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Hiring engineers? Pay less for more qualified talent, by hiring skilled offshore engineers safely and efficiently through Careerist and our partner, AgileEngine.

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Hire remote developers

Let our AgileEngine specialists work for you. After analyzing your project, we’ll quickly find expert developers who are ideal for your needs. We’ll then create an offshore team of experienced IT- specialists for your organization. The candidates we’ve selected will begin work immediately on your projects, delivering you with the highest quality development output. Take the worry out of hiring an offshore team – AgileEngine can build a remote team for you or find specialists ready to relocate. We can complete any IT task quickly, professionally, and remotely. And you can focus on growing your business.

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Hire qualified interns

Is your tech company looking for help in Software Testing, Test Automation, DevOps, or Enterprise Sales? Careerist can help you recruit free or low cost interns specializing in these areas. The interns are students of our career training programs, known for attracting smart and motivated talent looking to excel in a new career. The interns are paired with top-tier industry experts able to resolve any challenge professionally. And better yet, you’d be able to hire the interns full-time when the internship ends, if desired.

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How does AgileEngine find remote developers for your org?

Step 1

We collect staffing requirements from executives and HR managers and search for professionals in the field.

Step 2

Developers are hand-picked for each project by our team of professional technology specialists, reviewing their experience and evaluating their skills.

Step 3

We put together a turn-key solution for the offshore development team, providing you with a dedicated project manager to coordinate work among the engineering team.


We offer competitive rates for any size remote development team. We recommend that you compare our offer with other companies, because we are sure you won’t find better value than our package.


$ 29
$ 32
Junior 1
$ 38
$ 39
Junior 2
$ 46
$ 49
Middle 1
$ 54
$ 55
Middle 2
$ 59
$ 59
Senior 1
$ 65
$ 66
Senior 2
$ 69
$ 75
Tech lead
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