Anna Chorna

Anna led a group of seventeen career coaches at Careerist. Now she helps graduates strive toward their goals using various tools. Anna writes about career coaching, motivation, and job-search life hacks.

Anna Chorna
January 21, 2022

Once you start in IT, you may be wondering whether you will need to be able to program in the future. Many people have a fear of programming because they think writing in code is some sort of a superpower. If that describes you, here’s some good news: you do not need to recuse yourself from entering the IT field because of this fear! A programming language is simply the language that a computer speaks. So in order to communicate with it, you would need to understand what it’s saying, right?

September 27, 2021

We always need somebody by our side: a person who supports, helps, and pushes us. In everyday life we call this person a friend—but what do we call them at work or school? 

July 20, 2021
Job Market

To have a successful job search you must be prepared to put a lot of effort in, to be patient and to carry on when things don’t go as planned. However, it’s not that easy, and so many individuals give up on looking for a job in just a few short months because they find it extremely challenging.

April 20, 2021

В жизни каждого из нас бывают моменты, когда мы нуждаемся в поддержке. В большинстве случаев, конечно же, выручают члены семьи или друзья. Но когда дело касается профессиональных вопросов, у них может не оказаться необходимых знаний, чтобы помочь нам советом. И здесь пригодится участие ментора.

January 06, 2021

No matter how independent and confident we are, a time will come when we need someone by our side to guide and direct us onto the right path. While support from our friends and family is undeniably important, it isn’t always the support we are looking for.

September 23, 2020

Burnout is not actually a new word or phenomenon, as some of you might have thought. In fact, the term "burnout" was actually coined by the American psychiatrist Herbert Fredenberg way back in 1974. He used this term to describe the psychological state of a healthy person who had been in a long-term emotionally charged atmosphere.

September 21, 2020
Job Market

When you’re thinking about becoming a tester, and you’re reading about the topic, you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the concepts and terms associated with QA. There are so many terms in the QA process that don’t mean anything to you, like ‘black box’, ‘white box’, ‘unit tests’, ‘regression tests’, ‘manual’ and ‘automated’ testing, ‘BrowserStack’, and ‘Jira’...

August 20, 2020

An interview is a great opportunity for a job seeker and an employer to meet and to communicate with each other. Preparing for an interview is one of the main steps to obtaining a successful career, so it’s important to be prepared for any questions and situations that could come up during an interview.

August 16, 2020
Job Market

Not every software development company hires QA engineers. “Really” I hear you say. But without QA engineers, who monitors the quality of the product? Well, typically, this is done by the developers, and sometimes, the software is tested by other employees, and occasionally the director gets involved too.

August 13, 2020

An interview is like an adventure, and at the end of this adventure we hope to receive a reward − a desired job. But on our journey we can sometimes meet many obstacles, such as, what questions are you going to be asked by the recruiter. Some questions may be simple and straightforward, but others may be complex, and frankly, terrifying to some.

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