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How and Why You Should Recruit From Bootcamps

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Dec 23, 2022
How and Why You Should Recruit From Bootcamps

The objective of a bootcamp is to help the candidate learn about a type of job and employers learn more about potential candidates. Bootcamps can be designed for specialists of any kind, from sales or customer service to software engineers. But coding bootcamps are perhaps most in demand right now. 

What Makes Coding Bootcamps So Desirable?

Bootcamp programs prepare students for the workforce, so they focus on developing the knowledge and abilities that employers seek. That way, everybody wins. Businesses benefit from the availability of skilled candidates who dedicate months to learning to code. And job seekers, upon completing the bootcamp program, are well on their way to landing their dream job.

Why Hire Bootcamp Graduates? Diverse Experience

Coding bootcamps are designed for people looking to transition into tech jobs. Whether they are recent grads entering the tech sector for the first time, or seasoned professionals from another field looking to make a career change, they will definitely have something to bring to the table.

Hands-on Experience

Many computer science degree programs struggle to keep pace with the rapidly changing tech industry, focusing more on theoretical knowledge than practical skills. As a result, students often graduate with little or no idea of how to put their skills to work.

Bootcamps, in contrast, are designed to equip students with the hands-on expertise they will need to succeed in the context of real projects. This way, when bootcamp students graduate, they will have both mastered the necessary skills and have a portfolio to present their expertise.

Focus on Improvement

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp is a full-time commitment. Students need to put in a lot of effort to succeed in learning and practicing challenging technical concepts, either individually or as part of a team. That is why coding bootcamps might be your best bet for finding a strong developer to add to your team.

High Motivation

People go to coding bootcamps with one goal in mind—to get the job they want. Employing a bootcamp alum means bringing on a hard worker with a strong desire to showcase their newly-acquired skills and excel in their new role. And most importantly for you as an employer, even if they lack some of the skills you require, they will quickly catch up.

How to Find the Right Fit 

Are you interested in recruiting a bootcamp graduate? Here are a few useful tips to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Research Bootcamps

Not all coding bootcamps are created equal, so we recommend starting with a little research. Find out which bootcamps offer courses in the skills your company needs most, and check how successful their alums have been in the professional world.

Design a Thorough Interview Process

To find the best candidate, we recommend creating an interview template that comprehensively assesses all the candidates’ abilities. Do not limit your interview to job-related questions and test tasks only. Instead, look at a candidate’s level of curiosity, motivation, determination, and what they can contribute to the team. 

Look for Personal Projects

Since bootcamps focus mainly on hands-on training, graduates typically leave with a few projects in their portfolios. 

However, looking for bootcamp graduates who have a portfolio of GitHub projects they have worked on outside of the program is even more valuable. These portfolios show the candidates already had a passion for coding and enrolled in a bootcamp to get more structure and sharpen their skills. This level of interest is an excellent sign in a potential employee.

Invest in Onboarding and Training

If you are hiring someone fresh out of a bootcamp, do not expect them to be self-directed and understand complex coding concepts right off the bat. The majority of bootcamp alums have never worked in real-world programming before, so you must create an effective onboarding process and a welcoming support system.

Summing It Up

With a focus on helping people who are passionate about coding, bootcamps are a great source of talent. If the hiring process is done right, your company has the best chance to land a top-notch candidate.

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