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Our training makes QA Automation approachable for all (Manual QA background required). Learn UI testing with Selenium and Behave (Page Object Pattern). Master Automation, learn the popular language Python, and become an in-demand QA Engineer.


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11-week intensive online training after which you can start looking for a mid-level QA Automation job.

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Never get stuck with 1:1 support and mentoring, even after the program is over. Our career mentors are here to help you.

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Build your confidence and experience with 2-4 weeks of internship with our partner companies.

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We enhance your resume and prepare you for job-interview questions. We even apply for jobs on your behalf.

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Mike L.

There aren't many courses that offer such good study and interview prep. I'm impressed by how the team goes above and beyond to help students reach their goals. The teaching style was engaging, informative, and practical. I highly recommend these courses to anyone interested in expanding their professional training.

Johana K.

I totally recommend Careerist for anyone who wants to have an awesome IT career. Instructors are knowledgeable and classes are enjoyable. I’m glad to say I’m finally working in tech, and I couldn’t be happier!

Olan S.

After enjoying a successful 15-year career in customer service and sales, I decided to pursue my interest in testing and enroll in Careerist. It was the best decision ever! They helped me get a jump start in the tech industry with a comprehensive curriculum and expert guidance on landing a job. Awesome!

Arohi G.

This is a perfectly organized online course suitable for students of all backgrounds. Instructors and mentors are always generous with their time and expertise. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Laura N.

I have a background in Civil Engineering and knew very little about the world of IT. This program demands a big effort, but the rewards are huge. The course has made all of us very employable in the world of IT, based on the number of students who've received job offers in the few months after completing the course.

David V.

I’ve taken literally hundreds of online courses, albeit in a totally different domain, and I’ve developed quite a few online training courses I plan to roll out in the future. I can only say that Careerist courses are by far the best ones I have ever taken, both content-wise and IT operation-wise.

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Lana Levinsohn
Lana Levinsohn

Sr. Software Developer in Testing, 8+ years of QA, teacher and mentor

Vitaly Erokhin
Vitaly Erokhin

QA Automation Engineer with 7+ years of experience in IT at various Silicon Valley companies

11 weeks
of learning

Lesson 1-2
Automation QA Foundations

Environment setup, GitHub, and common webdriver commands and locators.

Lesson 3-4
Behave and algorithms fundamentals

Behave fundamentals, errors and debugging, and introduction to algorithms.

Lesson 5-11
Practice writing test cases, number and string algorithms

Automation: Control flow, assertions, loops in test automation, WebDriver waits, expected Conditions library, window handlingAlgorithms: Sum of digits, Fibonacci, String cleaning, Isogram, etc.

Lesson 12
Preparation for the Job Market

Resume prep and Selenium interview questions.

Lesson 13-19
Advanced skills of Automation QA, lists and sorting algorithms

Automation: Page Object Pattern, Actions, Frames, Alerts, Dropdowns, launch tests in different browsers, EventFiringWebDriver, logging, Allure, and BrowserStack and CI.Algorithms: Fractal tree, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Binary search, etc.

Lesson 20
Final Lesson


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