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Dina found a job in a big company in New York, where she earns a whopping salary of $90K a year


Katy, who found a QA job just two weeks after completing the QA program with Careerist


Alina completed the Manual QA program and received an offer from one of the largest companies in Silicon Valley

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Abdul-Gafar Bello

I'll always recommend this program, it literally helped me get into the tech bubble. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, the materials are detailed and self-explanatory. The experience I got during the internship afterward was beneficial.

Donna Velenchik

I’m a former educator transitioning to tech. Careerist has been an excellent boot-camp experience for me. My neighbor told me about this company and got a high-paying job ($102k) after doing a course, so I knew it was legitimate!

William Martinez

The instructors are great, patient and full of the appropriate knowledge to help you learn efficiently. I had a great experience learning, taking quizzes, reviewing, and working with many different software.

They provide continued support and are always helpful with questions from class. If I got stuck I could learn from a tutor!

This QA training was really useful and informative. It gave me a clear overview of the QA role as an entryway to the tech industry. Also, Careerist specialists helped me set up my resume, apply for jobs, and how to ace the interview!

What a great experience: wonderful interesting classes that kept me interested. I learned so much and am so excited to start my career in QA.

This is a really great training to take! I love that I quickly gained knowledge and understanding of various technologies, I really think tech is the future. All in all great training content by the instructors!

I feel like I've learned a lot of useful information and am ready to start putting myself out there to land my dream job!

I'm glad to say I'm finally a tester! Couldn't be happier:)

The Automation training has been very descriptive and we are given lots of examples. I really feel like i'm learning a lot.

Took the DevOps training. The training is great for technical people trying to take their career to the next level. I really enjoyed the teachers, friendly helpful and challenging! Great mentoring I recommend.

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