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ISA and Related Services

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Jan 24, 2023
ISA and Related Services

Please note that the Income Sharing Agreement is no longer available as a payment plan. To learn more about payment plans, please visit any of our program pages (Manual QA, Automation QA, Tech Sales Training, or Sales Engineer Training) or contact a career advisor at [email protected].

Careerist isn’t just about education, it’s also about helping students to get their dream jobs in IT once they graduate. 

For over a year, we have been improving and modifying our processes so that we can help our students and graduates even more. Our goals have been to ensure that students do not waste time studying inappropriate theory, but to actually focus on learning what they need to know and to practice their new skills 

We’ve also been making sure, besides acquiring relevant knowledge and practical skills, that students can answer interview questions to perfection, that they have taken part in the internship we offer, and that they have prepared online profiles and resumes for HR specialists to see. 

We have even made sure that everything is overseen by mentors who are experts in the IT industry.

But what has influenced our company to press on and to go the extra mile for our students? One of our latest surveys showed us that many of our graduates were, and still are, delighted with our service. Additionally, some of our students who had doubts at the start claimed to be overjoyed with their learning and recruitment experience with us. 

Further to this, a lot of our students love the fact that they can sign up to our Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). This is when a student agrees to pay Careerist a percentage of their monthly salary to cover the cost of their tuition fee.

So, based on this feedback, we knew that we needed to continue with our great work and to make it even better for our future students.

ISA and the classic learning system

What is an ISA? 

An ISA is when students agree to pay a percentage of their monthly income to Careerist over a set number of years. This is to cover the cost of their tuition fee.

What is the classic education payment system?

On the other hand, you have the ‘classic education payment system’. This is when students spend thousands of dollars on tuition, they finish the bootcamp they’ve been attending, and then these students go and get a low-paying job just to cover the cost of their tuition fees. 

Bootcamps typically use the classic education payment system, what does this mean?

‘Classic’ based bootcamps usually do not provide practical training experience on their courses, which further reduces a student's chances of finding a good job in their area of study. And if there is some practical training on the course the tuition fee is usually more. 

Most bootcamps that work in accordance with the ‘classic’ system don’t prepare their students for the job market. 

How is Careerist different?

At Careerist we really try to do everything that we can to make sure a student’s profile and resume look as attractive as possible to recruiters. We provide all kinds of support before and after interviews, and we go through and analyze mistakes that were made during interviews with students. We actually want our graduates to get the high-paying jobs that they deserve as soon as possible.

Additionally, we are a fully-fledged career accelerator. As a career accelerator we want to help students to gain knowledge, and for students to then apply this knowledge in a working environment immediately.


Check out what one of our students had to say below:

“Careerist is great, it is the best course on the market right now for potential testers, I can promise you this. The relevant material, support during the job search, resume writing practice and the student job board were incredible.”

– Vyacheslav G., got the position of a Manual QA tester.

The ISA system will change education and it will further the training industry

Let's look into the future, and let’s suppose that students will have a choice between the ‘classic’ approach and the ISA approach when they go to master a new profession. 

Which option would be preferable and more reliable for a student? Which option is similar to the ‘turnkey service’ (ready for immediate use)? 

We should not speculate, but it seems that the ISA model does have the edge.

Companies practicing the ISA approach are always motivated to help their students. And our own experiences proves this. Where does this motivation come from? It's simple, all our tutors want to help individuals, who have no to little background in IT, thrive in the industry that they love. They want to share their passion with students, and inspire them to be the next generation of testers. 

Will classic bootcamps die out?

Definitely not. ‘Classic’ bootcamps are still being used far and wide today, and they’re still incredibly popular with students. 

What about paying course fees upfront?

Although most of our students sign our ISA agreement, we do have the option of paying in advance for our courses at Careerist.

Each student gets treated exactly the same, and there is no preferential treatment given to any student. All students are equal and all will leave the program with the same knowledge, practical experience, and support.

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