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What is IT Tech Support?

Tech Support professionals assist people to use devices, websites or applications smoothly. They manage computer systems and troubleshoot problems. Tech Support specialists are an essential part of the tech industry as they ensure that users have a positive experience with the products and services they use.

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Desktop Support Engineer
Service Desk Agent
Computer Support Technician
IT Support Specialist
Help Desk Support
Tech Support Engineer
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No coding required

Growing demand

Remote work options

Easy entrance to tech

Solving problems

Work-life balance

Career growth options

Great for beginners

Job Market


active Tech Support job openings in the US


market growth rate, continuing to grow


remote jobs open with flexible hours or part-time


expected annual salary for our graduates

Career growth

Cyber Security Specialist

30,555 Jobs

AVG $93,395 Yearly

Project Manager

167,116 Jobs

AVG $91,578 Yearly

Information Tech Specialist

122,519 Jobs

AVG $81,241 Yearly

Network Administrator

106,886 Jobs

AVG $71,357 Yearly

Systems Administrator

134,500 Jobs

AVG $77,156 Yearly

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Our instructors

Mariusz Kuriata

An experienced Senior Manager with a technical background in web develoment and network security

Marie Naraval

An IT Specialist with experience in networking, systems, and tech projects at companies like Marriott and Disney

Imran Afzal

CEO, content creator, mentor, entrepreneur, and instructor with 500k+ students worldwide and over 20 years of experience in the field of systems engineering

Brian York

Technical Support Manager of Corporate Payments at Fleetcor, IT Instructor, and business owner of a Tennessee farm


7 weeks
of learning

L1 Welcome to our Technical Support training!
Welcome to our Technical Support training!

Discover why a career in tech is a great choice. Learn about the Support/Service Desk environment and meet your instructors

L2 Overview of Tech Support processes and tools
Overview of Tech Support processes and tools

Your first day as a Tech Support Specialist (onboarding processes and tools). Creating and resolving your first ticket. Overview of hardware components of a PC

L3 Overview of core hardware components
Overview of core hardware components

Identifying and diagnosing the core hardware components of laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile devices. Overview of cables and connectors. Introduction to ITIL

L4 Configuring and troubleshooting Windows 10, Linux, and OS
Configuring and troubleshooting Windows 10, Linux, and OS

Operating systems principles. Configuring and troubleshooting issues with Windows 10, Linux, and Mac OS

L5 Overview of Windows Server
Overview of Windows Server

Windows Server and Active Directory. Creating new accounts, policies, and assigning permissions

L6 Shares and permissions
Shares and permissions

Verifying core server roles and components (DNS, DHCP, GPO). Shares, permissions, files, and folders. Configuring printers and external devices

L7 Managing Office 365 applications
Managing Office 365 applications

Configuring and troubleshooting Office 365 apps. Configuring and managing Outlook and emails in Windows

L8 Core networking concepts
Core networking concepts

Network devices and protocols. Understanding network services, wireless protocols, and commands. Configuring a wireless router

L9 Why do we need to understand security concepts?
Why do we need to understand security concepts?

Learn core security concepts, authentication, certificates, and password management

L10 How does a virtual machine work?
How does a virtual machine work?

Understand virtualization and virtual concepts. Configuring a virtual machine

L11 The cloud and cloud models
The cloud and cloud models

Understand the concepts behind the cloud, identify cloud providers and offerings

L12 How do we monitor our IT devices?
How do we monitor our IT devices?

Monitoring tools. Analyzing and understanding dashboards, graphs, and monitoring protocols

L13 How to troubleshoot IT issues
How to troubleshoot IT issues

Troubleshooting exercises and case studies. Providing respectful communication with a client and resolve technical issues