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Top three reasons why you should consider a career as a Sales Engineer, the MVP of SaaS

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March 4, 2021
Top three reasons why you should consider a career as a Sales Engineer, the MVP of SaaS

Have you recently thought about starting a new career in IT? If you love innovative technologies, problem-solving, and communicating with other people, then a Sales Engineer position might be perfect for you.

The SE ( Sales Engineer) role is a mystery for most people, but we have cracked the code and are here to share our knowledge and experience with those ready to jumpstart a new tech career.

Without further ado, here are the top three reasons why you should consider a career as a Sales Engineer, the MVP of SaaS.

  1. Industry expansion: All reports show that 2020 has been an excellent year for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies & Millions of other companies worldwide had to migrate online, spiking the immediate need for roles like SE roles.  
  2. High Demand: Employment for Sales Engineers is projected to grow 6 percent by 2029. This growth rate is faster than the average for all other occupations.
  3. Career growth: SE experience allows for up or lateral movements. You can go up within the Sales Engineer role or transition into full-Sales, development, and project management careers.

What do Sales Engineers do, and what skills do they need?

As a Sales Engineer, you will work alongside the sales and product development teams. If you are new to the tech world, you might not know these three industry secrets:

  • The majority of sales Representatives have exceptional people skills but are not very technical.
  • The majority of Software Developers are highly technical but usually shy.
  • An Individual with both people and technical skills is a rare sought after unicorn, most widely known as The Sales Engineer 😉

Now that we've clarified that as a Sales Engineer you will be a hybrid of Sales and Software development skills, let's breakdown how it works:

  • The Software Development team created a fantastic product. They want to share it with the world. What do They do?
  • They bring in the marketing team.
  • The marketing team runs an advertising campaign that catches Paul's attention. Paul clicks on the Ad and...
  • Paul is now in contact with your Sales Team.
  • The Sales representative does what they do best; she talks about the product with Paul. Paul is almost ready to close the deal, but still has too many technical questions unanswered, and that is when the Sales Rep calls? You guess it!

Enter you, the Sales Engineer

  • As a Sales Engineer, you don't jump blindly into a call. You first Qualify, Paul, once you follow your qualification process (we'll go over this during training). Then you schedule a Demo Call with Paul.
  • Demo Calls are the life-force of the SE Role; once you're on the call with Paul, it's discovery time. You have to use this time to discover as much as you can about Paul's Business: Paul, tell me a little bit about yourself and your business? What are your current challenges? What issues are you trying to solve? Have you used our product before? Etc.
  • The next step will be the proposal; here's where all of the puzzle pieces come together; Your Technical skills, your sales skills, and all of the information you discovered. You will use all of these pieces to craft a proposal or proof of concept that covers Pauls's needs and pain-points while validating the value of your product.
  • Once Paul is happy, and all of his questions and objections are clear, the Sales representative will take over to negotiate and close the deal.
  • After the deal is closed and you and your team have done the "happy dance," there comes the Implementation stage. It is up and you to ensure that Paul receives everything that you promised within your proposal.
  • And last but not least, on-going support. Sales Engineering is all about developing trust and building long-term relationships with customers like Paul.

Rounding it up, as a Sales Engineer, you are:

  • The person that provides clarification of value.
  • The person that will give a voice to your product, its features, and capabilities.
  • The person that will help your sales team defuse any questions and objections a lead like Paul might have.
  • The person that will provide your development team with user feedback to help with product updates, news features, and improvements.
  • And with time, you will be one of the few people within your company with a full understanding of both the product capabilities and customers' needs.


A Sales Engineer's day-to-day tasks may vary from company to company, but their day usually goes like this:

  • Searching for new clients who could benefit from your product
  • Schedule meetings with potential clients ( Covid-19 Note )
  • Establishing new, and maintaining existing, relationships with customers
  • Managing and interpreting customer requirements
  • Persuading clients that a product or service will best satisfy their needs
  • Offering after-sales support services
  • Administering client accounts
  • Preparing reports
  • Meeting regular sales targets
  • Recording and maintaining client contact data
  • Supporting marketing by attending trade shows, conferences, and other marketing events ( Covid-19 Note)
  • Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product will meet client needs
  • Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education
  • Liaising with other members of the sales team and other technical experts
  • Solving client problems
  • Helping with design and product updates
  • Providing training and producing support material for the sales team

How much do Sales Engineers get paid for this level of service?

According to, the average Salary for Sales Engineers in the United States is between 80K and $130k per year.

Can you become a Sales engineer with no technical background or experience?

Yes, you can! That is our area of expertise. Our graduates are currently working in 25 states across the United States. Careerist is a career accelerator; we help people with no technical background or experience jumpstart a tech career. We're a growing team of more than 100 people across three continents, and we're all working together towards the same goal. To get you hired.

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In regards to our training:

Our goal is to help you evolve from no experience and no technical background into a ready-to-work Sales Engineers in only four weeks.

Live Lessons + Internship + Mentorship + Mock Interviews + Certifications + high touch support = Our course will arm you with the skills needed to pass the interview and land the job while being exposed to a fast-paced goal and result-oriented Tech-Startup environment.

During training, you will acquire all of the skills, knowledge, practice, and experience that you will need to pass the interview and get hired.

Here's how training will work.

  • Start: Our first lesson will be on the first day of the month.
  • Training: You will receive five, two-hour live lessons per week with SE experts.
  • Internship: We have partnered with top silicon-valley companies to provide you with a real-life internship experience.
  • Mentorship: Your mentor will assist you with Resume building, Linkedin optimization, Demo practice, and interview questions.
  • Recruiter: A recruiter will provide you with real-life interview practice.
  • Support: Dedicated live support thought the journey.
  • Graduation. At the end of the fourth week, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and will enter the Job-placement phase, where you will start going out to interviews until you get hired.

The money talk: How much does it cost?

If you're reading this, you're in luck; this means that we're running a special offer. I will add the special rates below but feel free to visit our website if you wish to see the live version with the always mesmerizing countdown clock.

A few points that I would like to clarify in terms of our ISA agreement:

The ISA agreement is our; learn first, pay only after you get hired payment option. This allows us to offer our services to hundreds of people that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.

Our guarantee You don't have to pay tuition until you get hired, and only if you get hired.

  • If you don't get hired, you don't have to pay.
  • If you get hire but your new salary is less than $50K, you don't have to pay.

We have helped hundreds of students change their careers. If you're struggling with your current situation, give us the chance to do what we do best.

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Thank you for your time & have a wonderful day!

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