Qualified QA testers for business

High-quality testing of your website and application at a fraction of the cost

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How does it work?

We select our most talented and motivated students through testing and scoring and send them out to intern at tech companies to gain experience and hone their skills in a business environment. The professionals we offer have the training and tools that allow them to effectively perform tasks for the development of your business.

Guarantee visual

We offer part-time
QA assistance

base $ 2,000
  • 5 part-time Manual QA engineers + 1 QA Lead
  • Daily reports and documentation
  • Test plans, checklists
  • Testing process from scratch
  • Wide range of tools
  • All type of testing
plus $ 2,800
  • 4 part-time Manual QA + 1 QA Automation + 1 QA Lead
  • Daily reports and documentation
  • Test plans, checklists
  • All Manual QA Services
  • Automated test cases and reports
max $ 3,500
  • 3 part-time Manual QA + 3 QA Automation + 1 QA Lead
  • Daily reports and documentation
  • Test plans, checklists
  • All Manual QA Services
  • Automated test cases and reports
  • Creation of full manual and automatic test coverage

Feedback from
our partners

Alex Radnaev

Blown away by the quality of the QA, professionalism of the students and QA leads. Very thorough testing coverage and bug reporting in JIRA. Particularly what pleasantly surprised me is that some QAs in addition to finding bugs were also helping to fix them with Pull Requests on GitHub. Highly recommend Careerist for both inspiring QA engineers and companies who need good cost-efficient QA while helping people to pivot into the career.

Job title:
Cofounder & CEO

Monir Mamoun

The Careerist team has been helping us implement and execute a comprehensive test suite for our software products. They are dedicated and disciplined and have provided invaluable feedback. They have dramatically accelerated our efforts to build, document, and execute our test programs. In addition to basic bug reporting in Jira and other tools, their insights into app usability and creative app-functionality suggestions have resulted in tangible improvements to our user interface and feature set.

Job title:
VP of Engineering

Yulia Zabaznova

Students from Careerist have helped my department by testing our products. This is an opportunity for them to try their hand at a real project and with a real product. For our company, it is a big plus to get new experience in working with students. And we also get a new perspective on our products. The students notice functionality that doesn't work where we didn't notice it before. Thanks for working together!

Netpeak Software
Job title:
QA Team Lead

Our graduates work for*

*Our clients have found employment after taking Careerist´s trainings at the companies listed above. These companies do not in any way endorse, sponsor, approve, support our trainings and are not in any way affiliated with Careerist.com.
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Who leads the testing team?

Have no worries as the testing team is led by a Careerist QA Lead – a QA expert who’s immersed in and oversees the internship, heading communication between all relevant parties.

How much time can your team devote to testing?

Our team is ready to provide up to 4 hours (potentially more) to work with your product.

What happens if a tester decides to leave the team?

Maintaining the size and format of the team is entirely the responsibility of the QA Lead. In the rare instance someone leaves, the lead will add a new tester and onboard them within 24 hours.

What tools does your testing team use?

Our team is proficient in and can use all task and bug management tools: Google Sheets, Jira, Testrail, etc.

What is the experience of your team?

Each testing team member has at least 3+ months of immersive training and 1+ month of hands-on work with real products. We take pride in our work – customers have always given positive feedback for our testing team.