Refer a friend to careerist

Know someone ready for a new career? 
Get up to a $300 cash reward per referral

Everyone Wins

At Careerist our goal is to help as many people as possible start and grow high-paying tech careers. Know of someone who can benefit from a switch to tech? Use our referral system and everyone gets rewarded!


The demand for high-paid tech employees is rising and companies are looking for employees with diverse backgrounds. Know of someone looking for high-salary, work-life balance, good benefits, remote and flexible work?


Open to any Careerist student or graduate: get your personal referral link and share your Careerist experience! You get cash rewards, they get a discount

How it


Log in to your Careerist Learning Space – find your unique Referral Link located in the Referral section in your dashboard


Share your personal Referral Link with your friends. Make sure they use your Referral Link and complete the form on our website through your link – they will then receive $200 discount on their admissions


You will receive your cash reward 2 weeks after your friend began their career training

Rewards levels


Bronze status

You invited 1-2 eligible referrals.* Earn $100 reward for every referral


Silver status

You invited 3-4 eligible referrals.* Earn $150 reward for every referral


Gold status

You invited 5-9 eligible referrals.* Earn $200 reward for every referral


Platinum status

You invited 10+ eligible referrals.* Earn $300 reward for every referral

*Eligible referrals – when your friend enrolled and completed their first 2 weeks of training

Headline icon Important notice:

​You will be provided with a unique Referral Link that can be shared with potential Careerist students. These individuals MUST use your Referral Link to qualify as a referral. Careerist has the right to approve or reject any application submitted by referral using any criteria that, in their sole discretion, are considered to be appropriate, whether publicized or not. Referrals will not qualify if your friends have already made an attempt to open a Careerist account at any time prior to using your Referral Link.

Referrals may not qualify for friends that are engaged in activities identified on the Prohibited Activities List, or do not satisfy any criteria we establish for approval. If an application is submitted twice with another referral link, you will receive a reward if your referral link is associated with the application approved by Careerist.

‍Read more about our referral program on our website

What is the Careerist Refer a Friend program?

If you love Careerist and you think your friends and family may also benefit from our programs, we offer a rewards program where everyone wins. When you invite students using your Referral Link – you earn cash rewards and they receive a discount.

How do I invite my friends with my Referral Link?

Your unique Referral Link is located in your Careerist Learning Space. Share this unique link with your friends, family and colleagues before they enroll in the training.

Can’t find the login to your Learning Space? No worries, you can generate a one-time login code here, or reset the password for your account.

What should I ask my friend to do?

Simply ask your friends to use your unique Referral Link before completing the form on our website. When they complete the form using your link, we’ll know that you’ve invited them.

Who can I share my Referral Link with?

You can share your link with friends, family, and anyone else you think might benefit! Feel free to spread the word online and through your network.

When do I get my cash reward?

You receive your cash reward when someone enrolls in the program through your Referral Link and spends at least 2 weeks in the training program.

Benefits breakdown

​Your benefit amount depends on your status level:

Bronze: $100 – made 1-2 eligible referrals

Silver: $150 – made 3-4 eligible referrals

Gold: $200 – made 5-9 eligible referrals

Platinum: $300 – made 10+ eligible referrals

When and how payments are made?

The referral program participant must submit a request in their Learning Space to receive their cash reward. Payouts are completed within 1 business week.

How can I know the payment status after making a payment request?

Check for notifications in the Referral Section of the Learning Space Dashboard.

Notifications are made when:

- The initial payment request is submitted

- There’s found to be an error with banking or PayPal details

- Payment has be sent

If you have additional questions regarding the terms of the Refer a Friend Program you can contact us here.