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Launch your advanced career in just a fraction of the cost and time it takes to earn a degree. Learn Manual QA and master testing websites and apps, create test cases and write bug reports. Build your in-demand skills with QA Automation, use the popular language Python for testing, and become a highly-paid QA Engineer.

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Manual and

Manual QA Engineering

  • Entry-level job
  • Easy and straightforward
  • Human testing (no coding)
  • Earn $69K–$105K/ year

Automation QA Engineering

  • More employment opportunities for beginners to land high-paying jobs with automation skills
  • Scalable and efficient testing
  • Use powerful, in-demand technology (Python)
  • Earn $110–$170k/ year

Program Roadmap

Manual QA Training
Join live expert-led classes or watch recordings. Practice and get valuable feedback
Manual QA Internship
Build real-world experience for your resume and LinkedIn. Practice and gain confidence
1:1 Career Coaching
Improve your resume and prepare for job interviews
Choose your path
Improve your resume and prepare for job interviews
Python Training
Learn the popular language and become competitive candidate on the job market
QA Automation training
Learn how to set up test automations. Get support from Tech Mentors to keep on track
QA Automation Internship
Sharpen your Automation workflow on real cases. Integrate your hard skills
1:1 Career Coaching
Adjust your job search strategy, including upgraded skill set
Bonus: SQL Course
Improve your hiring potential learning the most popular database language
You are hired!
You're now an advanced Software Tester with a complete set of the most in-demand skills

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MQA Foundations of QA
Foundations of QA

– Main testing types and why manual testing is important.
– Understanding software errors and how to prioritize and report bugs.

– Phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) and software development methodologies.

MQA Test Case Creation
Test Case Creation

– Types of documentation and how to write test cases.
– Utilizing Chrome DevTools and Jira for web testing.
– Exploratory testing and creating bug reports.

MQA Advanced Testing Techniques
Advanced Testing Techniques

– Introduction to databases and writing basic SQL queries.
– Learning about QA Test Automation and Selenium.
– Server Communications and Test Environments.
– Job application funnel, salary negotiation tactics, resume and LinkedIn optimization, and common interview Q&As.

QAA Python Fundamentals
Python Fundamentals

– Understanding Python syntax, data types, control flow, functions, and file handling.
– Gaining hands-on experience with Python programming.

QAA Introduction to QA Automation
Introduction to QA Automation

– Setting up the necessary environment for the course using Python, Selenium, and Behave.
– Learning about locators, the most common WebDriver commands, and creating your first test case.
– Introduction to Git, a version control system widely used in software development.

QAA Web Testing Fundamentals
Web Testing Fundamentals

– Learning about CSS selectors, creating and executing test cases, and behavior-driven development using Behave.

– Covering HTML and CSS basics, including the structure of HTML documents, adding links, images, and media, as well as applying styles using CSS selectors.

QAA Advanced Web Testing Topics
Advanced Web Testing Topics

– Delving into advanced web testing topics such as WebDriver waits, expected conditions, window handling, and page object pattern.
– Introduction to algorithms with lessons on algorithmic problem-solving techniques and string manipulation.

QAA Best Practices in Test Automation
Best Practices in Test Automation

– Exploring advanced topics such as handling actions, dropdowns, and frames, performing multi-browser testing, implementing logging, and utilizing tools like BrowserStack and Allure for reporting.
– Lessons on list algorithms, covering various operations and manipulations with lists.
– Learning about mobile automation using Appium for testing Android applications.


SQL Basics course covers essential statements, aggregate functions, sorting, grouping, JOIN, primary and foreign keys, and creating virtual tables. Gain practical skills and become more efficient in tasks. Add SQL to your resume and boost your hiring potential.

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Our instructors

Lana Levinsohn

Sr. Software Developer in Test with 10+ years of silicon valley experience in companies like Reddit

Vitaly Erokhin

QA Automation Engineer with 12+ years of experience at variety of tech companies worldwide

Patrick Siebenthal

QA Engineer with 6+ years of experience at Facebook (Meta), Google and Intel

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Because Careerist is fully committed to your success, we now offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t land a job in tech within 1 year of graduation. Read the complete terms and conditions here.

Refund eligibility requirements include but not limited to:

  • Complete all the modules within the deadlines
  • Complete all the projects and assigments
  • Follow each step and instruction given by Job Application Service

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Yuli M.

A wonderful course for learning not only theoretical information but also important practical skills. This course gives a broad understanding of Testing, but you have an internship, too. And they also teach you how to sell yourself, job hunt, and get a job! I’m really impressed! I can’t believe I finally got a job in tech--really impressed!

Omari A.

Careerist provided fantastic service. I’m currently working full time and am further progressing in my tech career. I highly recommend the course and the company. The customer service and team always worked very closely with me. Thank you!

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Practice new skills with hands-on assignments, homework and quizzes

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