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Tech companies are increasing their demand for Sales Engineers and Solutions Engineers. Careerist has already guided hundreds of students towards a high-paying job in tech.

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About our training

Fast-track your new career with a four-week all-inclusive program designed to help you succeed! 
Practical online training

Fast, detailed and hands-on. Learn everything you need to succeed as a Sales Engineer/Solutions Engineer in only 4 weeks. Pay now or pay later, it’s your choice.

Integrated internship

Boost your career move with our Built-in internship program. Gain real-world experience, increase your network, curate your references and get hired!

1-1 mentoring

Your career specialists will support you each step of the way. Need to update your resume? We got you. Need help applying for jobs? We got you. Need negotiation advice? We got you. No need to journey alone, your success is our success. 

Job placement service

Our career experts will fast-track your resume and send it out so you can focus on responding to recruiters, preparing for interviews, and landing the job you wanted!

Interview prep

What to do? What to say? Our, live job interview practice will get you ready for any question. Boost your confidence, ace the interview and get hired.

Our Instructors

Learn from the best on the field. Our program is led by tech industry leaders with many years of experience from top companies like Dell, Google and Oracle.

Ready to start your IT career?

Sales Engineers make $115,000 on average (according to

Our training is made with an internship program, resume development and interview prep, so our graduates stand out when applying for positions.

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Week 1
Tech Sales Introduction

Industry explanation, salary breakdown, your future career path. Communication techniques. Consultant vs Sales. Sales Cycle.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Week 2
Advanced Tech sales

CRM Administration, Spreadsheets, SDR, and Saas. Mastering the calling and Demo. Networking.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Week 3
Solutions Engineer

Networking and cloud basics. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.Client-server architecture. API. AWS and other popular cloud providers.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания
Week 4
Preparation for the job market

Solid resume overview, how to stand out during meet and greet, 30/60/90 goals plan. Women in the industry.

5 уроков
12 часов
4 практических задания

Pay Now or Pay Later: It’s your choice

You no longer need to choose between tuition and living expenses. At Careerist we are committed to breaking the barriers that in the past made starting a new career seem almost impossible. As your career partners, we offer you the option to waive the program tuition until you get a high-paying job in tech. Didn't get the job you wanted? You don't pay for our program but a small admission fee.

This partnership is made possible through ISA – Income Share Agreement. Once you start your new job in tech, a small percentage of your initial salary will go towards the tuition payment until it’s paid in full. It’s a win-win.

Profile enrichment

We will build you a competitive resume and post it on multiple job sites so you'll get contacted by recruiters and tech companies.

Faster hiring

You will learn how to search and apply for jobs effectively and increase your chances of getting hired faster.

Lucrative salaries

You will learn how to effectively negotiate a salary or the promotion you've been dreaming about.

Career development

You will learn how to be a rockstar at your workplace and will keep the JobEasy network to support your future career growth.

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Meet our instructors

Mariya Litvinova

10 years of delivering business results at Dell, Google, Silicon Valley startups

Mariya Litvinova

Max Glubochansky

Co-founder at Careerist. 7+ years of experience at Apple, Intel, Silicon Valley companies

Max Glubochansky

Damarys Colon

Head of Operations at RevOps, founding member of Chatfuel's CSM, CEO BodyU

Damarys Colon

Andrey Shalobalo

Site Reliability Engineer with 10+ years of experience at Box, EPAM, New York Times

Andrey Shalobalo

Artur Sirota

A seasoned Sales Engineer and IT and TelecomIndustries professional with over 15 years of experience.

Artur Sirota

Frequently asked questions

What is a Technical Sales Engineer?

Technical Sales Engineers sell technical products in various sectors. They explain all technical aspects of a product simply and provide post-sales support.

What is a Solution Engineer (SE)?

A Solution Engineer (SE) works with various departments and supports operations to ensure a plan is in motion to improve the customer's experience. Additionally, a Solution Engineer (SE) researches advanced technology regarding best practices in the field and seeks to find cost-effective solutions.

What are the entry requirements to the course?

You need to:

  • Be able to speak English
  • Have permission to work in the USA
  • Be ready to study for 4 weeks and find a job in 2-4 month
  • Be willing to accept around $115K as a salary offer (according to

You do not need to buy equipment.

I have never worked in IT and I have not worked in sales. Can I still become a Tech Sales Engineer / a Solution Engineer (SE)?


You do not need any technical knowledge, education, or sales experience.

With this training course, you will master the required and relevant skills needed to become Tech Sales Engineer / a Solution Engineer (SE) in just one month.

The course is packed full of up-to-date information presented in a fun way.

We focus on preparing you for interviews and employment as well, so it is not just about learning sales skills. After completing the course, we will also stay in touch with you. We continue to meet with our former students online every Saturday.

Why choose a Tech Sales Engineer / a Solution Engineer (SE) job?
  • Easy entry into the IT world
  • Good salary
  • There are opportunities for career growth
  • You can work remotely
  • You can find a lot of job openings around the US
What salary can I expect? How much will I get in my first year as a Tech Sales Engineer/a Solution Engineer (SE)?

According to Indeed: Tech Sales Engineer's / a Solution Engineer's (SE) avg. base $115/year + $20,000 commission.

What is the format and schedule of training? Will I be able to work as well as learn?

Our course lasts 4 weeks, and we hold 5 sessions throughout the week (Sunday - Thursday).

Classes are 2 hours long.

Lessons are online from 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST (8:30pm to 10:30pm EST.)

You have full access to the course material all the time, meaning you can review the content when it’s convenient for you.

Towards the end of the training course, you will remotely go through an internship with a Silicon Valley company. The duration of an Internship is 1-3 weeks. The training is organized in such a way that you can combine it with work, study, and your private life.

How do Careerist teachers and mentors help with training and job searching?

We guarantee 1-on-1 support and mentoring, which is provided after the course is completed too.

During the course, your instructors will personally comment on your work and give you helpful tips so you can learn their job hacks.

Mentors will also help you prepare a resume and create a LinkedIn profile.

To prepare for an interview, your mentor can run through mock interview questions with you. Plus they can provide you with feedback on where you can improve.

The Careerist mentor will work closely with you until you find a job.

How much does Tech Sales Engineer / Solution engineer (SE) training cost? Are there free lessons?

You have two payment options:

  • 1st: You only pay the registration fee. Then you pay Careerist a % of your salary over a set period of time once you get your first job.
  • 2nd: Pay upfront. You pay the full cost of training immediately.

Learn more about prices here.

You get the first lesson free. After completing this lesson you’ll decide if you want to continue your studies. If you choose to continue then you will need to sign an agreement based on one of the above options.

How fast will I get a job?

Searches usually take 2-4 months after finishing the course. This however, does depend on individual effort as well.

One of the main mistakes people make is to assume they will get a job in two to three weeks of completing the course.

Generally, the key to success is to look for a job every day and to apply for roles.

You will eventually receive some good offers and you can choose which one to pursue. Plus, if you have many offers you can start negotiating with companies for the best salary.

Do you provide employment guarantees?

We do our best to get you into work quickly. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be employed in a set amount of time, as every student is different.

Although we do our very best to prepare you as much as possible, we cannot do the interview and get the job for you - this is entirely up to you.

When looking for a job you must be prepared to put in the effort and to accept that you will be rejected by companies. But, you must remember that this is a perfectly natural process, and you should remain motivated and calm. Your mentor will be able to help you when you feel low, and when you need to brush up on your interview skills.

The important thing to remember is to keep searching and applying for roles.

We can guarantee that with us, within just a month of training, you will gain mid-level Tech Sales Engineer and a Solution Engineer (SE) knowledge, as well as internship experience, practical learning projects and interview skills.

Do I need an accredited certificate to get a job?

No, a certificate in this area is not needed in the United States.

I'm over 30, can I get a job in technical sales without having previous experience in this field?

Yes, we recommend that you participate in the training if you are aged between 21 and 50 years old.

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