About Us

Max Glubochansky, founder of Careerist

Welcome to Careerist – a career accelerator that is designed to help anyone learn the necessary skills needed to land a well-paying QA or software testing job.

Plus, you get the option to waive your tuition fee until you get hired!

The idea of Careerist was born when Max began to help his friends and other acquaintances get into the IT field. Over the years he’s helped many of them find work at top companies like Apple, Intel, Google, and Facebook. Eventually more people heard about his success stories and they began contacting him daily for help.

Max says, “I knew I was onto something special when everyone kept calling.”

Careerist has since gone from strength to strength!

Careerist The Perfect Career Accelerator

Careerist was designed from the ground up as an ideal career training program that Max, and his tutors, would’ve loved to have attended when they were studying. 

On our programs we only focus on teaching our students the crucial knowledge that they need to begin a career in IT. 

We also want to help our students get into work as soon as possible, and we want them to be earning life-changing salaries of $70,000+ a year.

We Are Revolutionizing Education

We believe that traditional forms of education are outdated because they cost a lot, and the cost of tuition increases every year. Plus, students leave universities after 4-5 years of studying, yet they are sometimes completely unprepared for work.

To fix this problem, we offer a completely different approach to learning.

We concentrate solely on the necessary theory, we have practical exercises throughout our program, we provide motivational training, we prepare our students for the recruitment process, and we help our students with job applications.

We Are Committed to Your Success

If you choose to pay via our ISA agreement your tuition fee is only paid back when you get hired after completing the program. It’s only the application fee that is paid up-front.

Anyone who speaks English, and believes in their new skills and themselves should be able to get a job within 1-4 months of completing the program. We will help you at every step during this process.

A Career Accelerator With Proven Results

Our international team of tutors are IT professionals.

Our graduates got well-paid jobs in already 30 states, 350+ companies and this number is growing every week! many of our graduates work in industry giants like: Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Amazon, Slack, Salesforce, Samsung, Groupon, Uber, Chase, Verizon, AT&T, Walt Disney, Dell, Boeing, Nike and Snap to name a few.

Software Testing Will Always Be In Demand

QA will have its very own role in every single industry in the future. So, trust us when we say that you will be learning crucial skills that will never go out of date.

Additionally, a lot of IT work can be done remotely these days, so it will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run – which is very appealing to many people.