Work Visa, relocation,
And USA-based employment for mid-level and senior
IT professionals

If you are an IT professional with 3+ years of experience, and you are looking to get a job in the United States with a salary of USD $200,000+ per year, you are now eligible to join JobEasy. In our special career development program, we will help you apply for O1 or H-1B visas, and find the most attractive job opportunities, and connect you with top employers in America.

JobEasy Program Prerequisites

You have at least 3 years of experience in software development, data science, machine learning, game development, or SDET
Your English level is intermediate or better
You are ready to accept a job offer and move to the USA in the near future

5 steps to your job in the United States

Step 1
Get a Visa

Our highly qualified lawyers will take care of all bureaucracy associated with your visa application. You will save time, money, and worries, as well as increase your chances of a successful application.

Step 2
Interview preparation

As soon as you get your visa, our industry-leading mentors will start preparing you for an interview. We’ll go over all the possible questions employers ask, and practice for the tests they use to evaluate your skills. This will help you pass the job interview successfully and avoid all the most common mistakes. We will even help you improve your English and prepare you for a successful interview.

Step 3
Job application support

Once you are fully prepared for the interview, we will send the best job openings to you for your review. We will apply on your behalf and schedule 20-30 job interviews. With each interview, you’ll gain more confidence and get closer to landing your dream job.

Step 4
Salary negotiation

We will help you to write a cover letter, negotiate salary, and obtain the highest-paying job offer that you can get. Our contacts with the employing companies mean that we can access positions with a salary that is higher than market rate.

Step 5
Start your U.S. career

After you start your job, JobEasy keeps helping you to develop your U.S.-based career. We will help you negotiate promotions and continue to send job offers your way for even better opportunities. We are your long-term career partner.


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Our experts

Igor Podhodov

Top mentor of JobEasy, Engineering Manager at Facebook.

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Igor Podhodov

Stanislav Ageenko

Director of Human Resources at JobEasy. He has many years of experience in HR consulting.

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Stanislav Ageenko

Max Glubochansky

Co-founder of JobEasy. Max is a professional with more than 7 years of QA experience at Apple and Intel.

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Max Glubochansky

Lana Levinsohn

Senior software developer. Lana has worked in the quality control sector for more than 8 years.

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Lana Levinsohn

Iurii Sokolov

A programmer with more than 7 years of software development experience at Google and other main Silicon Valley companies.

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Iurii Sokolov

Companies that employ graduates of JobEasy programs

Work prospects in the USA

New York State
up to $552K
1,565 jobs
in New York

Data Scientist

State of California
up to $288K
2,100 jobs
in Los Angeles

Software Engineer

up to $260K
259 jobs
in Boston

Senior Machine Learning Engineer


What specialists do we work with?

Full-stack developers, Front-end developers, Back-end developers, iOS developers, Android developers, Data scientists, Machine learning specialists, Gamedev professionals.

What kind of services does JobEasy provide?

We are looking for a job for you. That means adapting your CV to the American market, sending applications to companies, and communicating with potential employers on your behalf. We work on improving your English and consult with you on all technical issues. We also work on all H-1B or O1 visa issues, covering all expenses, including lawyers.

Can I monitor by myself all the steps with my visa?

Yes, you can. You will be able to check on your visa case via the official USCIS website.

Will I be able to participate in the program if I have a specialized technical education, but no university education?

It depends on the level of development experience that you possess. Three years of work experience are the equivalent of one full year of university, so if you have more than six years of real experience, in total, then you have a great chance to get a visa and a job in the USA.

Does a job change affect the ISA in any way?

No, it doesn't. You can change jobs and transfer the H-1B from one employer to another.

If I have a valid American tourist visa, can I start applying for a work visa?

Yes, you can. We’ve had cases where developers were already in the United States at the time of changing the type of visa from tourist to working without leaving the country.

What is the interview format for U.S.-based companies?

In the last year, the majority of interviews were in an online format.

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