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10 Best Time Management Apps to Try in 2021

Sep 11, 2021

Time is a limited resource. There are a set number of hours in a day and we cannot create more time. So, the only thing we can do is make sure that we use our time wisely. 

To achieve this goal, we need to learn how to plan all our activities and create schedules that allow us to do more. We also have to figure out a way of tracking where we spend our time and we need to find ways to control distractions. In other words, we need to master time management skills.

Luckily, there are plenty of applications that can make this task easy. It just so happens that we’ve put together a list of the top ten time management tools you should check out in 2021 - keep on reading! 


To manage your time effectively, you first need to know where your time is going. And RescueTime will give you this information. 

This application tracks everything you do on the computer: active windows, visited websites, and software used. It sort of sits in the background monitoring everything. This powerful tool analyzes your work, focus, and your meeting schedule and provides you with a detailed report on how you could spend your time more wisely. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

RescueTime will also tell you which websites or apps negatively impact your focus, and it can block them whenever you trigger a ‘Focus Session’.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is one of the most popular time tracking tools amongst small businesses and freelancers who need to know precisely how much time they’re working on each project. 

It’s really easy to use because all you need to do is press the start button to start tracking your time, and you press stop when you’re done. You can then generate a report for a chosen period of time so you can see what’s been going on. 

Toggle works with iOS, Android, macOS, and on Windows. It also has browser extensions and data can sync seamlessly across all your devices. 


Todoist is one of the best digital to-do-lists out there. The app makes it easy to create, organize, and prioritize tasks. 

It also allows you to set deadlines, delegate tasks to your family members and coworkers, as well as allowing you to set goals and visualize your progress. 

Plus, Todoist has integrations with various calendars, time tracking applications and project management tools.

Marinara Timer

Marinara Timer is built around the Pomodoro technique. 

The idea is quite simple. You set a timer for 25 minutes and you completely focus on a task for this session. Then you take a 5 minute break and repeat this process again. 

The idea initially came about because someone used a kitchen timer that was shaped like a tomato ("pomodoro" in Italian), this timer was used to measure work and rest periods. And this is where the name comes from. 

Today you don’t need a kitchen timer because there are plenty of apps you can choose from. The Marinara Timer is just one of the best. 

It’s very simple to use and there is no complicated registration process, there’s no need to make an account and it's not time-consuming to set-up. You just press the button when you want to start and you’re ready to go. 

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is another application that is based on the principles of Pomodoro. But it has a lot more features than the Marinara Timer. 

The app works on Windows, Mac, and smartphones, and all the data can be synced up to whatever device you decide to use. 

In addition, Focus Booster has a clean and simple user interface, and it’s customizable depending on your needs. 


Focus@Will combines neuroscience and music to boost your productivity. 

After you take a short quiz answering a few questions about the nature of your work and your personality, the application will create a playlist tailored to your situation. Listening to it will get you into a state of focus within 20 minutes and it will keep you there for up to 200 minutes. 

The music eventually becomes unnoticeable to you and your brain, but it helps mute any sounds that might distract you. 


Forest helps combat the habit of being constantly distracted by your smartphone. It’s a bit like a smartphone game, but unlike most games it gives you time rather than taking it away. 

So, what exactly does this app do? 

The concept is simple: you plant a virtual tree whenever you need to focus on a task. And as long as you manage to stay away from your phone for a set period of time, your tree will grow and it will be added to your forest. 

If you get distracted and use your phone, your tree will die. For every successful tree you grow you receive a virtual coin, which can be spent on planting real trees, because the Forest is a partner of Trees for the Future - a real-tree-planting organization. 


If you have a habit of snoozing your alarm ten times each morning maybe it’s time to try unconventional methods of waking up. 

The Kiwake alarm clock will help you to build a healthy morning routine. The wake-up process is divided into three steps. First, you need to prove that you left your bed by taking a picture of an object located far from where you sleep. Then you will be prompted to play a quick brain game to wake up your mind. And next, you will need to review your goals for the day to wake up your motivation. 

This clever app ensures that you start your day on time, and that you aren’t wasting time and rushing around in the morning. 


Asana is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a project management app. It’s easy to use, very versatile, and offers a free plan packed with useful features. 

With asana, you can effortlessly map out each step of your project, assign tasks to your teammates, and track the project’s progress. You can also switch between list, board, or calendar view to see the bigger picture. 

And the app has unicorns! Really. When you complete a task, one of four celebration creatures (a unicorn, yeti, narwhal, or phoenix) will sometimes fly across your screen. Who doesn’t love this idea?


Habitica is a productivity app that gamifies the process of forming new habits. 

Basically, it’s an RPG game where your character receives rewards for conquering little monsters - tasks you listed on your to-do list. This game helps users stay motivated by making progress and rewards more visible and tangible.


As you can see, there are many amazing apps out there. Of course, you don’t need all of them. Remember that the goal is to make your life easier, and not to overwhelm yourself with too many tools. Choose a couple that work best for you and start boosting your productivity today.


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