Become a hired web developer in 1 year: Start working and earning after 1 month

From beginner to skilled web developer in 1 year of training, no prior education or coding experience is required. Begin making money after 1 month of training.

Tech Career Path: personal guidance from start to finish

Begin working and making money after 1 month as a Software Tester

Specifically designed for students with zero coding or IT background, the Web Developer Tech Career path gives anyone the ability to achieve their tech dreams in frontend development. After 1 month of education, you’ll have completed our Manual QA training which will allow you to get a job as a Software Tester. This means that for the remainder of the Web Development program you’ll make money as you learn!

Learn from expert instructors who’ve worked at top US companies

Every instructor in our program is an IT professional with 10+ years of combined experience at companies like Apple, Intel, Facebook, and Google. Working with our experts 1:1, you’ll learn all the necessary hard skills required to be a professional web developer such as the full development cycle of creating websites and web applications.

Job search assistance

Our career advisors will partner with you 1:1 throughout the program to give expert advice and guidance on applying for jobs. We’ll help you create a strong CV, build a LinkedIn profile, and prepare for technical interviews with mock interviews. Even after you land your dream job in tech, our advisors will stay in contact with you to give tips on how to move up the career ladder.

Careerist and other bootcamps

Other bootcamps
Programm length
9 months
1 year
Time before starting your first IT job
2-3 months
1-2 years
Projected salary
$ 120 K — 200 K
$ 80 K
Number of employed graduates
300 +

Your Tech Career Path

$ 70 —
100 K
Manual QA Engineer
1 month of training
$ 110 —
150 K
Automation QA engineer
5 months of training
$140 —
200 K
9 month of training

Average web developer salaries in the U.S. in 2021

$ 200 K
Starting salary,
with 300+ job openings today
New York
$ 150 K
Starting salary,
with 200+ job openings today
$ 96 K
Starting salary,
with 200 + job openings today
$ 105 K
Starting salary,
with 230 + job openings today
$ 140 K
Starting salary,
with 120+ job openings today
$ 111 K
Starting salary,
with 488 + job openings today

Join the most comprehensive
and cooperative online tech training.
Here’s our education methodology

1:1 guidance for 1 year

You will have direct, 1:1 communication with IT experts multiple times per week for 1 year, who’ll teach you important, practical skills and answer all your questions.

Advanced job application training

Your career advisors will be with you every step of the way as you achieve your goals. They will help you build a professional resume, prepare for job interviews, and support your IT career into the future.

Built-in internship

The Careerist internship gives you the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned and add important experience to your resume or CV.  With these additions to your LinkedIn and portfolio, you’ll be even more attractive to recruiters.

Expert resume critique

Our career specialists will help you prepare a competitive and polished resume that’s sure to help you stand out from the crowd. With over a decade of combined experience in IT, your mentors know exactly how to help you get hired.  

Technical interview training

Continuous mock interviews with your mentor will help you feel confident going into technical interviews with potential employers. Together, you’ll practice everything you should know to impress recruiters. 

World-class IT instructors

We only hire experienced programmers to join us as instructors who have worked at major tech companies such as Apple, Intel, Facebook, or Google. 

After the 1st month of training, begin
working and earning money as you
continue learning web development

This program was made in the way that you can start working in the IT as a manual tester after the first month of training.

Working as a Software Tester during the program will allow you to make money and offset the total cost of the program. Even more, as you learn more you’ll have the option to apply for more advanced positions, and earn more money as you put even more skilled experience on your resume.

After the end of the second module, you will be able to work in Automation QA. After the third module, you will be ready to begin working as frontend developer. Throughout your studying, you will be assisted by experienced programmers and career advisors 1:1, who will all help you reach the career of your dreams.


Module I
Manual QA (1 month)

This module includes: training in all professional software testing skills, a comprehensive internship, building your CV, and preparation for technical interviews.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Module II
QA Automation (4 months)

The module includes: training in all skills necessary to move to a higher-paying position of Automation QA engineer. The average salary of a specialist after completing this training is $115k per year. Career advisors will help you with your job search and career growth.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Module III
Web Development (4 months, part-time)

The module includes: all the necessary skills that a junior web developer must have to get a job. Learn from professional experts and build a website portfolio. Career consultants will help you find interesting and highly paid work in IT.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания


Expert professors

Andrey Shalobalo

Site Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience at Box, EPAM, New York Times

Learn more
Andrey Shalobalo

Natalia Atif

QA Lead with 10+ years of experience (Apple, Intel, ItsOn, Silicon Valley companies)

Learn more
Natalia Atif

Iurii Sokolov

7+ years in software development at Google and Silicon Valley

Learn more
Iurii Sokolov

Patrick Siebenthal

QA Engineer, 6+ years of experience in IT (Facebook, Intel on mobile and VR apps)

Learn more
Patrick Siebenthal

Lana Levinsohn

Sr. Software Developer in Test, 8+ years of QA, teacher and mentor

Learn more
Lana Levinsohn

Max Glubochansky

QA professional with 7+ years of experience at Apple, Intel, Silicon Valley companies

Learn more
Max Glubochansky

We're so proud

Success stories keep us going! To see our graduates join tech giants like Google, Intel and Apple fuels our drive.

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Why should I choose the profession of a frontend developer?

According to the career portal Glassdoor, the best profession in the United States in 2020 is a frontend developer. This rating was based on criteria such as salary, job duties, and the amount of openings in the market. 

How can I get a job in IT after the first month of training?

The structure of our program lets you start a job in IT as a Software Tester after the first module. As the program continues after the first module, you will continue to study, learn more skills, and become a web developer in a short time.

Will I have an up-to-date portfolio after finishing the program?

Yes! Throughout the web development training, you will create functional websites and web applications. Even during your studies, you will be able to take freelance projects and add them to your portfolio. Together, 1:1, will support you on your way to becoming a professional web developer.

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