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Who is a Sales Engineer?

Sales Engineers support companies by successfully turning customers’ pain points & expectations to proposed solutions. They play a key role in tech companies as they gather extensive knowledge about the product and share it with prospects and customers.

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Tech sales?​​

Tech salary, no coding
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Earn a high base salary plus bonuses! Graduate and apply to high-paying positions such as Tech Sales Rep, Sales Engineer, Software Sales Representative, Business Development Representative, Sales Development Representative, and more!


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Our graduates achieve an average starting salary of $75-100K per year within months of finishing the program


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9 weeks
of learning



Intro to Sales Engineering

Intro to Sales Engineering

L1. Intro to Sales Engineering

L2. Tech Industry Mindset

L3. Sales cycle and roles

L4. Chalk talk

L5. Effective Sales Presentations and Proposals


Sales topics

Sales topics

L6. Product demo

L7. Prospecting

L8. Needs Assessment

L9. Chalk talk

L10. Customer Negotiation


Sales topics

Sales topics

L11. Overcoming Objections

L12. Product demo workshop

L13. Communication, meetings and events

L14. Chalk talk

L15. Customer records and CRM


Tech topics

Tech topics

L16. IT & Computing basics

L17. Software Development Concepts

L18. Software Design Concepts

L19. Chalk talk

L20. Data & AI


Tech topics

Tech topics

L21. Network and Security Foundations

L22. The Evolution of Cybersecurity

L23. Cloud computing

L24. Chalk talk

L25. Tech Topic recap


Career topics

Career topics

L26. Personal Branding and LinkedIn profile

L27. Job Search Strategy

L28. Mastering Interviews

L29. Chalk talk

L30. Graduation

Internship Simulator


Discovery and research

Discovery and research

L31. Internship simulator onboarding session

L32. Discovery session 1 : how to research the client

L33. Discovery session 2: practicing on cases

L34. Popular CRMs in Tech: Salesforce and Hubspot


Diving into product

Diving into product

L35. How to build a demo for Salesforce CRM

L36. How to build a demo for HubSpot CRM

L37. Objection Handling practice

L38. Choose your CRM + client and prep your demo


Presenting your own demo

Presenting your own demo

L39. Q&A session for preparing your final demo

L40. Final demo assessment 1 cohort

L41. Final demo assessment 2 cohort

L42. Final demo assessment 3 cohort

L43. Graduation

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When choosing to study at Careerist, we choose an opportunity already in the process of learning to work out in practice all the basic skills

Hands-On Experience

Take part in team meetings, identify customer pain points and discover solutions

Create Own Demo

Present your demo to a panel of instructors and sharpen your sales skills

Expert Feedback

Get constructive feedback from your Internship Lead 
 to improve your performance

Practice the Tools

Employ the daily tools used 
 by Sales Engineers like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Jira

Careerist graduates
have been hired by:

*Our clients have found employment after taking Careerist´s training at the companies listed above. These companies do not in any way endorse, sponsor, approve, support our training and are not in any way affiliated with

Our graduates

Demontay Goolsby

Demontay Goolsby

Earlier this week I did complete my resume and completed the overhaul of my LinkedIn account. We (my coaches and I) were working on the About Me section, and I noticed a huge change in views on my LinkedIn page after making all those adjustments in a matter of three days. So with the proper adjustments, I can honestly say it makes a difference. My coach made some suggestions to use specific terms to make sure that my page pops out, and that’s been very helpful.

Clarence Smith

Clarence Smith

I went through the course and I learned a lot. And this is the biggest thing I’ve learned--I didn’t really have too much experience in sales or tech at the time, but I learned that in interviews and things like that it doesn’t really matter. You do need to understand it (i.e., the requirements of the job and the tech field in general), but it’s more about how you story-tell. The biggest thing is painting the picture for people and just being able to have a good conversation with whoever is interviewing you.

Andrew Manembu

Andrew Manembu

My background has been sales my whole life until COVID happened, so I decided to become a behavioral analyst, which was a very stressful job. I work for Verizon now, and I’ve always been intrigued by tech. I saw Careerist, I did my research, and I also knew a person who had gone through the program, and I was really excited to be a part of it and just jump in.

Careerist is a great bootcamp for anyone looking to get into the tech space. The value you get is worth the money. The curriculum is very simple but will absolutely get anyone from zero to interview ready in no time.

I’m so glad I made the decision to take the Sales Engineering Boot Camp at Careerist! The instructors are thorough, skilled, and friendly! I trust that this course will continue to give me all the tools I need to be a successful Sales Engineer!

Never thought I could get such good knowledge in weeks. Very informative course and easy-to-follow. Definitely feel ready to attack my role as a Sales Engineer for a pristine company. Recommended 10/10

The sales engineer training was amazing from the instructors to the coaches and all of the course materials. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends and family looking to transition into tech. Or level up there skill set.

What skills
will i learn?

Soft skills

  1. Objection handling
  2. Networking
  3. Troubleshooting
  4. Discovery & qualification
  5. Persuasion techniques
  6. Negotiations
  7. Public speaking

Hard skills

  1. AWS cloud computing
  2. Demo presentations
  3. IT Security
  4. CRM - SalesForce, HubSpot
  5. Product research
  6. Proposal writing
  7. Analytical thinking

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  • Complete all training modules on time
  • Submit all projects and assignments by the deadline
  • Follow our Job Search instructions

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future career

Sales Engineer
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9 weeks of learning

Practice new skills with hands-on assignments, homework and quizzes

1:1 Career Coaching

Practice mock job interviews with your personal Career Coach, improve your resume and LinkedIn profile

Internship simulator

Gain resume-worthy hands-on project experience.

Live lessons with Experts

Join live or watch the recordings of classes with experts from Lumen and Dell

Job Search Tools

Land a job 5X faster with AI-assisted job search tools

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