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Discover Menachem's Journey to Success: Insights from Our Manual QA Training

Success Story
May 13, 2023
Discover Menachem's Journey to Success: Insights from Our Manual QA Training

Menachem Ernest Amos is a former teacher who is about to enter the tech world. In this interview, he talks about his Careerist training from a teacher's perspective, including his highlights and reasons for choosing the Manual Quality Assurance training program.

Why did you start searching for career-shifting opportunities? 

Actually, I didn't. My sister was looking into it for her son, and I saw some of what she found. I took a look at it, and I said, "Hey, this looks cool. I could handle this." My sister found a number of options, and Careerist looked like the best one.

Did you intend to build your career in tech before you saw Careerist?

Not really, because I thought it was unreachable. I thought I would need to go back to college and get a computer science degree. I didn't realize that a different path could get me there. 

And why did you think that Careerist was what you needed?

I liked the nature of the training and the option to get job-search help. Some online training is free, and you only pay once you get a job. But I worry about things like that. They're not good or have some hidden fee to hit you with. But Careerist is straightforward—you pay upfront. I liked that. I checked it out on the internet, and it seemed good. I didn't know much about anything at the time, but it was a good choice, and I stand by it. Careerist was one of the more economical options as well.

Why did you decide on the Manual QA training?

It seemed interesting; it seemed cool. I'm like a quasi-expert end user. I'm good with computers—I know about hardware and software. I know a little bit about programming from DOS days, but I'm not really a programmer. I'm curious, though, and I like to learn new things. I get bored easily, but if I can learn through my work, I'm happy. I used to be a teacher, and I liked it because I was always learning. I want to learn automation next. 

What other courses or training did you consider besides Careerist? 

I looked at programs for automation and coding. I don't remember the names, but I was most interested in Careerist. I'm still skeptical about free tuition opportunities because nothing is free.

Considering other paid options, why did you decide to study at Careerist?

It just seemed better. The more hands-on approach appealed to me. You guys get down in the trenches and get your hands dirty working with people. I also liked that there were so many instructors. We almost had a different one for every class. We had the same instructor for two or three weeks at most, so we always had new perspectives and something new to learn. The internship was also really good; it was one of the best parts of the program. 

Looking back, could you share some moments from your studies that you found exciting or valuable? 

Bugs and writing test cases! I really like finding the bugs and trying to describe them. I would also notice things that needed to be corrected on websites. Since I taught English, I can spot grammar issues quickly. That was easier for me than other things. Anybody can find deadlinks; you know when you hit them. But I liked to try crazy things on websites to test them, and I found a lot of bugs on big-name websites. You'd be shocked if you started testing websites like that—some of them are really broken. 

What were the top three reasons you enrolled in Careerist training? 

One was the cost. I was offered a discount at the beginning, so that was nice. Then the class structure and the fact that there were classes—something for me to see and join. From a teacher's perspective, you have a great structure. I don't mind online learning, but the community and timeframe made it even easier. The third thing I liked was the JAS (Job Application Service), and I also got a discount on that.

Can you share what was valuable for you at each stage of your learning process? 

Overall, the hands-on approach. As I said, you guys get into the trenches and work it. The internship was cool because it gave us real-life practice instead of just going off of the examples in class. It was an opportunity to do something that might have had a real-world impact, and I could see how to apply what I was learning. I really liked the job-finding approach; that focus is really helpful. And the feedback you get from the instructors during the classes is great. 

Sometimes it was hard to coordinate times with all the people in different time zones. I had people in my class from all over the United States. Because I'm on the West Coast, I'm on the tail end of everything. Sometimes it would be the next day for someone before I replied, depending on their timezone. But that's just the reality of today's world. Everybody is all over the place, but we can still communicate.

There was a sense of camaraderie—you got to know people. And there was so much support and encouragement from people in the class.  

Was the studying process steady for you?

Yeah. As a former teacher, I'm not afraid of studying. I'm not afraid to learn. One of the things that attracted me to Careerist is that it offers a pretty extensive but straightforward support system. You get help with interviews. You get help with the resume. And you get help with whatever else you need. The support is there for you. 

Okay. When you were studying, what motivated you to continue? 

I need a job! I have to take care of things, you know. And I want to be successful. I also paid upfront, so I already made the investment. Even though it was economical compared to some of the other schools, I didn't want to waste that money.  

Are you using the new skills that you acquired during training? 

I find myself looking for bugs more than I did before. I wasn't really paying attention before the training, but now I'm more conscious of how web pages look.

Is there anything you would add to improve this training? 

More internship opportunities would be good since the internship was so helpful. It really reinforces what you learn. Another thing is the communication process with people in different time zones. People are just in different parts of the world; I'm not sure how you would change or improve that. 

Have you described this training to family or friends? What did you say?

I said it's pretty cool. Careerist helps you get a job, but you have to put in the work. The training gives you the tools you need. And I like that the JAS will apply for you—the program meets you if you do the work. The classes are collaborative, and the homework is useful, but the internship is really the highlight. 

And how do you visualize your career in tech two years from now? 

Hopefully, I'll be working with automation by that time. I don't think that's unreasonable. I would also like to be a lead or a manager by that time. My next step will be to learn automation.

Thank you so much for this conversation! It was a real pleasure talking to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and motivations. We hope your experience will inspire other people to sign up for our training! 

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