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A Realtor’s Switch to Tech: Anne’s Success Story

Success Story
Aug 22, 2022
A Realtor’s Switch to Tech: Anne’s Success Story

Anne was a realtor from Dallas, Texas, but wanted a career change. Her goal: a higher salary, remote work, and career growth opportunities. A tech career was a natural fit. Since Anne didn’t have a tech background, she decided to pursue a career as a Manual QA. 

Breaking into the tech industry wasn’t easy—Anne completed several online courses that didn’t result in a job. “I took the wrong tech courses that weren’t suitable for me,” Anne reflects. “They lacked the support and weren’t committed to getting me a job.” 

Persistence paid off—Anne discovered Careerist, attended a public webinar, and soon enrolled in the Manual QA career training program with high hopes. 

“The support during the course and after is what sold me. And the internship. This was very important to me. And the tutors worked in the industry doing the exact same job that they were teaching about.”

Anne found the training workload manageable, so she kept engaged with the live classes and homework assignments. “I have no tech background, yet it was super easy to follow.” 

Once Anne completed the first phase of the program, she opted for the Job Application Service (JAS). With JAS, Anne didn’t need to worry about applying for jobs on her own. She had the Careerist team search and apply for job openings on her behalf, based on her preferences.  

“Once JAS took over the job application process, my interviews skyrocketed. I became very confident in answering the interview questions. JAS is the reason I have a job today.”

With the support of JAS, Anne’s calendar quickly filled with job interviews. She prepared for her interviews with her Career Coach, Hanna, perfecting her answers to the questions commonly asked in interviews. “It gave me confidence,” Anne said. 

Finally, Anne landed a QA position at a large advertising tech company. Her starting salary is more than $80K, and the new job offers a great work-life balance. “It’s 100% remote. Great company, great teammates, and lots of holidays!” 

We’re so inspired by Anne’s story. With persistence, focus, JAS, and a good Career Coach, you too can land your dream job.

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