Live webinar
August 9th
Live webinar
August 9th 11 AM PST

Intro to QA Automation: Take Your QA Career to the Next Level

Quality Assurance Automation is a job that can be done from anywhere and remains one of the highest paying jobs in IT with a low barrier to entry. To master it, you only need basic knowledge of Python
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What is QA Automation?

Quality Assurance prevents errors and defects in software by continuously testing the product and reporting issues. QA Automation Engineer — is responsible for assessing the quality of a product by using software tools to create tests and verify the results.

What is QA Automation?
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Why choose QA

High salaries & demand

Quality Assurance Automation engineers are in high demand, making upwards of $90-110k starting salaries per year.

Fast and easy

QA Automation is one of the fastest and quickest career paths to get into the tech industry.

No IT background needed

It will be easier for those students who already have learned Python but if you have never worked with it we will explain this program on the training.

Flexible and rewarding

QA engineers can work from anywhere in the world, with high starting salaries, and many career growth possibilities

Meet our speaker

Lana Levinsohn

Her work has been very colorful, and she has a great deal of experience in building and leading front-end and back-end automation at many large organizations. Throughout her years in QA Svetlana has taught and mentored many QA professionals who now work in top Silicon Valley companies.

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Our graduates
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Ranked #2 happiest job in the USA, Quality Assurance (QA) engineers are responsible for testing and monitoring software.

— Forbes Magazine
What to expect

1 hour of career insights


What is QA Automation?

Learn the basics of QA Automation and the different types of QAA jobs


Is QA Automation the right career for you?

You will find out if an QA Automation career suits your needs and goals


How to land a job in QA Automation?

Learn about the demand for QA Automation jobs and current openings across the country

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