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Careerist will replace JobEasy on February 1st, 2021.

Team Life
Jan 28, 2021

Why have we decided to rebrand? Because we’ve realized that we are more than just a school for QA testers, and we want to expand and share our knowledge with you all!

For almost two years we’ve been helping people gain knowledge about testing, to gain self-confidence, to work on their strengths, and to develop their skill set so that they can get a job they love. 

We have graduates working in 22 US states, and the number of people who come and tell us about how happy they are in their jobs is amazing. It’s really great to hear about our graduates who are growing in their IT professions everyday! 

And we want to grow and develop too.

For a long time we’ve known that we are more than just a school where you can learn about QA testing. And we know that we are real career navigators for those who have decided to enter the IT field. Which means that it’s time for us to expand and move forward.

JobEasy will be replaced by Careerist on February 1st, 2021.

What is Careerist? Careerist is a career accelerator that is going to help individuals get high-paying jobs, regardless of their financial situation and professional experience.

The Story Behind JobEasy 

JobEasy was a school that taught individuals about QA testing in a short period of time. Anyone from any background could go to the JobEasy school, and with their JobEasy education behind them most individuals went on to become professional testers. 

When we started out we were the pioneers of an educational revolution because we offered a completely different approach to learning. We would only concentrate on the necessary theory, we would have plenty of practical tasks on our courses, we would help students to prepare for employment, and we would coach and motivate our students throughout and after they’d completed their course. 

All we wanted was for our students to reach their dream job, to be able to grow in their career, to feel fulfilled in their IT job, and for them to be financially secure.  

We created a “dream school”, which we ourselves would’ve liked to have attended when we were starting out in the big IT world. 

After two years of teaching we’ve seen the demand for what we teach grow and grow, year on year. And the feedback and success stories we have received from our graduates has inspired us to grow and develop ourselves. 

We’ve expanded our teaching areas, and changed our approach to work - which means it's time to change externally, hence the rebranding. 

Rebranding to Careerist is a great opportunity for us to tell the world that “we have grown and become more serious”.

What will change?

  1. We will have more courses available. You’ll now be able to become a DevOps-specialist, a Python developer, and a specialist in technical sales (a new course on tech sales has already been launched) with us.
  2. We understand how important Soft Skills are for your career, so we will help you to improve these skills. You’ll learn how to communicate, plan, and manage your time better, for example.
  3. We will focus on extensive training so you can become a specialist in a certain profession - we want you to choose Careerist as your long-term learning partner, so we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you learn exactly what you need for the job you want to get.

What’s not changing?

  1. We will continue to apply our best practices – our career coaches will guide you throughout the course, through the interview process, and beyond, so you get your dream job.
  2. We will continue to place your resume on job boards, so that recruiters can see your resume and call you.
  3. We will offer several payment options – including the one which is loved by so many - the Income Share Agreement (ISA – learn now and pay when you get a job).

Did you know?

The new name Careerist is based on the word “care”. We want you to know that we care about you and your education, and we will continue to care about your success once your course is complete.

Our core values are: progress, professionalism and openness to new skills and new opportunities. 

In the Careerist logo you’ll see a ladder, and this ladder symbolizes sustainable professional growth. You’ll see this symbol on our website, and we’ll use it throughout our courses. 

Welcome to Careerist! 

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