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Benefits for companies looking for remove developers

Let Careerist work for you. We know how to quickly find expert developers to create an offshore team because our team has decades of combined experience in IT. Once hired, the candidates we select for your team will begin working quickly. Careerist can build a remote team for you or find specialists ready to move to another country.

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Already a developer and ready to work?

We can quickly help you find a job in the United States, remotely or with the opportunity to move, at top IT companies. Careerist is interested in specialists in software development, data science, machine learning, game development, UX/UI, and DevOps. Get in touch with us to learn how quickly and easily you can find a highly paid job. 

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How does Careerist find remote developers for your org?

Step 1

We field requests from entrepreneurs, HR managers, heads of departments, and project founders to find professional developers for your specific tasks.

Step 2

Developers are hand-selected for each project by our team of professional IT specialists after reviewing their professional experience.

Step 3

We gather turnkey offshore development team and provide you with experienced project manager having good command of English to coordinate work with engineers.

What else can we do?

It is also possible to create an offshore development team that will report directly to you and become part of your team.
Careerist can also source offshore help in marketing, sales, and other business areas using our talent location experience.
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