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Five Reasons to Hire a Candidate with No Experience

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Sep 27, 2022
Five Reasons to Hire a Candidate with No Experience

When looking through numerous resumes, more often than not employers overlook candidates with little-to-no experience, opting instead for those with a history in the field. But in reality, experience doesn’t always equal performance. And today we will prove your traditional recruiting practices wrong and give you five reasons why hiring applicants without prior industry expertise may ultimately result in a higher-quality hire.

1. Soft skills are often more important than hard skills.

Almost all recruiters have probably had this experience—you hire a candidate who ticks off every box on your job description. After they land the job, however, you realize something is off.

The problem is it’s much easier to teach an employee hard skills, such as using software or presenting your products in the way your company does it, than soft skills that are not quite as straightforward, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, or work ethic. That’s why when you exclude candidates only because they don’t meet the experience requirements, the chances are good you are overlooking your perfect fit.

2. They can bring a fresh look and innovation.

Outside-the-box thinking is what makes businesses unique and brings innovation. And every so often the best ideas come from outside the field. It’s true that industry professionals with decades of experience might still come up with innovative ideas. But because they have seen and done it all many times before, their creativity is oftentimes run of the mill.

Someone without any experience, on the contrary, might be able to see your challenges from a very different perspective and discover new opportunities. And believe us, the results can be truly staggering.

3. They can be more adaptable. 

With so much unpredictability in the market, quickly adapting to changes is becoming crucial for companies. The same applies to employees, who should be able to deal with change and realign their attention based on the business’s demands.

Reshaping someone's way of thinking can be pretty challenging. But if you choose to hire those who haven't yet built their own habits and routines, it can be easier for them to adjust to changes and your preferred work style.

4. They can be more passionate. 

Unfortunately, the more we get used to the same routine, the less enthusiasm we have. That being the case, more-experienced employees will most likely be doing the job in the same predictable manner as always.

New employees with no experience, however, usually prove to be more curious, passionate, and eager to grow. Taking a chance on someone new and training them can make your company unique—especially if you're looking for someone who can rethink and improve how you do business.

5. They can bring more diversity. 

A diverse workplace results in higher revenue growth and higher employee retention. The more diverse your team is, the more motivation and advancement you will find. Having diverse employee backgrounds usually boosts motivation and facilitates the exchange of ideas, resulting in unconventional business approaches.

Still having second thoughts on hiring a candidate with no experience?

Sure, you can follow the beaten path and hire someone who has worked in a similar position before. But be aware you might also be carrying your competitors’ baggage. So why not do something different? Chances are you will find someone who is driven by passion and will happily dive in and learn. Think about it the next time you’re sifting through resumes for your next available position...

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