Careerist referral program

Careerist for you and your friends. Get a bonus of up to $350 per person you refer to us!

Why participate

Our goal at Careerist is to help as many people as possible to start and grow a career in tech. Know of someone who can benefit from working in tech? Please use our referral system to spread the word!


The demand for tech employees is on the rise. You may know someone who wants to get into tech but not sure where to start. Our programs will help them get into tech!


If you’re a Careerist student or graduate, get your personal referral link and share your Careerist experience

How to


Go to your Course Dashboard and find your personal link on the referral section page

Give this link to your friends and they will get
up to $250 discount
The discount amount depends on the status of the referral:
  • Bronze - $100 discount
  • Silver - $150 discount
  • Gold - $200 discount
  • Platinum - $250 discount
when signing up for a course

Once they complete the course, you get a bonus. For more information about bonuses, see below

Bonus levels


Bronze status

You invited 1-2 eligible referrals.* You get up to $125 for every referral


Silver status

You invited 3-4 eligible referrals.* You get up to $200 for every referral


Gold status

You invited 5-9 eligible referrals.* You get up to $275 for every referral


Platinum status

You invited 10+ eligible referrals.* You get up to $350 for every referral

*Eligible Referrals – students permitted to participate in the Referral Program

Headline icon Important notice:

You will be provided with referral links that can be provided to potential Careerist customers. These individuals must use your referral links to qualify as a referral. Careerist has the right to approve or reject any applications submitted by referrals using any criteria that, in their sole discretion, are considered to be appropriate, whether publicized or not. Referrals will not qualify for referral credits if they made an attempt to open a Careerist account at any time, are engaged in activities identified on the Prohibited Activities List, or do not satisfy any criteria we establish for approval. If an application is submitted by another referral, you will receive a referral credit if your referral link is associated with the application approved by Careerist.

‍Read more about our referral program on our website