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Python development is one of the most in-demand tech skills today. Developers use Python to build apps, websites, games and data science models. Launch your high-paying Python dev career today.

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What is Python

Python is the most popular development language in the world. You’ll find Python used in web development, data science, security systems, apps development, and many other use cases. It’s known for its power, yet also offers a lower barrier to entry than most other languages, meaning that you too can start to code in Python!

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Our program is led by tech industry leaders and experienced developers from top companies like Apple, Google, and Intel.

Python is just the beginning

We will help you in how to advance your career path and tell you about your career opportunities.

Your instructor: Irina Fateeva

Irina has over 5 years of experience in Python and data science. In her research for her master’s thesis, she analyzed data from the Large Hadron Collider, and she is currently a data scientist at the Unbelievable Machine Company. Irina is passionate about building elegant and ergonomic solutions to help people.

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Lesson 1

Data types (numbers, strings, boolean). Syntax. Name spaces. Comments. Numbers. Integer. Float. Math. Data input / output. Number conversion ( int(), float() ).

Lesson 2

Formating. Concatenation. String conversion ( str() ). Slicing. Indexes. String methods.

Lesson 3

If, elif, else. Conditional operators. Logical AND, NOT & OR. == vs is.

Lesson 4

For, while. Iterable data. Ranges. Infinity loops.

Lesson 5

Syntax. Arguments. Calls. Default values. Value scope.

Lesson 6

Creating. Indexes. Slicing. List methods.

Lesson 7

Creating. Indexes and Values. Dictionary methods. Tuples. Methods, loops and math. JSON data.

Lesson 8

Defining classes. Class instance. Static methods and class methods. Private variables and private methods.

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