ISA upgrades education and related services

February 2, 2021

Careerist team focuses not only on education, but also on helping the students get jobs. For over a year, we have been improving our methodology and we have brought it to a high level. We are working to ensure that the students do not waste time studying inappropriate theory. We also make sure that besides the acquired practical skills, students can answer interview questions to perfection and that they have taken the internship, prepared the profile and resume for HR specialists’ review. We even make job applications on our own. The whole process is managed by the mentors and experts of this industry.

But what has influenced our company? Why haven’t we become a usual bootcamp, where we teach students and then let them go on their own? The latest survey conducted among our graduates has showed that many of them are frankly delighted with our service. It is so that we lead students to the very end, even the most doubtful ones.

Of course, the whole point is about the Revenue Sharing Agreement (ISA). This contract allows us to count on the part of the students’ income.

ISA and the classic learning scheme

What is ISA? It’s a financial strategy, that is broadly applied in different spheres, when students study in exchange for paying a percentage of their income over a certain number of years.

On the other hand, it’s a classical education and payment system, which does not  guarantee to get a job. Having spent thousands of dollars on tuition and finished the bootcamp, students try to cover the costs and decide on the first, often low-paid job they find just in order to gain a foothold in this sphere. Moreover, “classical” bootcamps do not provide practice, which further reduces chances of success. And if there is some practical training, it makes the tuition fee even more. 

Most bootcamps working according to the “classical” system do not prepare students for the existing market. We try to do everything to make student’s profile and resume look as attractive as possible, provide all kinds of support before and after the interview, analyze mistakes and help with job applications. We are interested in students getting a highly-paid job as soon as possible.

Careerist is a great offer in the market of testing education, I can compare. The principles of necessity and sufficiency, support in job search, resume writing and students’ job board management determine the teaching effectiveness and entering the market.

– Vyacheslav G., got the position of Manual QA tester.

Companies practicing ISA are not bootcamps or online courses. These are full-fledged career accelerators that help not only gain knowledge, but also apply it when you get to work.

ISA will change the education and advanced training industry

Let's look into the near future and suppose that students will have a choice between the classical approach and the integrated approach (ISA) to master a new profession. Which option would be preferable and more reliable for the student? Which one is more similar to a turnkey service? As “studied” → “got a job”. It is difficult to speculate, but it seems to be in favor of the new model.

Companies practicing ISA are motivated to complete their work totally, which means they will always benefit. Our experience proves this. What is their motivation? It's simple, all the employees who contribute to the student’s success, receive considerable bonuses.

Will classical bootcamps die?

Definitely not. After all, the classical mechanism of education takes a huge niche - advanced training. For example, why pay more for training if you already have a stable job in test automation and just decide to expand your professional knowledge in software development? This is hardly worth it.

What about Careerist and upfront courses?

Although most of our students sign ISA, we have an option to pay in advance (upfront).

And here our team can be proud of their work. We have managed to save the model according to which we work with ISA-students and students of the classical system without any quality loss. All the students are equally likely to get a job.