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16 weeks
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What is the job of a UX designer?

UX Designers create enjoyable experiences for users interacting with digital tools (like websites or apps). They conduct user research and find elegant solutions, taking into account both user goals and business objectives.

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Why choose
UX design?

Tech without code

High salaries

Remote work options

Many UX jobs available

Exciting work tasks

Work-life balance

Career growth opportunities

Great for beginners

in demand


UX Designer job openings available in the US (Glassdoor)


Most likely range for jobs with 0-1 year of experience (Glassdoor)


UX Design is ranked 13th highest in-demand profession (LinkedIn)


Applications developed every year for the past 5 years


What will
I learn?

UX research techniques

Learn about user research methods: determine when they are needed and practice conducting user interviews. Learn to write problem statements and usability surveys, and practice analyzing the data

How to prioritize

Learn to cluster and prioritize UX features. Determine which features to include in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Learn to select the best research technique based on the project’s goals

Problem definition & ideation

Use frameworks such as Design Thinking, Competitive Audit, Stakeholders Interview, JTBD, Personas, Affinity Mapping, Brainstorming, User Flow, Storyboards, and Customer Journey Mapping

Prototyping in Figma

Learn to draw low, mid and high fidelity wireframes in Figma — the leading UX software. Learn Responsive Design and the foundations of Composition, Colors, Typography and Grid


Learn and practice presenting case studies and prototypes to your classmates, instructors and stakeholders. Learn how to best showcase your resume using website builders so you can stand out

How to get hired

Learn to build the best resume and LinkedIn profile. Prepare with your mentor for answering job interview questions about Presentation, App Critique, Problem Solving, and more!

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  • 160+ hours of practice and expert feedback
  • Live + recorded lessons
  • Internship and implementation of real case studies
  • Mentorship support during job search
  • Includes access to JAS
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Financing options
  • 160+ hours of practice and expert feedback
  • Live + recorded lessons
  • Internship and implementation of real case studies
  • Mentorship support during job search
  • Includes access to JAS
  • Financing options available

Our instructors

Caesar Wirichaga

Interaction Designer at Google with years of startup experience and passion for teaching

Ksenia Ha

Product Designer at Meta whose career trajectory has also included graphic design and UI design

May Lee

Product Designer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, currently at TAILORU Collective and Design

Jonathan Boehr

Senior UX Designer and Design Researcher at Lowe's, 24 years of experience in creative services

Katsiaryna Tsiukhai

Product Design Team Lead in fintech with experience in voice, mobile, and web interfacese

Zoie Zhu

UX/UI Designer and a passionate mentor with years of experience at Silicon Valley


Immersive training

Say hello

Meet your classmates and instructors. Start your journey toward a successful career in UX design


Attend classes

Join live or watch the recordings of classes from UX industry experts. Ask questions, do homework, get feedback and work on your first case study for your UX portfolio


Start internship

Gain work experience you can show in your resume and talk about in your job interviews. Work with one of our partner companies and complete your second case study for your UX portfolio

Landing a job

Job interview prep

Practice mock job interviews 1:1 with your mentor. Increase your confidence and prepare for all types of UX related job interview questions, so you can pass your interview


Job Application Service (JAS)

Our all-in-one JAS suite collects job openings from around the web and helps you auto-apply for these positions, so you land a job faster


You’re hired!

Our graduates achieve an average starting salary of $70-100K per year within months of finishing their training

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Careerist way

Immersive training

16-week immersive online training after which you can apply for UX Design jobs!

1:1 mentorship

Never get stuck with 1:1 support and mentoring that continues even after graduation

Built-in internship

Gain confidence and real experience on your internship with our partner companies

​Job interview prep

Enhance your resume and LinkedIn, then get prepared for job-interview questions

your future resume

UX designer


  • User research and user interviews
  • Design-centered problem solving
  • User flow analysis and hypothesis development
  • Prototyping in low, mid, and high fidelity
  • UX testing, data collection, and prototype optimization
  • Developer-ready prototypes delivery


  1. Program roadmap for an Edtech platform
  2. MVP for dating app with match on interests



Internship (UX Design)

Helped build digital products for a tech company and a design agency

16 weeks
of learning

M1 Foundations

Meet your classmates in Slack 👋and Create Figma, Miro, Maze accounts; Complete UX/UI reading list; Complete and practice UX/UI prep tasks; Learn the UX/UI foundations; Review resources from Awwwards, Dribble, Medium, Behance.

M2 Research

Learn UX research techniques; Understand why user research is important in the UX design process; Describe various user research methods; Determine when user interviews are beneficial to the design process; Practice conducting user interviews and writing problem statements; Learn resources that help to conduct the research (Maze, etc.)

M3 Prioritizing

Discuss the factors that inform feature prioritization and the tensions between them; Learn methods to prioritize and cluster features; Determine which features to include in a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

M4 Define & Ideate
Define & Ideate

Learn about Design Thinking framework;Learn about different techniques of defining problems and ideating solutions: Competitive Audit, Stakeholders Interview, JTBD, Personas, Affinity Mapping, Brainstorm, “How might we…”, Prioritisation, User Flow, Storyboards, Customer Journey Mapping; Learn when to use each technique and why; Learn about Product Roadmap, the product management workflow


Learn foundations of Composition, Colors, Typography, Grid and UI-kit; Learn the foundations of Figma: organize your workflow in Figma, work with components, set auto layouts and start with animated prototyping Atomic Design; Learn mobile first, desktop version and responsive design; Learn website building platform for showcasing your portfolio

M6 Prototype, test, prototype
Prototype, test, prototype

Explain the purpose of ideation and sketching in the UX process; Learn peer-to-peer critique Testing with users; Learn to draw low-mid-hi fidelity wireframes (mobile first); Understand the value of rapidly creating user flows

Job Application Service

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1:1 Interview

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LinkedIn + Resume Optimization

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