Live webinar
July 6th
11 AM PT | 2 PM ET
Live webinar
July 6th 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET

Best Tech Remote Careers 2023: Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer is a job that can be done from anywhere and remains one of the ideal careers that don't require any previous technical training or technical degree.
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What is SE?

A Systems Engineer combines an understanding of both engineering and management. A Systems Engineer works with various departments to manage and develop systems within a company. From creating and implementing systems software to analyzing data to improve existing ones, a Systems Engineer increases productivity in the workplace.

What is SE?
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Why choose SE?

High salaries & demand

Systems engineers are in high demand, making upwards of $65k+ starting salaries per year.

Fast and easy

SE is one of the fastest and quickest career paths to get into the tech industry.

No IT background needed

Hard-to-learn technology skills are not needed to get hired, nor a computer science degree.

Flexible and rewarding

Systems engineers can work from anywhere in the world, with high starting salaries, and many career growth possibilities.

Meet our speaker

Keith Barth

Currently a Lead Technical Analyst in Infrastructure, Keith has over 25 years experience working with various Unix and Linux platforms and their associated hardware. Keith is also a Senior Visiting Professor with over 30 years of instruction experience both in the classroom and online.

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How to land a job in SE?

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