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Our Job Application Service Helps You Land Your Dream Job

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Jan 24, 2023
Our Job Application Service Helps You Land Your Dream Job

In a perfect world,you'd have a line of top executives from big companies lined up at your doorstep after you graduate, eager to hire you. Job offers and working MacBooks would be  placed at your feet. 

But in reality, unfortunately, things are a little different. Even if you’re an excellent candidate, you’ll have to spend lots of time searching for a job: looking for the right job openings, sending out resumes, filling application forms.

That is, unless you use Careerist’s Job Application Service.

Why you need Careerist's Job Application Service 

Our Job Application Service (JAS) will teach you how to interview with confidence, help you update and make your resume and LinkedIn more attractive, and save you more than 10 hours a week in the job-search process. The service will even apply to jobs for you! 

Let's break it down in order: 

1:1 interview practice

The most frustrating thing for a jobseeker is to have all the required skills, but to not make the right impression at the interview because of nervousness or insecurity. Your job search assistant will help you become more confident and sell your skills in an interview. You'll be able to answer recruiter’s questions without embarrassment or fear and win the manager over. :) 

LinkedIn + resume optimization

The first step on the road to your dream job is, of course, skills training. But after that, it's worth considering whether your resume is drafted correctly. Otherwise, all your hard work in getting those skills won't have been worth it and you get no to little replies from recruiters. According to statistics, recruiters scan resumes for only six seconds—enough time to determine whether to pay attention to the applicant further or reject them immediately. Additionally, Applicant Tracking Systems (used by 80% of companies in the U.S.) show only best candidates based on listed skills and other criteria. Competition on the market also has an impact — there are only 4-6 interviews and one offer per 250 applicants, on average. We can help set you apart from other jobseekers by elevating your resume above the competition. 

The Job Application Service will also help update your LinkedIn profile to reflect what potential employers want to see.

Automated job applications

Let's say the training is over, and your resume and LinkedIn URL are ready to be sent. However, a problem arises: searching for jobs and sending out responses takes the whole day. Doing it manually is a long and tedious process, and getting rejections is very frustrating. We can help with that, too! 

JAS will apply to 10-40  jobs a day on your behalf. The final amount depends on job boards accounts created, locations chosen, salary expectations and preferences. Our goal is to cover maximum amount of job openings while keeping them relevant.

We estimate that without JAS, your job search would take an average of three to four months, and you would have to apply to at least twenty jobs a day. Submitting that many applications can take two to three hours each day. Using JAS is faster and will save you valuable time.

To start applying for you, we will gather your basic information, such as your name, contact information, location, resume, and answers to common recruiter questions. This information allows us to look for jobs that match your experience and skills.

We’ll then learn about your future job preferences and start applying. - With the Job Application Service, four times as many recruiters will see your resume. 

We work with platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, Dice, ZipRecruiter and Monster. JAS tracks the newest job openings daily on these sites and applies to those that fully meet your job requirements.

Personalized for you

You no longer have to search for jobs by yourself. We’ll receive a daily list of new jobs from several job boards that are suitable for you and your experience, salary expectations, and location. Rest assured, we won't miss any matching offers.

Also, we’ll consider your feedback. You will be able to comment on the jobs we find for you, and if there are any "redundancies" among them, we’ll refine your search preferences. 

We can also provide tips to help you find the right job faster by: 

  1. Increasing the number of locations you’re interested in  
  2. Decreasing your  desired salary level if you need to find a job as quickly as possible 
  3. Adding other, similar positions to your search if you can work in more than one role

JAS by the numbers:

How it works

  • Step 1: Your job application assistant will show you how to optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile and will conduct a one-on-one mock interview to improve your presentation and responses.
  • Step 2: We'll research your preferred positions, salary ranges, and companies so our team and software can seamlessly apply to the right jobs for you.
  • Step 3: We’ll apply to open positions on your behalf and provide you with data on our progress. You will be able to change your job search criteria if needed.

How to sign up for  the service

You can:

  • Buy a subscription to the JAS as a separate service.
  • Get one to six months of JAS for free if you buy it in addition to a Careerist training 

More than 300 people have already found jobs with the help of JAS! It's time to join them. Build your career, and leave the legwork to JAS. :) 

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