3-Days Python Snake Game Challenge

Take the first step in learning Python and build the legendary snake game from scratch.

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Classes will be held on January 13, 14 and 15 from 6pm to 8pm.

What you need to know

Live, interactive online class with an industry expert instructor
Build your own snake game and start your coding portfolio
Learn what it’s like to be a developer – is this a career for you?

Practical coding for first-timers

Did you want to learn to code but found it too overwhelming and boring? Look no further than this mini-course. 

The curriculum team at Careerist developed the most approachable (yet intensive) Python challenge. Learn what you need to know without unusable academic theory, and take the first step in tech by coding your own snake game in just 3 days! 

For the new course launch, we’re offering it for FREE for the first 100 students. Sign up while free seats remain available!  

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Day 1
Create the basic logic of the snake game and get an introduction to the PyGame library
Day 2
Decompose Python logic and highlight the main Python classes
Day 3
Document your code + career tips and Q&A 
+ Bonus
FREE career counselling with a tech career advisor
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Meet our instructors

Ilya Tishin

5 years of experience in web-development and Quality Assurance

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Ilya Tishin

Max Glubochansky

QA professional with 7+ years of experience at Apple, Intel, Silicon Valley companies

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Max Glubochansky

Frequently asked questions

What is Python?

Python is one of the most popular and fastest growing programming language today. You can use it in Web Development, Data Science, AI, Mobile development, Testing.

Why learn Python now?

Really easy and fast to learn

Python is really easy to understand language with friendly syntaxis.

The most popular language right now

A lot of employers need Python developers on their projects.

High Salary

The salary of Python engineers is higher when compared to others in the industry. In the United States, a Python developer earns $116,028 per year  on average.

Python has a large community

There is a large online community of Python users and experts that is especially helpful for new Python programmers.

How much does Python training cost?

Free for the first 100 participants. Claim your seat now.

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