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Careerist Made It to The List of The Best Coding Bootcamps as a Rising Star

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July 1, 2022
Careerist Made It to The List of The Best Coding Bootcamps as a Rising Star

Course Report is a leading authority on immersive technology education that performs extensive market research, monitors the newest developments in coding education, and hosts hundreds of alumni reviews. At the end of May, they released a list of the best online coding boot camps. And guess what? Careerist is on the list as a rising star!

For any online educational platform to get onto this list indicates a high level of credibility. To include an educational program in the list, the Course Report team takes into consideration such factors as an established curriculum, at least one batch of graduates, the competency of mentors, and a thorough procedure for student admission, as well as diversity and inclusion.

A built-in internship and full-on support during all stages of the process, from resume development to interview prep, were noted as Careerist valuable attributes that distinguish us from other boot camps. And that’s absolutely fair since this is what makes our graduates eligible to land mid-level tech positions from the start.

For a relatively young company to be among other long-established schools is a big achievement and a reason to move forward with even more enthusiasm.

When developing educational programs, we focus on high-paying jobs in high-demand industries, dynamic practical training, and inclusion. And most importantly, we offer flexible tuition that enables us to help anyone who wants to join the tech industry.

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