tech
  • Boost your confidence tremendously

Experience shows that all successful Careerist graduates have been involved in an internship at least once. Indeed, the projects they participate in vary, but they never regret their choice to prolong their studies with internships.   


Which companies does Careerist partner with to provide internships?

The list of our partners constantly changes and grows. Usually, they’re startups that have limited teams and funding but are interested in doing quality assurance testing. The current partner list is as follows:

  • Cure Skin: A company in the cosmetics and skincare industry. The main idea of their project is using advanced AI to analyze a customer’s skin type and help them choose the right products.
  • Saldo Apps: This company helps businesses find the right digital solutions. Saldo Apps involves our students in projects like Invoice Maker, Finance, and Receipt Scanner.
  • Money Pigeon: A great partner to give you some handy experience on a finance project.
  • Lingocard: An educational project that helps people improve their English skills with the help of different tools.
  • Neck: Fintech project about personal finance and expense tracking.

How long does the internship last?

The internship for Manual Quality Assurance (MQA) training graduates lasts for 3,5 weeks: 1,5 weeks on the Careerist-based project (internal internship) and 2 weeks on the external tech-company basis. The internship for future Automation QA specialists also lasts for three weeks. Overall, the duration is the same for all the niches.

Please note that we have 2 stages of internship. First is the internal internship stage. The main criteria for enrollment include 80 percent training progress, passed home tasks, and final quiz completion.

The main idea of an internal internship is to prepare students for work on the project within a two-week time frame. An external company will provide the internship, and the focus will be less on studying and more on practice. The internship stage will then be available to those who successfully complete all the internal internship tasks.


Is an internship guaranteed by Careerist for all training?

The internship is not guaranteed in the legal agreement for any Careerist training. It’s an optional service for those who show excellent results throughout the training. It is guaranteed for every graduate who meets all the internship requirements for Manual QA, Automation QA, or Tech Sales. 

Can any graduate join the internship program?

 If a student meets the project requirements by graduation, they’re free to join. However, Careerist reserves the right to decline any student’s application for participation. This will be done only if the student doesn’t have enough basic knowledge. In this case, there’s always a chance to learn and try again. 

What exactly qualifies or disqualifies a student from doing the internship?

 For Manual QA students, there are three requirements:

  • More than 80% training progress
  • Passed home tasks
  • Completion of the final quiz

For Automation QA, successful completion of home assignments is the primary criterion. Things that might disqualify Tech Sales graduates are disrespectful behavior in the team and an inability to complete the assigned tasks (which usually allow several attempts). Please remember that Careerist is always looking to offer second chances and strives to support and motivate those who are truly interested.

Will I get any certificate, diploma, score, or anything else that might benefit me while searching for a first job?

We do not provide any official record of internship participation or completion. But if the hiring company asks for a reference, our manager will confirm the student’s participation in the project internship.

Is it a comprehensive internship? Will I, as a graduate, be able to handle the tasks?

Manual QA graduates participate in a work environment that’s as close as possible to what they’ll experience in the real world. The difference is the level of support they’ll get from the team lead during the internship. The tasks are adapted for graduates and newbies to the industry at internal internship while on an external internship we work with tasks we get from our partners; no one wants to disqualify you. Careerist also helps with instructions and feedback while sticking to the partner’s requirements.

Automation QA gets a set of tasks for writing automated test cases. Once checked, feedback is given.

Is the internship paid?

The internship is unpaid.

Is there any chance of being offered a job after the internship?

The basic internship doesn’t provide this opportunity. Careerist doesn’t have an agreement with our partners on that point. Again, the partners are companies that do not seek employees but simply want their products to be tested.


There are no two students with identical backgrounds and life experiences. Careerist helps all kinds of people start their career in tech with efficient training and the support of professionals. The internship is a sort of retrospective of your recent studies that will benefit you by boosting your confidence with real hands-on experience on real projects. Don’t miss the chance to join!

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