You will master the profession in the field of Tech Sales from scratch and get a high-paying job

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8 weeks
4 weeks of studying + 4 weeks of internship
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May 23rd
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No prior IT or sales experience required

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Tech sales?

Tech salary,
no coding

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Remote work


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sales for?

Start your career in sales and open the door to management and product roles

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Complete the program and apply for jobs like Software Sales Representative, Business Development Representative, Sales Development Representative, and more!


intensive training

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Meet your career advisor and choose a financing option. Start your journey toward a successful career in Tech Sales!


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Meet with your instructors 5 days a week. You’ll be matched with a 1:1 mentor and have homework and practice over 4 weeks


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Gain real work experience you can feature in your resume and talk about in your job interviews. Our internship is integrated into the program



Finish the training program with the technical skills needed to start your career in Tech Sales


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We’ll enhance your resume and LinkedIn, apply for jobs on your behalf and prepare you for interview questions


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Our graduates achieve an average starting salary of $70-100K per year within months of finishing the program


Intensive training

20+ LIVE, expert-led immersive training sessions. 4 weeks of interactive training

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Reflect on your learnings and strategize together with the Careerist community

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Stress checking of interviews and practice with our partners to gain confidence

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Receive 1:1 mentroship, tutoring and support via video, e-mail, phone, or live chat

Our Guarantee

Our track record means that we now guarantee that you will find a job within the Tech Sales field within 1 year of starting this course. If not, you’d receive 100% of your payments back! *

*The money-back guarantee applies to students who complete 100% of prescribed assignments & classes.

Careerists made it work


Daniel Nguyen


I was previously in the tech field, but I decided to try something new and went into the insurance industry. I did not want to continue down that path and decided to go back into tech. This training was something I found while looking for another job, and it caught my eye. I did have some tech background, but the program was easy enough to follow without it. The instructors and mentors are so welcoming and helpful. It was such a great experience. My mentor helped me with everything I needed to succeed in finding a job. I was more confident and less nervous with all the prep. I applied to jobs for about six weeks, and I had about eighteen interviews. Now I work fully remote, as I am in Utah and the company is based in California. It is great to be back in the tech field, and working here makes me feel like I will be around for the long term.

Gilbert Baidya


I just accepted a role as a Sales Engineer in New York City for $120K! Thank you to the Careerist team as well as everyone who took this program with me! It literally changed my life!

Emmanuel Fadojutimi


I just received my offer letter from Hubspot this evening. I want to give a big shout out to the entire Careerist SE team. Amichai, you'll be pleased to know I didn't whimper, and I got that salary I was looking for (ha ha). Charles Sammons and Nigel Chimwaza, thank you guys for being like my older brothers through this entire process. It has been quite the emotional roller coaster as life kept throwing curveballs.... I was doing interviews even while fighting COVID! I am very grateful for this experience. Hubspot is a company that is at the dead center of marketing and business growth, so my comfortability here will be more than what I was expecting. Believe it or not, out of all the companies I was interviewing with, I thought they were the ones least likely to pick me--yet here we are. And I can't forget about my best friend during this process, Vasylyna Zhuk.

Elena Rosca


I want to thank the Careerist team for being so so professional and sharing their knowledge with me. I also want to thank them for being so helpful during the course and especially with job searching. I’m extremely grateful to Anastasia, who mentored me through the whole process until I got hired. I have already recommended Careerist to several people.

Flexible tuition
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upfront discount $3,7997,999
  • Upfront payment covers your entire tuition and fees
  • You aren’t required to make any future payment and you don’t have any financial obligation to Careerist
  • Includes Job Application Service (1-2 months)
  • Employment guarantee
Split payment $4,1988,499
  • First payment $2,000 + $2,198 after 2 weeks
  • You aren’t required to make any future payment and you don’t have any financial obligation to Careerist
  • Includes Job Application Service
  • Employment guarantee
Upfront sales bundle $6,99912,499
  • Includes Tech Sales training, Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect, Python and Security Engineering courses
  • Includes Job Application Service
  • Employment guarantee

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Blake from Careerist
Hi Taylor, what are you
working on today?
I just finished my
new resume
This looks strong! 💪
And are the new cover
letters ready?
Thanks for reminding
me! I will share as soon
as I’m done


Nigel Chimwaza

Nigel Chimwaza

Principal Solutions Engineer for 5+ years and 10+ years of B2C and B2B sales experience

Charles Sammons

Charles Sammons

Senior field solution architect for data analytics and modernization for CDW

Amichai Teumim

Amichai Teumim

Technical sales and customer support professional

4 weeks
of learning
Week 1
Tech Sales foundations / how to get hired in Tech Sales

General career and job-market overview. Tech Sales job overview. Learn the basics of the 30-60-90 plan and start implementing it in your life. Build up your career path.

Week 2
Industry-specific skills
Week 3
Advanced skills

Learn how to use the sales techniques of mirroring, labeling, objection handling, persuasion, and point of view for negotiations and closing deals.

Week 4
Preparing for the job market, recap, and practice

Explore the job market in your area. Prepare your resume and personal story. Create a solid LinkedIn profile. Efficiently and effectively search and apply for positions online by using job websites and LinkedIn. Learn practical job-market skills and hacks. Practice interview questions and answers. Reveal your strengths and polish your sales skills.

What skills
will i learn?

Soft skills

  1. Active listening
  2. Effective communication
  3. Confidence
  4. Time management
  5. Public speaking
  6. Growth mindset

Hard skills

  1. Cost Benefit Analysis
  2. Sales presentations / pitches
  3. Contract negotiation
  4. Digital prospecting
  5. Lead qualification
  6. Closing skills

Careerist Certificate

Job Application

Our software automates your job applications and our team trains you to become more hireable. With JAS, you will land your target job faster.

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Learn how to ace job interviews

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What are Tech Sales Associates responsible for?

Tech Sales Associates are responsible for the sales of software technology products. They communicate with prospective customers and help them make technology decisions. They perform cost-benefit analyses and maintain business relationships to help future contract sales.

What skills should a Tech Sales Specialist have?

Key soft skills: interpersonal skills, self-confidence, motivation

Core technological skills: contact management systems (no coding required)

Careerist will teach you both!

When do the live lessons take place?

Monday through Friday, 5:30-7:30PM PST.

Thursdays: Chalk Talk, an open lesson with all of the graduates where we share our experience, answer questions, and build our community

Fridays: hands-on practice

How long is the job search process?

1-3 months of active job application submissions

What is the annual salary for a Tech Sales Associate?

The average salary is $75K with commissions. Performance based compensation is commonly between 15% and 30% of the sale amount.

When can I contact my mentor?

Mentorship starts after signing the contract (24-48 hours after)! We can’t wait to meet you 1:1 !